Sunday, February 6, 2011

Faded love story part-2

Again I am here after a short hiatus, so endure the pain if you get bored but I am sure that you all are waiting for the second part of this (faded) love story and to cognize where Pritam and Sheila find out themselves as the time passes by.

Pritam drinks all night. He gets home in wee hours on Sunday and sleeps all the day. He tries to sequester himself from Sheila but her hotness (Oops sorry, cuteness) doesn’t let go away from his mind. In the twilight hours while he was walking aimlessly with his friends, his cell vibrates and finds a New Year wishes message from her. His friends empathize him that at least she remembered him. He remains absent minded for the whole night and can’t sleep properly.

He gets a sabbatical to recover himself. He keeps on getting calls from her side but he didn’t respond. Whenever he tried to answer the calls the entire scene runs through his mind and also the Facebook pictures which she had posted of her trip makes him every time to snub her call. He thought that he too has some respect and she can’t overdo him.

When he again resumes office on Wednesday and opens his mailbox, he sees a chain of messages from Sheila to make him understand in every possible way that she tried not to leave him on New Year but she had to because of the circumstances that had been arisen in there. He thought of to forgive her this time in spite of knowing that girls are most capricious and rapacious( Please dont take it negatively, if any point of time you feel that i am going little acrimonious on girls then think that this a faded love story not the blossoming one :D :P) creature in this earth(It aint his fault, he just could not resist the temptation to meet her again.) as he can’t make her feel guilty and also the fact that she was refurbishing and becoming perkier on each passing day. So he didnt want anyone else to make a move on her.

And slowly again a love starts springing up from their friendship what Pritam had not thought of. Now he makes every tiny step to meet her. His appetite to meet her was growing day by day. He used to work without respite and even if he is famished while working he didn’t go out, and waits for her till 7 PM. Whenever he gets a call to meet up he starts feeling butterflies in his stomach. Whenever they meet they recall the time they had spent together since they were sophomores in college. Now he was becoming more considerate to get her.

At one fine day while he was descending to meet her, his manager calls up. A rain of despair runs through his mind. He tried to fend off the call because he was going to meet the beautiful creature made by God on this earth but at the same time he thought that life is more important that love at this time. So he answers the call and heads towards manager’s cabin as instructed by him. He could not believe on his ear what hears. He is being sent to Paris for 2 months for the project requirement.

He is the happiest man and thanks God to see his dream come true. He is not a diminutive figure in her eyes now.

He started planning the things accordingly and started buying stuffs for his trip while she did some window shopping like every girls (They have the habit of touching everything, dont take in other way round :P). She accompanied him on every situation he needed. Now they were spending more time with each other.

The D day comes when he is going to get the experience of his first flight and that too in his dream land. He wished to fly with his girl but he was incapacitated. He had a dream of to propose his girl at Eiffel Tower like the dream of the author who is writing this. :P

As she raises her arms to hug him before he leaves for two months, he awakes up from his dream and finds himself in the bar doused in McDowells celebration.


Stay tuned to find some more lochas in their love story.

Happy week for all the working professionals!

Ageing in number is inevitable but ageing in character is optional.

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