Saturday, July 4, 2009


Recently my interests have turned to Tennis. Thanks to Nadal , Vish,French open, Wimbledon, Amit ji ( I am a regular reader of Amitabh bachchan’s blog) to tune me into tennis court. I am a big fan of cricket but a hardcore fan of Rafa (still I do not know many rules in tennis). Playing badminton is my passion. I am a passionate shuttler (I go for badminton whether it is basic electronics exam “toughest paper we had in 3rd semester” or whether I have a fever of 101 degree), I never gave up playing badminton.

Someone I idolize in tennis like Pete Sampras, Andre Agasi , Steffi Graf, Roger Federer (greatest of all times with 14 grand slam titles equalizing with Pete Sampras) , Leander Paes, William sisters, Maria Sharapova, (not Sania Mirza, her performance and stardom are inversely proportional) and off course Rafael Nadal…

As you see the market in big W is heating. (Or I should say it is at the peak). As only semis and finals are left out.

I am writing this post because I have no work to do today. It feels good today. I am feeling very confident, content, healthy and my mind is working at the high today (generally mind flows to south in midnight) .Reasons I do not know. May be today I woke up at time (generally I wake up at 12 or 1 pm), or may be I had a good sleep in night, or may be I read something related to my subject (generally I do not open books until exams are on the head) or may be there is a mild rain which makes the atmosphere calm.

Sorry, I forget where I was. I lost myself to describe my day..

Oh ya I was in Wimbledon..

William sisters again knock at the final. 29 year Venus destroys Dinara Safin in just 51 minutes while younger one snatches victory from the hand of Elena Dementieva by saving one match point. Let us see whether the older sister is able to defend her championship and is able to score hat trick in Wimbledon.

And whether Andy Murray’s hope to become a first British to get a grand slam after Fred Perry since 1936 is coming true or not. And whether Tennis maestro Fedex will be able to record his name in tennis book to become first tennis player having 15 grand slam titles. He competes in all the four facets of games (Whether it is Wimbledon, French open, Australian open or US open).

He is the undisputed king of grass court. He will be fighting with his old German friend Tommy haas to walk into his 7th Wimbledon finals. Federer should say thanks to Nadal who is not playing this time otherwise who can forget his win over second seeded in last Wimbley.

So let us wait and watch till 5th July whose dream is going to come true….

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