Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is the Police really to blame for?

For the last few days I have been thinking after this horrific and unfortunate incident that unfolded in Delhi, is the Police really to blame for?

I will talk about in generality and not on this specific incident that outraged the whole nation.

What kind of life a policeman lives?
He is selected by some strange methods, put on training and then given duty on some desolate area completely unfamiliar to him with 'meager salary’ and miles away from his family. He has to first understand how things work because he has to deal with public on hourly basis unlike most public figures.

A policeman life isn’t just restricted to protect public, but he has to first please the local politician there, then his superior then comes the public. So it’s not that simple that if a complaint is registered, they quickly start to act. They first have to check against whom the complaint is registered, if he is a tall figure in the locality obviously they can’t act against him. They have to find a method to come to truce where matter isn’t dragged any longer.

Secondly, a policeman doesn’t have much power to straight away act to the crime reported; they have to follow long procedure and etc. that is why they refrain to use their cognizance at times.

Third, their salary is not very handsome and apart from that they get regular transfer leaving their family alone so now he has to run two homes parallely. They don’t have much life either. When we are celebrating festive season they are there away from home to protect us so that everything goes peacefully.
I think the system needs some change and need some police reform to work closely with public so justice is given quickly without any delay every time.

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rapes happen because we allow them to happen!

A girl is gang raped in the capital city, its debated in all news channels and in Parliament, there are reactions from everyone including bollywood biggies, bureaucrats, CEOs of the companies and police personells. Bollywood personalities seem to have intense discussion on social networking sites but at the end of the day what happens we all know it. Opposition gains the mileage, TV gets the coverage and celebs gains some new followers.

I fail to understand whether this is the problem of society or is it because of lack of proper administration.

Its not like if girl is wearing traditional attire is safe, these perpetrator don't see whether its night or day, what is she wearing, whether she is alone or having some company, they will try to accost the girl because they know nothing can happen to them.

Why dont our politicians act in unison when such gruesome crime happens against women, I want every MP to stand united irrespective of any party. If FDI in multibrand retail is important then women safety is equally important too!

Hanging, parading around the city, stoning and castrating wouldnt help, we need stringet laws and better administration.

I think the biggest problem in this country is politics. If some incidents happens in Bihar, Laloo would try to gain mileage, if it happens in West Bengal, left will play dirty politics, if it is in UP, Mayawati wouldnt spare and if it is in Gujarat, Congress will get another chance to target Modi. In every case it is politicize first, stirred to the core and then we wait for the result which is never going to come because of the type of court systems we have here.

I think rape is more hienous and horrible than a murder. Murder happens because there is tension between two groups and it can be resolved but rape cant be prevented because such is the mental state of the (coward) people.

This is such a crime where victim faces the repercussion and not the accused. This should be stoped and everything should be done to protect women of our society.

Hope when I wake up in the morning, I dont see another such story in the newspaper.
Good Night, stay blessed!