Sunday, November 15, 2009


Q: For achieving success you have to be brutally honest.
A: I think you have to be brutally realistic.

Q: You have grown up man.
A: Hehehe, I am still trying to reach that 5 ft mark.

Q: I am not kidding.
A: Then thanx coz at least you think that I am not a Chhotu anymore. Hahaha.

Q: Who is your favorite hero?
A: Bhagat Singh and Hemant Karkare. I don’t know how many of you have heard about this name.

Q: No no. I mean in Bollywood?
A: Then ask, who is your favorite actor, because they are not heroes. They do what directors make them to do. They do the things which are already set for them. Between my favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan.

Q: Is it you who is writing these blogs?
A: Man, I am not a celebrity or a superstar so that I could appoint somebody to write on my behalf. Obviously it is me.

Q: Great yaar, I think you Q/A is best way for answer HR preparation.
A: I can’t receive any better comment than that. Thank you!!!!

Q: Well, I must say that you have to zeal to learn and learn more.. The vastness of topics that you have covered in your blogs have impressed me a lot.
A: Thank you very much for believing in my ink. That encourages me to write more and more.

Q: When you get ultimate satisfaction?
A: Seriously, when I study. But Alas!! That never happens at least in my college life.

Q: I do not like the way you write the things?
A: And I do not like the way you “read” those things.

Q: Do not put my name in your blog. Please
A: I am really sorry. I will take that in for future.

Q: I think you fully reveal yourself in your blogs.
A: I do not find any point in hiding myself.

Q: You know your blogs motivate someone.
A: is it so? If yes, I am privileged.

Q: You look poignant today. What is the matter?
A: Happiness and sadness are part of live. The thing is that you need to keep moving.

Q: you seem straight forward by your replies.
A: Well, I can not stop myself being me.

Q: One thing in BIT you would never forget?
A: BIT’s administration. Ain’t it?

Q: One last question to my readers. Shall I continue my Questionnaire round?
A: Awaited…..


nkpsychology said...

this style of blogging is something that fascinates me very much!so i can't stop from commenting at the very moment i read this ...(and by the way i have my comp now..:P)

It is ur blog vich makes you taller than anyone else and even makes u stand far apart.

A nice answer to the question regarding "hero" question!Rather an eye opener....

"Do not put my name in your blog?"
he he .I hope you get this answer correctly one day!I may say that things in real life (not physics) are multi-dimensional ...and one might miss a few of them in his/her thot process...which is exactly no ones fault either .....

I love people who reveal themselves to those whom they shud ....this needs guts and a plethora of trust vich many of us lack. cheers and shake hands for this man!

Your blog motivates me!

You look poignant today. What is the matter?
The best answer b/c i give the same reply to others when questioned .....But u know people don't get this..I don't know why????

One thing in BIT you would never forget?
a deep silence... (silence speaks louder sometimes..... definitely this time :P)

One last question to my readers. Shall I continue my Questionnaire round?
You shud man!

My journey said...

Hehe, yaar let me be in the company of yours. Do not make me stand apart. I am nowhere without my friendz, you know that very well. Don’t you??
You know, you are a big philosopher. “One might miss few of them in his/ her that process”, didn’t get that line.
Woow, you got your comp back!!!

nkpsychology said...

well ,its thot(thought)....
I meant to say that someone other than me can miss few dimensions in his/her thinking process over a matter...
but i don't think its his fault anyway...

My journey said...

Oh yes. Exactly