Sunday, December 27, 2009


A very very happy new year to you all in advance. May this year gives a lot of happiness and God showers all His blessings on you. Have a lucky and wonderful year ahead!!!!

Every new year I make some resolution but this time I am making only one resolution that “I will not make any resolution this year” because at the end of the day it is just making of resolution and everything goes back to the previous situation. We do not do any good for this.

I am leaving for home today. So probably that would be my last post this year. I am very happy because this time Christmas and New Year have come to me early. I am very excited thinking that finally I am going home because after a long time I will enjoy my favorable dishes cooked by Mom.
Hope you people too will enjoy the New Year. Have a blast!!!!!

And now I can hum only one song
“Ghar aaja pardeshi tera desh bulaye re………………”

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Woow, Its Indian diplomacy...

Here a man comes, spreads cold blooded terror, shoots 200 people and still we are vouching for him like a celebrity, wasting 8.5 lacks rupees for him everyday. If this is what being called a soft nation then I hate it (Being called a soft nation). I do not find any reason for exonerating him. Is this the fault of our system or we are so afraid of Pakistaan? I think he will be hanged after being a sexagenarian or so.

Is this not a blot on Indian judges who are so blunt that they can not take a unanimous decision and solve the problem as soon as possible? Or these courts are only for sending a victim inside the prison walls. I am not getting an answer.

Now he has become a role model for Indian media. They bring any news from his abode like a relationship between Shahid and Kareena who are again getting engaged. People wake up, he is a cruel guy. He is enjoying in best of Indian restaurant. I do not think he will get this super class facility in Pakistaan. I do not really understand this drama. Why so much delay in his death penalty? What evidences they are searching for?

Now today’s news in TOI: “I came to Mumbai to act in a movie, says Kasab”. Who the hell are these editors who don’t care about Indian sentiments?
He has become so popular that if you google out you will find 1,060,000 related items. I do not think there is any better popularity than that.

Do not get carried away by this popularity. Kidding…. :D

Signing off
Anil Anuragi

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some interesting facts

1. Men’s shirts have the buttons on the right, but women’s shirts have the buttons on the left.

2. Human hair and fingernails continue to grow after death.

3. Everyday is about 55 billionths of a second longer than the day before it.

4. If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

5. India is at 82.5 degree to Greenwich, London which is about 82.4*4= 330 minutes. That is 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Greenwich Time.

6. No piece of paper can be folded in exactly half more than 7 times. (You can try it now with the biggest size of paper)

7. Our eyes are always the same size from birth.

8. If the amount of water in your body is reduced by just 1%, you'll feel thirsty

9. Spam generates 33bn KWt-hours of energy every year, enough to power 2.4 million homes, producing 17 million tons of CO2.

10. A badminton shuttle easily travels 180 km/h.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is my first ever review of any movie in this page. In fact this is not a review rather my observation. So if you get stuck do not blame me. Hahaha: D

Firstly I want to thank Mr. R. Balakrishnana to show a great relationship of a child and father. After a long dry spell, a movie that is watchable with family. I liked the acting of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan because in this stage doing this type of acting is just unbelievable. He breaks the myth that only Hollywood actors can perform at the growing age. I am not saying that this is the best acting ever done by him but surely one of the bests by him. The dialogues were awesome specially one that when Auro speaks "why all politicians wear white". This is not a classic movie like black which I also thought before watching. It certainly resembles with curious case of Benjamin button. It is a full 2:15 hour entertainment package. You will enjoy watching this film. A child suffering from any type of this disease or handicap must watch this cinema. This will be a true inspiration for them. The one thing that I did not like personally was that the plot was not good. I mean I knew what was going to happen next. And other thing was that Kajol would have been better in mother’s role than Vidya. But she played her part very nicely. And no doubt about Abhishek. You can not say this as a Masala movie but you will not get bored, this is for sure. My rating for this movie is 4 out of 5. People go watch it.
I am not increasing the length because generally my posts are bit long.


Signing off
Anil Anuragi

Friday, November 27, 2009


A: Why does everyone hate to lose?
Q: Go and ask to those everyone’s.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: Don’t bother to get the meaning. Just live it. Because it is externally very simple and internally very complex.

Q: In your blogs, feelings are more accurately expressed than language.
A: You make a good point, but I am learning yaar.

Q: It seems from your blogs that you are a serious man?
A: Open dictionary and see the difference between curiousness and seriousness.

Q: Some people keep on dissing and some keep on appreciating you? How do you react in these situations?
A: Thanks to them. At least they are not equivocal like you. They have their strong minds.

Q: What is Newton’s fourth law?
A: As semester advances, the thickness of dirt is inversely proportional to the no. of books in my room.

Q: Your tagline provokes thinking.
A: Thanx, will try to make more provocative.

Q: Which is the best relation that exists in the world?
A: Well I think it is friendship. Because a husband wife relation may end up in divorce, a girlfriend boyfriend relation may end up in break up but friendship has no ending.

Q: Have you stopped blogging?
A: Are yaar exams chal rahe hai. Aur mujhe bhi pass hona hai.

Q: The sentence you use most?
A: Well somebody just figured it out yesterday. And it is “Dekh rahe ho”.

Q: Why do you write: To impress someone??
A: Not exactly but to know myself better.

Q: What would you like to have with you at the eleventh stage of your life?
A: I would like to be surrounded by lot of books all around me.

Q: Could you explain why would you never forget about BIT’s administration?
A: Not here, will tell you when I will complete my B.E. and will get my degree.

Q: You are a bewakoof?
A: Not my fault.

Q: Is there someone who is inspiring you to write?
A: Yes there is someone. But he or she has advised me not to put his or her name here.

Q: How you are doing these days?
A: Don’t ask. My laptop got water attack. So it has been 50 hours. I know how I survived in these hours.

Q: Who is your best friend? One of my friend.
A: I hate prioritizing people. Those who are my friends are my best friends. …. Anil

Q: Is there a boundary of age, religion etc. in love?
A: Hello, why you people always think by mind. The God has given all of us a big heart. Why do not you use it sometimes? You will get your answer. ….. Kareena Kapoor in tere mere beach mein.

Q: You blogosphere head, who wants to know about you?
A: Then why you are so curious to know about me? Why do not you stop yourself from visiting my page?

Q: Life is not about questionnaire round. Come out of reel life and enjoy the real life.
A: Ok uncle Ji.

Q: One question to my readers. If a baby's leg pops out at 11:59 PM on January 1 but his head doesn't come out until 12:01 AM on January 2, which day was he born on? Wriggle your mind and answer it with explanation.
A: …….

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Q: For achieving success you have to be brutally honest.
A: I think you have to be brutally realistic.

Q: You have grown up man.
A: Hehehe, I am still trying to reach that 5 ft mark.

Q: I am not kidding.
A: Then thanx coz at least you think that I am not a Chhotu anymore. Hahaha.

Q: Who is your favorite hero?
A: Bhagat Singh and Hemant Karkare. I don’t know how many of you have heard about this name.

Q: No no. I mean in Bollywood?
A: Then ask, who is your favorite actor, because they are not heroes. They do what directors make them to do. They do the things which are already set for them. Between my favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan.

Q: Is it you who is writing these blogs?
A: Man, I am not a celebrity or a superstar so that I could appoint somebody to write on my behalf. Obviously it is me.

Q: Great yaar, I think you Q/A is best way for answer HR preparation.
A: I can’t receive any better comment than that. Thank you!!!!

Q: Well, I must say that you have to zeal to learn and learn more.. The vastness of topics that you have covered in your blogs have impressed me a lot.
A: Thank you very much for believing in my ink. That encourages me to write more and more.

Q: When you get ultimate satisfaction?
A: Seriously, when I study. But Alas!! That never happens at least in my college life.

Q: I do not like the way you write the things?
A: And I do not like the way you “read” those things.

Q: Do not put my name in your blog. Please
A: I am really sorry. I will take that in for future.

Q: I think you fully reveal yourself in your blogs.
A: I do not find any point in hiding myself.

Q: You know your blogs motivate someone.
A: is it so? If yes, I am privileged.

Q: You look poignant today. What is the matter?
A: Happiness and sadness are part of live. The thing is that you need to keep moving.

Q: you seem straight forward by your replies.
A: Well, I can not stop myself being me.

Q: One thing in BIT you would never forget?
A: BIT’s administration. Ain’t it?

Q: One last question to my readers. Shall I continue my Questionnaire round?
A: Awaited…..

Thursday, November 12, 2009


What a series? We predicted to clinch the top spot but after the series we dropped to 3rd place. Thank God to shower in 7th ODI otherwise Harbhajan’s remark would have been reversed who had predicted to win the series by 5-2.

So who is at the fault? India (sorry, I mean to Indian player) never responded well in this series except in Hyderabad. They were frightened by Australian B team. All credit should go to Ricky Ponting who properly motivated his boys with the right spirit. We were lacking in grit. A naïve Bollinger was a threat for all Indians in the whole series. Injured Australia outplayed in every facet of the game. They were committed to win. And we were relaxing in restaurant. I do not know why they did not drop Jadeja in the later matches when he was not doing well with bat.

We lost in Hyderabad. It seemed like we were continuing our tradition to lose after getting so close. And there are some who put all the blame to Sachin. If you are in playing 11 out of 1.13 bn people then this is your job to do well. It does not matter that you are doing with bat or with ball or with “fielding”. Had Praveen Kumar dived in the last over, the story would have been different.

wins and loses are part of the game. But we should play with the right spirit and for India not for ourself. It gives happyness when we win and it will come only when are committed to win.

I think cricketers are not doing their job well. Now a days they are motivated to show their talent onscreen rather than on the field.

In an interview, Harbhajan singh spoke “I had not been any 3 star restaurants before getting a position into the Indian team. But now I go to foreign land”. So my boy, if Indian cricket has given a way to live up to your expectation then why do not you give your 100%. If Indian cricket has raised your standard then it is your duty to raise Indian cricket's standard. I am sure that if everyone will perform with the best of his ability then sooner we will be at the top spot again.

All the best..

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Q: Why people always try to pull me down?
A: It’s good for you. You are on the roll man. I mean you are succeeding otherwise who cares because there are lot many people crawling like insects on the earth.

Q: What is the difference between Intelligence and knowledge?
A: If you have knowledge then only you can prove your intelligence.

Q: I have been with you for last three years but I have not understood you fully?
A: Man, this is your problem, you need to understand me better.

Q: How do you define life?
A: Well I think this is an opportunity given by God to us to find, to develop and to reveal our self (what we are) in reality.

Q: What is the happiest day of your life?
A: I do not take it this way. I think today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.

Q: Why people are forgetting old heroes?
A: They are not forgetting them but they are trying to emulate new ones strongly.

Q: For what you remain curios about?
A: I want to know each and everything that is happening around the world.

Q: What is love?
A: When you start finding your happiness in somebody’s laughter and sadness in somebody’s anxiety, then you are in love. Its all about giving, taking and caring. Its about respecting who you care and getting respect. Actually this page is too small to write about this topic.

P. S. : Lovers, do correct me if there is anything wrong in this.

Q: Tell me your first crush? Ahem ahem.
A: It’s a bit private. Meet me I will tell you.

Q: What is the most important thing in a relationship?
A: Trust and Honesty.

Q: What encouraged you to start blogging?
A: I just wanted to be the first one to start but Ayush grabbed the opportunity.

Q: Paulo Coelho or Dan Brown?
A: One and only one: Paulo Coelho.

Q: Why are you so much influenced by Paulo Coelho?
A: I am not influenced by him, Rather I am influenced by his writing.

Q: Do you remember any lines of Paulo Coelho Novels?
A: There are many but the best one is: Nothing in this world is absolutely wrong. Even a stop clock is twice right in a day.

Q: What would you do if today is the last day of your life?
A: I would live the same way as I was supposed to live.

Q: How was your Viva today?
A: Don’t you have anything else to talk about?

Q: Is it better to lie sometimes?
A: Never, better hide that part rather than lying.

Q: Who is responsible for the loss of men in blue in 4th ODI?
A: Here you are. Have you forgotten the last two wins?

Q: Your answers are rather nice than questions? From where do you copy all this?
A: Why you are wasting your valuable time in reading these copied answers.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


1. छोटे से जीवन में कितना,

प्यार करून पी लूं हाला,

आने के ही साथ जगत में,

कहलाया जाने वाला;

स्वागत के ही साथ विदा की,

होती देखि तैयारी;

बंद लगी होने खुलती ही,

मेरी जीवन मधुशाला!!

2. सजें ना मस्जिद और नमाजी,

कहता है अल्लाताला,

सज धज कर पर साकी आता,

बन ठन कर पीने वाला;

शेख कहाँ तुलना हो सकती,

मस्जिद की मदिरालय से;

चिर विधवा है मस्जिद तेरी,

सदा सुहागिन मधुशाला!!

3. यदि इन अधरों से दो बातें,

प्रेम भरी करती हाला,

यदि इन खाली हांथो का जी,

पल भर बहलाता प्याला;

हानि बता जग तेरी क्या है,

व्यर्थ मुझे बदनाम न कर;

मेरे टूटे दिल का है बस,

एक खिलौना मधुशाला!!

4. जितनी दिल की गहराई हो,

उतना गहरा है प्याला,

जितनी दिल की मादकता हो,

उतनी मादक है हाला;

जितनी उर की भावुकता हो,

उतना सुन्दर साकी है;

जितना ही जो रसिक, उसे है,

उतनी रसमय मधुशाला !!

  1. मुसलमान और हिन्दू हैं दो,

एक मगर उनका प्याला,

एक मगर उनका मदिरालय,

एक मगर उनकी हाला;

दोनों होते एक ना जब तक,

मंदिर मस्जिद में जाते;

बैर बढाते मंदिर मस्जिद,

मेल कराती मधुशाला!!

6. मै मदिरालय के अन्दर हूँ,

मेरे हांथों में प्याला,

प्याले में मदिरालय बिम्बित,

करनेवाली है हाला;

इस उधेड़बुन में ही मेरा,

सारा जीवन बीत गया;

मै मधुशाला के अन्दर,

या मेरे अन्दर मधुशाला !!

7. कोई भी शेख नमाजी,

या पंडित जपता माला,

बैर भाव चाहे जितना भी हो,

मदिरा से रखने वाला;

एक बार बस मधुशाला के,

आगे से होकर निकले;

देखूं कैसे थाम न लेती,

दामन उसका मधुशाला!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 Women stripped & paraded, 4 held

Mind blowing, awesome, amazing or what should I say “Maza aa gaya” or what?? You suggest something. I don’t find any better word than that. Don’t get startled. Yes, this is the Headline on the Main page of today’s newspaper in Times Of India (Mind me the tag of the newspaper has nothing to do with it because all are same. Some are more and some are less that is the only difference). How disgusting!!!!

Do not worry I am not going to write the whole “disgusting” matter as you people have already had it with your morning tea (Because these are the things that attract “us” most. Hahahaha).

Sometimes I don’t find any single article worth reading. Full of advertisements, Blasts, Kidnapping, Maoist attack and the very great Politics (but this has to be there, no problem with this. Because different people have different taste. Some like to know the recent movie, some about sports and some would love to read editorials. So this entirely depends on your choice). Like you can see today’s front page was like this (Including some death and Taliban news) and last page was fully devoted to Endeavour (Advertisement of a car company).

I hardly go through newspapers. I check news on the site. But today as I picked up the paper my first word was “again same”.

I wanted to right something else but landed up here. Sorry to my reader as I always make you people sad through my posts. But I can not help. My mind stormed so I put these words here.

But hey they too have to earn their bread and butter and their survivals depend on us. But if they are so much on with these news then there are other pages also. You do any drama with these pages, who cares. But at least let the front page keep neat and clean.

But we are no where to do any better in this matter. We are just mango people. We have to see, watch, hear and act according to what the system says, what the system follows.If no then do something because just reading the blog would not suffice. (Don’t mind thoda zada heavy ho gaya).

At least make the front page inquisitive, if possible motivational, some discoveries, but don’t try to make it attractive by these means.

Finally thanks to the news that gave me some matter to write about.

I can not think anymore. I am not feeling well as I have got flu.

Signing off
Bbye Take care
Anil Anuragi…

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bluntly Speaking

How does she manage with four boys (or rather four boyfriends)??
And then discussion starts and it keeps going.

This is the most otiose illness. We are very fluent in speaking and the very idea of about what we are speaking is of no use or even unknown or sometimes may be harmful.

I see people who have the habit of maledicting other people, their relationship, communities, their religions, cricket players, big stars and each and everything that come across as this becomes a habit for them. Their purpose ain’t to harm anyone but simply to make themselves happy or to drive the crowd.

People always comment on other’s religion. Why Burqa is necessary for women in Islam? Why Jihad is so important (may be good or bad, but you are not the one to decide that)? Who we are to justify what is correct and what is incorrect if we do not know the very meaning of Islam (same for other religion)?
Like sea, river, pond and lake all have different names but the truth is that all contain water. The same holds true for the religions. They are different by names only but one thing that is common is that all contain Truth. (So let us don’t play with the purity of the religions)

Words do not stop here. We speak inadvertently about anything. We make comment on rich and poor. Everybody has his own way of living. How can two people have the same value if they are born differently? Every one is born individual. And every one has to play his role in his life. That is why God has created this beautiful thing called Human. There is a disparity among different strata of family. So obviously their culture, customs, their dressing style, their etiquette, and their behavior would be different. So let them enjoy their own life in their ways.

The same but funny thing happens in cricket also. When someone like Harbhajan Singh is playing and is not able to hit comfortably then those watching the match start another cricket. There may be the case that they do not know that this is an one day or a test, may not even know that he is a bowler or a batsman, the status of the match, about pitch condition and who is on the bowling side. But they have to speak because they can not remain quiet. And this pesters the person sitting beside him.

And if you try to pull them off then their reply will be “We are independent people in independent country. We can say and do anything we want”. This is true but please do not make such comments at the cost of others. This may dissipate someone’s relationship or even destroy it.

So get out of this futile illness before you destroy someone’s relationship or livings.

Signing off
Anil Anuragi….

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Q: What are the two truth of life according to you?
A: Selfishness and Death, better I shall put it in my coming post.

Q: Which is your favorite book?
A: Madhushala and Eleven minutes.

Q: You operate differently at online and offline.
A: Ohhh, I have heard this from some other guys also. But I do not masquerade or feign online. Yup I am a bit shy at offline because I do not have ONE. Hmmm .( Online= Chatting, Offline= Face to Face)

Q: Does God listen every prayer? If so then why sometimes He does not answer?
A: Yes, He listens every prayer but sometimes the answer is no.

Q: What is the secret of success?
A: Believe in yourself, have faith in God and respect your parents.

Q: What is the first thing people notice on you?
A: My smile because it comes before my voice. I guess.

Q: Black or white?
A: I do not believe in racism.

Q: You write disgusting, why do not you quit writing?
A: Fish off, this is my page I will do what I want to do. Who compels you to visit my webpage.

Q: Movies or music
A: Though I am not an ardent lover of movies or music but I like some good ones.

Q: Sachin, Lara or Ponting?
A: Sachin is God in cricketing world and that is it.

Q: Good or best
A: good, because it drives you to do the best.

Q: Heart or mind?
A: both have their own values; the things which can not be solved by mind can be solved by heart and vice versa.

Q: What are the five things you are privileged with in your life?
A: My beautiful parents, My incredible country, My holy religion (I do not have any problem with any religion because whatever the basics are the main goal of every religion is same: Truth), My lovable friends and last but never the least Me.

Q: Hey Anil, I always think of negative things. What do I do to get away from this habit?
A: Try to live 60 seconds of a minute, then you do not have time to think about these nonsense things.

Q: Why do you think that people are going to read your blog in exam time?
A: Lol. If I can write in exam time then why people can not read.

Q: Is it necessary to get comments on blogs?
A: Not necessary. It is your thing. But yes because it makes to think that at least someone is acknowledging my work and provokes to write more and more and more….

Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday I was chatting with my old school friend and suddenly this discussion comes up in our conversation. I asked her about future plans and she tweeted like “it all depends on luck and faith”. Many people agree with this saying because if something happens bad or something that we do not expect then we start blaming like “Luck was not with us” instead of introspecting ourselves. But I have a simple full from of luck

L: Labor
U: Under
C: Correct
K: Knowledge

So now by getting this four letter word you would have realized where I want to take you?

There are many examples but I will take a practical one to fortify my side.

If you are an IIT aspirant and working hard like days and nights but you are not going through proper channel or you do not know the pattern of the exam or whatever the reason may be and at the end of the day you fail and then you start charging on luck.

I have a perfect example of a guy who got through a great company by working hard. So working hard is the primary key towards success. You can find success without hard work only in dictionary. So luck has no place in your life. Life will go where you want to take it. It is all in YOUR hands.

“Eliminating luck is life”
Try to eliminate luck from your life as much as possible. If you rely more on luck you are surely going to fall into trap.

Today luck was with me. I had not written my journal and the lab was made off due to electricity failure. So I was lucky that I didn’t get caught. Hahahaha

But I have the flip side also which baffles me sometime.

Like everyone knows that Telephone came into existence in March 1876 and was invented by Grahm Bell but only some know that at the same day Jagadish Chandra Bose also submitted his paper but due to some maintenance work which was going on that same auditorium his papers remained lying under the table. And his research could not bring a revolution in the Electromagnetic world.
May be here his luck was not with him because he could not do more than what he had done.
So take off the luck factor from your life and start facing the problems. You will succeed if you have faith in yourself.

Signing off
Anil Anuragi

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Q: Tell me something about yourself?
A: If you know me I need not to tell you, if you don't I do not want to tell you.

Q: But still I want to know about you?
A: Ok then meet me and find me out.

Q: I am not interested in you?
A: Thanks, I am also straight.

Q: I meant I do not like you?
A: Can not help. I am what I am.

Q: Hollywood or bollywood?
A: Hollywood movies are good but Hindi songs are unparalleled.

Q: Where you want to settle: in India or abroad?
A: Always in India but I would love to see the world if I get the opportunity.

Q: Are you secular or communal?
A: These are two hard words for me. I am a simple guy who believes in me.

Q: You admire inner beauty or outer one?
A: Inner beauty as all knows that outer one fades away as time progresses.

Q: Do you want to be with your girlfriend or with your mates?
A: Hmm, either way I am happy.

Q: Rafa or Fedex?
A: Federer on court, Rafa on as well as off the court (I like his spanish accent).

Q: A better human being or a celebrity?
A: A better human being.

Q: Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan?
A: For me it is always Shahrukh khan.

P.S. The film industry loves SRK but the entire nation respects Mr. AB.

Q: Happiness or satisfaction?
A: Happiness, because it provokes you to do the things with more zeal and enthusiasm and if you are satisfied then you are not interested in your work with that hungriness as you were before.

Q: Morning or twilight?
A: Always morning, but I have not seen rising sun since ages.

Q: What is more painful: If someone hates you or if someone ignores you?
A: Though both are painful but it is more painful when someone hates me.

Q: Cricket or badminton?
A: Playing badminton and watching cricket.

Q: What is the nicest compliment you ever got in your blogs?
A: I do not get many comments in my blogs. People do not think that I write well.

Q: Then why you write?
A: I write for myself not for others.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sach Ka Samna

Hahahaha Interesting………

As I switch on my laptop and play this video a stirring question pops up on the screen.

Would you ever cheat on your wife if she never knows about it?
What would he say: YES or NO? A tough call. But after making his mind he answers the question.
And after that he does not know what to do whether he shall smile or grin or remain quiet. Then waits for Rajeev (the host of the show) to say “Aaiye dekhte hai polygraph test kya kahta hai”. And during that time you can see the faces of his family persons who have come a long way to know about their INNOCENT child. If it comes right then again the same situation: a smile (because he is winning the cash) or to keep his head down (because he is losing respect in front of his wife and family). He even does not know that a little mistake can destroy his childhood friendship (case of Vinod Kambli) , can ruin the husband wife relationship, can dilapidate the kinship between son and father. We can do anything for money. We do not care about what can happen tomorrow for this today’s effect. And for this we simply and completely have to rely upon Polygraph machine, which may not be true at all times.

I was recently watching this chat show and this idea of writing ran into my mind. I could not resist myself to share my feelings. I would have posted this a long ago but you know my laziness always halter me to do the right things. My post is bit gloomy, albeit the weather is very idyllic. However this (weather) is the main reason of my today’s post. I did not take a good sleep today but I do not want to sleep as I do not want to miss the opportunity to relish this awesome weather.

Let me tell you that for this a great drama has been enacted by the politicians at the parliament on 30th July to ban the chat show.
They are saying this as “moral policing”, “misuse” of public interest and bla bla bla…BJP member S S Ahluwalia even said that the programme is unethical and completely against Indian culture.
But why blame Television channels? At the starting of every show they mention: Parts of this program may be for mature audiences. Parental guardians are advised. So if you do not like it, better do not watch it. Who forces you to do that?

Today in India corruption is at its height. If you do not agree with that then there are many shows which run on TV and are more life-threatening than this SACH KA SAMNA, literally ruining our youth. “So for few things in life democracy is not the best policy”.

We make movies like Dev D. I do not know where Indian directors are vacillating. They make movies not for the welfare of society but for their own benefit. And now India decriminalizes gay sex and they give the reason as individual freedom. So according to me that day is not far off when incest will become legal. Oh my god in which genre India is advancing. It is like a bill which is always capricious. I do not know whether Dr. kalam’s vision to make India a developed country till 2020 is accomplished or not but it is for sure that till then India would not be the same as it is now.

For supporting my above mention facts you can look up to the poll of Times Of India:

Is reality show is a mirror to what happens to society? : Yes- 34%, No- 65%, Can not say- 1%. (Dated 10/08/09)

And another one:

Is Bollywood moving away from comfort flicks to darker genre? : Yes- 83%, No- 13%, Can not say- 4%.

So by catching these two polls what you can conceive, I think you are worthy enough to decrypt it.

So first we need to iron out the flaws then only we can start a well tomorrow.

P.S. I am too offspring to write about this issue so please do not mind if someone hurts from this.

I shall take a leave now.
Signing off
Anil Anuragi…..

Monday, August 3, 2009


A national asset is frisked by cheap continental airlines and we officials are watching it happening. Shame..

Let us not dig a well over the vilification of the great scientist Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. I am feeling infelicitous because I just like that person because of his simplicity and his rattling work for the nation. I appreciate attitude and humility of the great man. He is not just a former Indian president but a national asset whom we would never want to forget, whom we would never afford to loose, whom we would never want to see disrespected.

But I think that the right thing is done by the US- officials because at least they are aware of 9/11 attack which they would never want to experience it again. Anything can happen at any moment. If we do not learn a lesson from US then that day is not far off when we get another 26/11 like homicidal carnage.

Making a rule for all makes life easier not bad. Everyone should realize this. Be it for traffic rules, college attendance (ha ha ha), medical facilities, frisking or for big R.

Yes, there should be respect for the bigwigs of the country. Because country’s pride and prejudice depend on these great people. But if we make a list of these honored individuals then this list is never going to end because everyone would fight to be a part of this. And as you know there are 28 states (excluding union territories), so 28 chief ministers, 28 governors and 21 chief justices (thanks to Infatuated Admrier). This list does not end here. Because of ministers, ex CM’s and all who you can consider.

Interesting note is that if the man himself never complained about frisking then why to make fuss of all this. And if they have apologize for the same then why we are enacting such drama. The major problem with we people is that sometimes we show chauvinism rather than patriotism. If we respect him so much then why do not we give a personal air craft to our ex president or why do not we ban all the US continental airlines when Air India is there. We people (I am not an exception) just show that how much we respect our nation, how much respect we have for our people but we do not do anything. We just write the things, discuss it and feel satisfied with this.

No one can read off a human being. A terrorist is also a man. I guess all of you have watched the movie SARFAROSH (people who know me knows how many times I have watched this cinema) and no one can forget the role of Gulfam Hashan in that movie. A great ghajalists whom India gives a great respect and in flip side…. we all know it. In the close of the movie there was a great dialogue which I loved the most. When Sonali Bendre asks Amir Khan “ Vishwash nahi hota gulfaam sahab jaise bade kalakaar aisa kar sakte hai”, then amir khan replies “ kalakaar bhi to inshaan hi hote hai, aur inshaan sahi bhi hote hai, galat bhi”. Lagta hai jada ho gaya!!!!

So at last, my question to you: was that right??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It took me 8 days to understand the issues of budget 09. But still I do not know many terms related to business like fiscal deficit, liquidity, how sensex goes up and falls down,excise duty, what is the actual meaning of GDP (gross domestic product). What happened at the day of announcement of financial budget 09 that caused the sensex to fall down by 869 points?
I am trying to decipher the meaning of “fiscal deficit in 2009-10 is proposed at 6.8% of GDP”.

Many fallacies and many truths. But this is what I got from best of my knowledge.

The first one is that, what is the need of increasing money for NREGA which is not working satisfactorily? They are giving priorities for this scheme because it was started by congress government that is for sure. They increase money but this is for the “village level leaders” as nothing is done at ground level (or I must say at root level, because I have done a survey on NREGA in my NSS camp).

They are investing money on agriculture but are unable to curb the migration of farmers from village to city. The problem is not with these farmers (or villagers) but the rapid modernization of India that encourages these people to travel towards the city. The government should not invest much on agriculture but invest to provide the facility for poor people and farmers to melt off the migration of these people.

It is good to give an impetus to education. Providing fund for IITs and NITs to improve the educational system is a welcoming proposal. But increasing more no. of IITs will surely dilute the ongoing status of these esteemed institutions (but as you know this is not been done by the FM).Also proposing subsidy on interest rate on education loans will help humble means to go for a right and respectable institute.

But nothing is done for India’s most grievous problem that is Terrorists and Maoists attack. Bigwigs of government make many promises at the time of elections but nothing is done by these defective people. They think that these 5 years are the fruitful years of their life.

So all in all there was a mix response from the society. Some improvement and some just wastage of money. But as you know all the five fingers can not be made equal.
So let be happy from what has been done….

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Recently my interests have turned to Tennis. Thanks to Nadal , Vish,French open, Wimbledon, Amit ji ( I am a regular reader of Amitabh bachchan’s blog) to tune me into tennis court. I am a big fan of cricket but a hardcore fan of Rafa (still I do not know many rules in tennis). Playing badminton is my passion. I am a passionate shuttler (I go for badminton whether it is basic electronics exam “toughest paper we had in 3rd semester” or whether I have a fever of 101 degree), I never gave up playing badminton.

Someone I idolize in tennis like Pete Sampras, Andre Agasi , Steffi Graf, Roger Federer (greatest of all times with 14 grand slam titles equalizing with Pete Sampras) , Leander Paes, William sisters, Maria Sharapova, (not Sania Mirza, her performance and stardom are inversely proportional) and off course Rafael Nadal…

As you see the market in big W is heating. (Or I should say it is at the peak). As only semis and finals are left out.

I am writing this post because I have no work to do today. It feels good today. I am feeling very confident, content, healthy and my mind is working at the high today (generally mind flows to south in midnight) .Reasons I do not know. May be today I woke up at time (generally I wake up at 12 or 1 pm), or may be I had a good sleep in night, or may be I read something related to my subject (generally I do not open books until exams are on the head) or may be there is a mild rain which makes the atmosphere calm.

Sorry, I forget where I was. I lost myself to describe my day..

Oh ya I was in Wimbledon..

William sisters again knock at the final. 29 year Venus destroys Dinara Safin in just 51 minutes while younger one snatches victory from the hand of Elena Dementieva by saving one match point. Let us see whether the older sister is able to defend her championship and is able to score hat trick in Wimbledon.

And whether Andy Murray’s hope to become a first British to get a grand slam after Fred Perry since 1936 is coming true or not. And whether Tennis maestro Fedex will be able to record his name in tennis book to become first tennis player having 15 grand slam titles. He competes in all the four facets of games (Whether it is Wimbledon, French open, Australian open or US open).

He is the undisputed king of grass court. He will be fighting with his old German friend Tommy haas to walk into his 7th Wimbledon finals. Federer should say thanks to Nadal who is not playing this time otherwise who can forget his win over second seeded in last Wimbley.

So let us wait and watch till 5th July whose dream is going to come true….

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maja hi kuch aur hai

The poem (kavita) is for all college goer.The title "maja hi kuch aur hai", i have taken it from somewhere else but the contents are mine and are original. If you read it by heart not by mind then you will find it intresting.

Here it goes.............

Orkut ya chatting me short form use karne ka,
Gtalk me upper neeche scroll karke doosron ka status message padhne ka,
Nayi sim lekar dosto ko miss call karne ka,
Aur dost ki girlfriend ko dekh kar usse hi karne ka, maja hi kuch aur hai !!

Exam ke time me movie dekhane ka,
Har exam ke baad sharma dhaba jane ka,
7 me se 3 module chhodkar exam dene jane ka,
Aur exam me acche marks na aane par teacher ko kosne ka, maja hi kuch aur hai !!

8 baje ki class me hamesha late aane ka,
50 minute ki class me 45 minute sone ka,
Class me teacher ko bewakoof banane ka,
Aur teacher ke question poonchane par sir neecha karke muskurane ka, maja hi kuch aur hai !!

Hamesha doosron ki girlfriend ke baare me baat karne ka,
Apne dost ko girlfriend banane ke liye uksaane ka,
Agar nahi bani to use dealing dene ka,
Aur agar ban gayi to usse treat lene ka, maja hi kuch aur hai !!

Train me doosron (did u get it) ke saamne novel ya laptop kholne ka,
Chalti train se bahar jhankhne ka,
Koi doosra jhakhe to use mana karne ka,
Aur station aane ke baad chart me us coach ki saari seats ko check karne ka(sayad koi mil jaye), maja hi kuch aur hai !!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My observation of we Indians.....

The blog which I am going to post is about what I observe within the people of my country. I am not criticizing the Indian people (no offense, mind it).
I have not travelled so far but what I have is this. (A general view not specific to anyone)

We Indians are weak

1. In clapping: This is very simple to act as I think, nothing but just have to put hands together for someone’s benefit. It boosts up the confidence of the person whom we are listening and also makes him to feel better that someone is attending(because everyone yawns in a meeting, no one listens to the speaker)and now is able to deliver the teaching(any matter) aid in more congruous way .

2. In asking question: Sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult for we people because we do not have the habit of raising questions. The problem may be that sometimes we waffle, sometimes language problems, sometimes we think of that the question may be very sappy which would make everybody laugh, sometimes we even think that it is very easy that we are able to lick it by our own which is not as simple as thinking.

3. In giving positive feedbacks: It is not easy to give feedback (positive) to the other person. The reason behind this may be that we are so emotionally attached that we do not want to hurt the sentiments of other even if we know that it is for his/her benefits only. Sometimes we feel deficient(in knowledge) that will the person listen to us??. And Sometimes we have the attitude that WHY shall we give the feedback at all?? and due to which we mould our true friend to an awry path.

4. In babbling with unacquainted person (initiating convo with girls are exceptions): We are not habitual of amalgamating with unknown personality (which may be of no use in some cases) but for our upbeat we sometimes have to open our mouth. It intensifies our learning. But we are not so much comfy in chaffering with the unfamiliar person may be because of we have the “preconceive notion” (this is a very calumnious disease that we, each and everyone have) about other that the individual is far better or sometimes unsound than us.

We are strong

1. In criticizing: we are very prompt in criticizing others rather than imaging at ourselves. We hardly applause someone’s better doing but we criticize at every moment. Even if Sachin (greatest of all times in cricket) does not play well in an inning we do not just let him go but drag him also in the benighted mud. The reason may be that it feels juster because we try to console ourselves by criticizing others.

2. In giving advices: we are very good in this job. Some people are so much keen to offer advices (even if it is of no use) that we have to proffer it whether it is effective or unfit for that situation. I have a funny story regarding this. May be I will write it in some other post.

3. On commenting others: this is a really bad habit that we have in ourselves. We bluntly speak to any matter whether it is of someone’s religion, relationship, may be of family related issues even of someone’s eating or drinking. We do not make our mind to think before speaking and we just speak. After all who we are to comment on someone’s religion if we do not know the basics of that religion, and why to comment on someone’s outfits. And when we pass from that same phase then we come to realize that what bloomer we did in the past.

There are some other points but that may lengthen the count. So that binds up the discussion.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

@ BIT : Where it starts, where it ends ?????

On 23rd July 2006 I stepped into a beautiful place called BIT (everyone curses BIT but why). Firstly I was charmed watching those greenish grass, bending trees, lovely air, appealing dawns and heart stealing eves but at the same time frightened thinking that how this place would be, how seniors would behave (because before coming into bit I had heard a lot about ragging), as I had no friends and I have to spend my 4 splendid years here so I have to get acquainted with all these things.

I was very emotional, shy, non ostentatious and aesthetic guy.
Emotional because of I didn’t make fun of anyone because I thought if someone got disturbed by this then this is going to trouble me.
Shy because of…………………
And I didn’t work upon those things which didn’t work upon me.
Aesthetic: this is the thing that bit took away from me.

Now semester comes and ends without knowing how much I learned the things and hoping that next time it would be better but it also ends up on the same note. At the end of the day writing in my diary but I hardly managed to write 5 or 6 lines as nothing happens as such to be remembered (those boring lecturers, some “helpful” advices by professors and hopeless food in mess except some beautiful faces that come across while roaming at IC) .
Now it has been three years. I have gained valuable things and lost some. .

I earned beautiful friend circle (they embellish my life at each and every moment) in which u can find any type of guy like non prehensile, pragmatic, hardworking, curious, philosophical and some “politicians” (do not look other way round).

Friends are all I have but hey I am still searching out for………………..
But in spite of pros and cons I am satisfied with my journey at bit till now.
Hoping for the rest to be better.