Monday, June 24, 2013

Nature’s fury in Uttarakhand

You can never defy two things: Nature and death. Absolute truth!
Isn’t it? Rather you should be better prepared and equipped to tackle these calamities. After more than a week people are still stranded at the sight. Isn’t it blow to NDMA? Why to make a body if their job is just to give speeches? We wake up only when the damage has already been done? Shouldn’t rescuing people be their top priority and they can do the post mortem (politics) later? And like always finally we have to ask army and they never ever disappoint us, they are the REAL heroes. Whether it is Mumbai attack or this, they are the ones who never show the back!

Also this incident tells a thing or two about us. I heard that locals were selling a bottle of water at rs 250 and a packet of glucose biscuit at rs 400. This tells that we Indians never let any opportunity go away even in hardest times! Politicians also come from the same society. Now you can very well understand what I intend to say here.

One more thing I would like to say about journalists. While I respect their coverage (at times because of them things/operation get expedited) but shouldn’t they be little sensible in reporting? We do empathize with the bereaved family but there is no need to be sensational all the time and talking with people who are in grief. This is not the time to score points but to shave people that are still stranded at the sight. You can also do your bit apart from reporting.

With little bit of interest in politics I have understood that ki “Har cheej ke do pahlu hote: Congress pahul and BJP pahlu”.
If tragedy happens in Chhatisgarh Congress and BJP will have different view point and if it happens in Uttaranachal, BJP and Congress will have different point of views! Let’s keep this for some other time.

I really pray and hope that those stuck in there are rescued and no more lives is taken.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wimbledon roundup..

Here we are again, it is Wimbledon time it is grass time!
Wimbledon announced its seeding on Wednesday, main draw will be announced on Friday and real action starts from Monday.

Though I didn’t understand how come a 12 time Grand Slam winner could not find a place in top four. If the rule needs a tweaking it should be tweaked to make the game more interesting. It off course doesn’t affect Nadal or anyone who plays any player in Quarter or Semifinal because one should be able to beat anyone participating in the tournament to finally lift the coveted trophy but it does affect the spectators. Nobody will want a dead rubber in the finals. Had Rafa and Novak played in French Open finals rather than Semifinals wouldn’t it have made a better viewing for all the sports lovers? As we say that at the end of the day every sports person plays for their fans and spectators.

Also if Wimbledon doesn’t follow the ATP ranking for its seeding why did they seed David Ferrer above Nadal when the latter destroyed the former in straight sets just a couple of days back. Ok, that Nadal got ousted in the second round last year by a 100th ranked player but hasn’t he already won 2 trophies here and a very handsome 43-2 record (9 out of 9 finals with 7 titles) this year after his 7 months injury lay off and also has winning record against all top four Novak, Roger, Andy and David.

In the French Open as well where he had 7 trophies (Prior to Rollan Garros’13) didn’t get any favor so he had to win Rome and also had to beat Ferrer in QF which he did by his own to get seeded ahead of him in French Open.

So all said and done about seeding, who is it going to be this time to kiss the Wimbledon trophy? Will it going to be the world no 1 or the defending champion or home favorite boy or lucky 13 for indomitable Nadal?

Action begins on 24th, so let’s sit back and enjoy the tennis in coming 2 weeks.