Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Asit, Ankur, Me, Debjit, Alok

Battery, Ranidra, Me, Ankur (I was a nerd initially :P :P)


Khalsaa (Now shut down :( :( )

Cricket team of ECE sec A

Rajeev, Me and Sallu Bhai

Kolkata trip: Nitin, Navneet, Akash, Ayush, Me, Rajeev, Thotha

B'day b'day

Cycle yatraa

Decent Holi in 3rd year (Ayush, Akash, Rajeev, Me, Navneet, Amar bhai)

Puri trip (In front of Konark Sun temple)

Arun, Sanjeev, Ayush, Navneet, Akash, Me, Rajeev

At Puri beach

On Teacher's day :)

Discussion between two CEO's

Nitin, Akash, Sachin, Me, Aditya, Navneet (@Madhuban)

Me, Thotha, Rajeev

Infront of Shiva temple in campus at Deewali

B'day celebration

Me and Akash

Ayush, Sanjeev, Akash, Me, Aditya (@Panch ghat trip)

Batch photography

Arun and Me

Inside the institute main building

The whole ECE sec A in batch photography session


Monday, April 19, 2010

Farewell, 14th April 2010

Me, Nitin, Akash

Farewell is all about cherishing the past memories. When we are about to leave we get nostalgic feelings. While i am writing this post i am becoming nostalgic too. Sometimes we think that why doesnt life go on like this. Sometimes hostels life seems better than our sweet homes. Those sleepless nights, playing pranks with friends, celebrating b'day's of each and every friend even it is the exam's night, asking for lab journals just half an hour before the lab starts, those shaded faces after every viva, getting your resume printed out just after hearing that "you got through written", seeing the food in mess and then swearing, walking hand in hand with our loved ones, getting insulted from teachers but still smiling, asking every nights to juxtaposition friend "Abe kuch khane ko hai kya", swearing unnecessarily, commenting on every girls that passes by and if unfortunately she looks back then counting stars in day light, those unnecessary advices. You will spend thousand rupees in boozing but you use paste of the guy next room. Despite of all these pros and cones i am loving my college life. I am surely gonna miss it when i leave this place. We do not want to leave but we have to. This is life. It gives more than what it takes from you. This was another milestone added to our life. How we spent these 4 beautiful years with our wonderful friends.

I havent done many thing here which every guy think of doing in college. Like Still I am not a drunker, still I am not a chain smoker, still I am not a hard core non-vegetarian, still I haven’t got any f*, still I am not an eight pointer, still I haven’t walked on the love lane, still I haven’t talked at PMC. But still I can say that I have enjoyed my life to the fullest here. I have enjoyed each and every moment, sometimes alone and sometimes with my friends.

There are some pictures we snapped in farewell session...

:) :)

Great pic

Md. Azhar reading his poem dedicated to all ECE sec A students

Somit (Zoom)

Mr. ECE-- Anish and Miss ECE-- Sangita Singh

We: The audience

Drenched after dancing

Mr. and Miss ECE contestant

Juniors performing dance

Dilipan: Michael Jackson of ECE

Again the juniors


:) :) :)

Dancing in full swing


Anup, Akash, Nitin, Me, Murali, Alok, Avinash

Akash, Me, Nitin