Saturday, September 12, 2009


Q: What are the two truth of life according to you?
A: Selfishness and Death, better I shall put it in my coming post.

Q: Which is your favorite book?
A: Madhushala and Eleven minutes.

Q: You operate differently at online and offline.
A: Ohhh, I have heard this from some other guys also. But I do not masquerade or feign online. Yup I am a bit shy at offline because I do not have ONE. Hmmm .( Online= Chatting, Offline= Face to Face)

Q: Does God listen every prayer? If so then why sometimes He does not answer?
A: Yes, He listens every prayer but sometimes the answer is no.

Q: What is the secret of success?
A: Believe in yourself, have faith in God and respect your parents.

Q: What is the first thing people notice on you?
A: My smile because it comes before my voice. I guess.

Q: Black or white?
A: I do not believe in racism.

Q: You write disgusting, why do not you quit writing?
A: Fish off, this is my page I will do what I want to do. Who compels you to visit my webpage.

Q: Movies or music
A: Though I am not an ardent lover of movies or music but I like some good ones.

Q: Sachin, Lara or Ponting?
A: Sachin is God in cricketing world and that is it.

Q: Good or best
A: good, because it drives you to do the best.

Q: Heart or mind?
A: both have their own values; the things which can not be solved by mind can be solved by heart and vice versa.

Q: What are the five things you are privileged with in your life?
A: My beautiful parents, My incredible country, My holy religion (I do not have any problem with any religion because whatever the basics are the main goal of every religion is same: Truth), My lovable friends and last but never the least Me.

Q: Hey Anil, I always think of negative things. What do I do to get away from this habit?
A: Try to live 60 seconds of a minute, then you do not have time to think about these nonsense things.

Q: Why do you think that people are going to read your blog in exam time?
A: Lol. If I can write in exam time then why people can not read.

Q: Is it necessary to get comments on blogs?
A: Not necessary. It is your thing. But yes because it makes to think that at least someone is acknowledging my work and provokes to write more and more and more….

Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday I was chatting with my old school friend and suddenly this discussion comes up in our conversation. I asked her about future plans and she tweeted like “it all depends on luck and faith”. Many people agree with this saying because if something happens bad or something that we do not expect then we start blaming like “Luck was not with us” instead of introspecting ourselves. But I have a simple full from of luck

L: Labor
U: Under
C: Correct
K: Knowledge

So now by getting this four letter word you would have realized where I want to take you?

There are many examples but I will take a practical one to fortify my side.

If you are an IIT aspirant and working hard like days and nights but you are not going through proper channel or you do not know the pattern of the exam or whatever the reason may be and at the end of the day you fail and then you start charging on luck.

I have a perfect example of a guy who got through a great company by working hard. So working hard is the primary key towards success. You can find success without hard work only in dictionary. So luck has no place in your life. Life will go where you want to take it. It is all in YOUR hands.

“Eliminating luck is life”
Try to eliminate luck from your life as much as possible. If you rely more on luck you are surely going to fall into trap.

Today luck was with me. I had not written my journal and the lab was made off due to electricity failure. So I was lucky that I didn’t get caught. Hahahaha

But I have the flip side also which baffles me sometime.

Like everyone knows that Telephone came into existence in March 1876 and was invented by Grahm Bell but only some know that at the same day Jagadish Chandra Bose also submitted his paper but due to some maintenance work which was going on that same auditorium his papers remained lying under the table. And his research could not bring a revolution in the Electromagnetic world.
May be here his luck was not with him because he could not do more than what he had done.
So take off the luck factor from your life and start facing the problems. You will succeed if you have faith in yourself.

Signing off
Anil Anuragi