Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 Women stripped & paraded, 4 held

Mind blowing, awesome, amazing or what should I say “Maza aa gaya” or what?? You suggest something. I don’t find any better word than that. Don’t get startled. Yes, this is the Headline on the Main page of today’s newspaper in Times Of India (Mind me the tag of the newspaper has nothing to do with it because all are same. Some are more and some are less that is the only difference). How disgusting!!!!

Do not worry I am not going to write the whole “disgusting” matter as you people have already had it with your morning tea (Because these are the things that attract “us” most. Hahahaha).

Sometimes I don’t find any single article worth reading. Full of advertisements, Blasts, Kidnapping, Maoist attack and the very great Politics (but this has to be there, no problem with this. Because different people have different taste. Some like to know the recent movie, some about sports and some would love to read editorials. So this entirely depends on your choice). Like you can see today’s front page was like this (Including some death and Taliban news) and last page was fully devoted to Endeavour (Advertisement of a car company).

I hardly go through newspapers. I check news on the site. But today as I picked up the paper my first word was “again same”.

I wanted to right something else but landed up here. Sorry to my reader as I always make you people sad through my posts. But I can not help. My mind stormed so I put these words here.

But hey they too have to earn their bread and butter and their survivals depend on us. But if they are so much on with these news then there are other pages also. You do any drama with these pages, who cares. But at least let the front page keep neat and clean.

But we are no where to do any better in this matter. We are just mango people. We have to see, watch, hear and act according to what the system says, what the system follows.If no then do something because just reading the blog would not suffice. (Don’t mind thoda zada heavy ho gaya).

At least make the front page inquisitive, if possible motivational, some discoveries, but don’t try to make it attractive by these means.

Finally thanks to the news that gave me some matter to write about.

I can not think anymore. I am not feeling well as I have got flu.

Signing off
Bbye Take care
Anil Anuragi…


Ashish said...

you should better start from last
then you wont get frustrated

niheavene said...

Flu karne wala apple nikal gaya na. Koi dikkat ho to batana !!

Vaise, the thing u've said is very important but the editors don't even think about the impression it casts on the people reading them be it either a child, an elder or us.

N i think its very nice that you have the habit of reading news on net but for people like me who are grossly in love with print paper its really a sad case. Thts y i always start my newspaper from the last page !!

My journey said...

@Ashish: lol, do you have the problem of wearing your trouser first and then underwear. itz not the first or last page but the content that matters.
anyway thanx for visiting my page :)

@Akash: Haan be thik ho gaya. Feeling better. :)
yh that is exactly what i want to say. lol you dont need to read newspaper n all. Hehehe :D