Sunday, June 8, 2014

Badaun Rape case: Are we here only to blame others?

I have been thinking to opine my thoughts on recent happening in Badaun. What happened on 27th May in Badaun District of Uttar Pradesh (where two teenage girls were gang raped and later were hanged from Mango tree) was brutal and gruesome but who is to blame for? Is this the society, is this the politician, is this the system, is this the media or is it US!
Whenever something like this happens first thing media notices is, in which state it happened and which party has the government there. Then they start bashing the party and politicians from different parties join hands with them, rather than addressing the real problem. It would be much fruitful debate in prime time if after the debate spokespersons have found the solution rather than shouting vociferously to defend the untenable.

The second thing is, politicians start making trips to the place where incident occurred and they make it a tourist spot for a photo op to use it in next elections. Wouldn't it be better if you act swiftly so that it doesn't repeat rather than consoling the parents for the loss the suffered?

Uttar Pradesh has been in bad news since Akhilesh Yadav’s government took over Mayawati’s in March 2012. There is a rape incident almost every day. Can it not be stopped? This certainly can be if they have the will. Everybody though that Akhilesh is young and educated so they voted and gave Samajwadi Party an absolute majority. But then I am reminded of ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” and this sums up the current situation in UP. It is not only UP, each state is suffering from this problem but UP is notch above from the rest. I come from UP so it pains me deeply when every morning I see the newspaper filled up with these incidents.

I sometimes wonder, do politicians even think while speaking in public. Apathy of politicians is appalling. Let me quote a few:
Mulayam Singh Yadav : ‘Death penalty for rape is unfair, boys make mistakes.’
Babulal Gaur, Home minister of MP: “Sometimes rape is right, sometimes rape is wrong.”
Ram Sewak Paikra, Home Minister Chhatisgarh: “Rape happens by mistake.”
The list is long, but these all were recent remarks made by our politicians. In all of these, one thing which amazes me is that our prime minister hasn't spoken so far who speaks highly about women safety in almost every speech.

The problem is that victim is treated as he/she is guilty and he /she has to look for shelter and offender roams freely. It adds more misery to the victim and his/her family after the incident and this is where we stop believing in justice system.

Can these incidents be abated? Should we depend on the law, politicians, system to prevent such incident from happening again? I think NO. It is a societal problem and we are responsible for it. Law can be made tough but what if a law bearer is also an accomplice in the crime? We need to change ourselves, we need to educate ourselves, we need to speak up and we need to be intolerant and that is how we can make the future better for coming generation.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic: Final preview

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are going to meet for the record 42nd time coming Sunday for the most prestigious clay court title. Nadal is leading 22-19 against the world no2. For Novak, it is going to be his maiden title while Nadal is looking for his record 9th Roland Garros title. Winner will be ranked 1 coming Monday.

Djokovic had the last laugh in last 4 meetings between the two, including one clay court meeting in Rome Final. But Nadal won last 3 Grand Slam matches including epic 5 setter in 2013 French Open semifinal.

It has been easy ride to final for Rafael Nadal as he lost only 1 set to fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in Quarter final. Also nobody could challenge Djokovic so far. Both haven’t played a 5 setter so far so we are expecting a great final, as one will be determined to become 8th player in ATP history to have won all Grand Slam title at least once while other is looking for his record 9th French Open title and to become first player to have won 5 title in same grand slam event and also to become first player in the history to win at least one Grand Slam title for 10 consecutive year. Victory for Rafael Nadal will equal his Grand Slam title tally with the great Pete Sampras.

Djokovic can trouble Nadal as he is now more determined and matured and have already beaten him in couple of clay matches, but it is not going to be easy either for Nadal or Djokovic. They will have to sweat it out in the middle to finally kiss the coveted trophy.

The only concern is that, the weather holds up in Paris as Nadal is not comfortable playing in cloudy condition. Hope we are going to have great Sunday evening!

In WTA, in less than 2 hours, Maria Sharapova will be taking on Simona Halep to clinch her second French Open title. Last year she was denied to win consecutive French Open title by Serena Williams, who had a rather shocking exit this time in second round against Gabrine Muguruza.