Sunday, March 29, 2009

@ BIT : Where it starts, where it ends ?????

On 23rd July 2006 I stepped into a beautiful place called BIT (everyone curses BIT but why). Firstly I was charmed watching those greenish grass, bending trees, lovely air, appealing dawns and heart stealing eves but at the same time frightened thinking that how this place would be, how seniors would behave (because before coming into bit I had heard a lot about ragging), as I had no friends and I have to spend my 4 splendid years here so I have to get acquainted with all these things.

I was very emotional, shy, non ostentatious and aesthetic guy.
Emotional because of I didn’t make fun of anyone because I thought if someone got disturbed by this then this is going to trouble me.
Shy because of…………………
And I didn’t work upon those things which didn’t work upon me.
Aesthetic: this is the thing that bit took away from me.

Now semester comes and ends without knowing how much I learned the things and hoping that next time it would be better but it also ends up on the same note. At the end of the day writing in my diary but I hardly managed to write 5 or 6 lines as nothing happens as such to be remembered (those boring lecturers, some “helpful” advices by professors and hopeless food in mess except some beautiful faces that come across while roaming at IC) .
Now it has been three years. I have gained valuable things and lost some. .

I earned beautiful friend circle (they embellish my life at each and every moment) in which u can find any type of guy like non prehensile, pragmatic, hardworking, curious, philosophical and some “politicians” (do not look other way round).

Friends are all I have but hey I am still searching out for………………..
But in spite of pros and cons I am satisfied with my journey at bit till now.
Hoping for the rest to be better.