Monday, July 9, 2012

Roger Federer and his record 17th Grand Slam title!

Ahh 7th Wimbledon title, atop the ranking, just closing to the record he idolizes, his wife Mirka along with her twin daughters watching her husband to lift the glittering trophy, and packed center court including Britain’s PM David Cameron giving him standing ovation when he goes to receive the trophy, it surely couldn’t have got any better than this for Roger Federer.

But it wasn’t that simple. He has been fighting for this trophy since last 2 and half years when he beat Andy in Australian Open 2010, people raised fingers against him, they thought he is finished now and ageing as well (he is 30), he had a lot to answer yesterday and he answered every question with his racquet beautifully.

We never thought he will again have a come back specially in the presence of Novak and Rafa, but man he isn’t going to relent, he has been fighting hard.

Uber cool RF dint lose his temper till the end, how does he manage that in the big stage where every one is cheering for your opponent? Man he is the master!! The greatest tennis player to have played the game. Agree?

Match started in high note for Britain’s no1 when he broke Federer in the very first game and hold his serve to go 2-0 up in the opener. But if you are playing against 16th time grand slam champion you have to be at your best at each shot, each serve, at each moment, you just can afford to be at rest for a second. You have to stay calm and motivated. You give one chance to the man and he wouldn’t let the opportunity slip in.
Though he managed to win the first set 6-4 but that wasn’t it, he had a lot more work to do to go past him.
At 4-4 in second set Murray had two chances to break Roger but couldn’t seize the chances and let RF held his serve. Had he broken him he would have been serving for the 2nd set and that would have made all the difference.
But after 2nd set, RF never looked back, in 3rd set at 1-1 each with RF serving at 40-0, it started pouring in and they had to stop the match to wait for the roof to come. So this was the time for £80 million center court roof to come in.  
 6th game of 3rd set was a marathon one which went little over than 19 minutes (in this time one set finishes in mixed doubles) when Andy was serving to level the game 3-3, he should have held the serve but after fighting hard for 19 minutes he gave up and RF can never let these opportunity go away. Federer was ahead 4-2 in third set and was serving to go 5-2. He held the serve and in next game held again to book the 3rd set under his name.

Murray seem frustrated when he was finding net too often but man what a game he has had, he was there at every shot Rog played, struggling, falling but reaching to the ball. If it had been other than Roger yesterday, Andy might have pulled it through.

On a lighter note as I tweeted they should have given the trophy to Andy as he had already won a set which he never won in any the Grand Slam final he appeared before yesterday.

Roger winning the 4th set by 6-4 and leaving the entire center court crowd shell shocked while he went teary. The emotions were bound to come out. It shows how much this trophy means to the man who has already won 16 such trophies.

Andy made his girl friend cry in the presentation which I dint like; she is such a cute lady. But he made everyone smile saying “I am getting closer” and burst into tears once again.

What a super Sunday it would have been had Paes Vesnina also pulled it through? But they played some good Tennis especially in second set and forced Lisa Bryan to go in decider. Anyway I enjoyed watching the match. Did you?

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi