Thursday, August 27, 2009


Q: Tell me something about yourself?
A: If you know me I need not to tell you, if you don't I do not want to tell you.

Q: But still I want to know about you?
A: Ok then meet me and find me out.

Q: I am not interested in you?
A: Thanks, I am also straight.

Q: I meant I do not like you?
A: Can not help. I am what I am.

Q: Hollywood or bollywood?
A: Hollywood movies are good but Hindi songs are unparalleled.

Q: Where you want to settle: in India or abroad?
A: Always in India but I would love to see the world if I get the opportunity.

Q: Are you secular or communal?
A: These are two hard words for me. I am a simple guy who believes in me.

Q: You admire inner beauty or outer one?
A: Inner beauty as all knows that outer one fades away as time progresses.

Q: Do you want to be with your girlfriend or with your mates?
A: Hmm, either way I am happy.

Q: Rafa or Fedex?
A: Federer on court, Rafa on as well as off the court (I like his spanish accent).

Q: A better human being or a celebrity?
A: A better human being.

Q: Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan?
A: For me it is always Shahrukh khan.

P.S. The film industry loves SRK but the entire nation respects Mr. AB.

Q: Happiness or satisfaction?
A: Happiness, because it provokes you to do the things with more zeal and enthusiasm and if you are satisfied then you are not interested in your work with that hungriness as you were before.

Q: Morning or twilight?
A: Always morning, but I have not seen rising sun since ages.

Q: What is more painful: If someone hates you or if someone ignores you?
A: Though both are painful but it is more painful when someone hates me.

Q: Cricket or badminton?
A: Playing badminton and watching cricket.

Q: What is the nicest compliment you ever got in your blogs?
A: I do not get many comments in my blogs. People do not think that I write well.

Q: Then why you write?
A: I write for myself not for others.


myreflections said...

hey a good style of blogging.....

My journey said...

@Navneet: thanx yaar :)

SGM said...

good job..ur best one according to me..RGV style!

My journey said...

@SGM: I am the greatest human being on the earth that i got a comment from your side..
thanx sidhhartha.. :)

Vishakha said...

lolzz...Great...Nice Answers but i fink u wrote from a "goody goody Anil's" point of view...lmao ;-)

My journey said...

@Vishaka: lol.. am i not good?? yh i will try to make it more interesting in next part.. anyways thanx for commenting :)

zoom said...

nice work..
a different one...

My journey said...

@Somit: yes, I thought of to change the taste. so here it is..

sachin said...

mast hai......
rgv style.........
thora gyan hume bhi de do yaar

My journey said...

@Sachin:hmmm thanx, gyaani ko kya gyaaan baatein.. tum hi yaar thoda bahut gyaan idhar baant do.

NOOPUR said...

nice style of blogging.
n seems staight forward by ur replis.
gud job. carry onnnnn

My journey said...

@Noopur: Thanx yaar. I am a free guy. i do what i want to do. so yh :)