Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will the pandemonium be continued??

So Anna Hazare’s fast has entered to the eighth day and the government seems unfazed by the voices of the Indian people. I don’t know what the final decision would be but the government is surely trying to bargain with Anna team.
Let me say it honestly that I dint advocate PM to be in the purview of Lokpal Bill. You can’t interrogate PM every time as he/she has some more important issues than to be on the court every day and more ever you need to show some faith on the world’s most powerful PM. But that doesn’t mean that I am not supporting Anna team Bill or supporting the Government drafted Bill. I am simply trying to say make the final call and draft the ‘strong’ Lokpal bill as early as possible so this hue and cry end soon because as of now the moment is going peacefully but who knows situation might turn grievous in coming days whose repercussions will not be good for sure.
The government seems to soften its stand but now team Anna seam adamant on their Bill. Till now government have agreed to put PM in the purview of Lokpal but still they have not given their final assent to 3 more critical points from Jan Lokpal Bill.
Anna’s health is deteriorating day by day and they are taking his health condition as a trump card. Let this old man call off his fast and let the movement end peacefully because if something happens to Anna then nothing fruitful is going to come out of it. As has been seen from government side whose people go to airport to receive Baba Ramdev and whose very people don’t hesitate for Lathi charge.
Also I dint like the idea of some people from IIT Khagarpur refusing to receive degree from PM. You surely can’t disgrace the man whom you have given the supreme authority. Today it is Manmohan Singh, tomorrow it would be some one else. So you have to respect your own judgment.
I am praying for Anna’s health as well hoping to get the Bill drafted as early as possible before something happens to this brave man!
So will the chaos be continued or is there something going to happen to ameliorate the matter as there is a meeting between the government and team Anna.
Let’s hope for the best!
Signing Off
Anil Anuragi
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