Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kolkata: A memoir, through my eyes only

Now it has been more than 18 months (9 plus 9) I am here in this city famously known as city of joy. I never wanted to be in this city not because I had some sour taste or it is miles away from my home. It is just because I did not know about this city. I had heard a lot about Bengalis as well as about the city while my stay in Ranchi during my graduation period. In my offer letter too I dint mention this city. I had chosen Delhi and Bangalore. Delhi because of it’s near my home town and Bangalore because I have many friends working in there.  But it puts you there where it is destined to.
Having lived in here for these many months I have to say without a shadow of doubt that I have enjoyed every bit. I have lived here not just by passion but by compassion as well.

I have enjoyed everything from adulation to confront, from 2 rs tea to 260 rs movie ticket, visiting malls to checking out maals, from kemon ache to ami bhalo (though I missed “ami tomake bhalo baasi”: P), from waiting patiently for the autos in a long queue, from paddle less rickshaws to metros, a transformation from Anil to Onil, from sweating climate to rainy days.

Every thing is debated here from Dada to cricket to football to politics to moist problem to Durga Puja to Eid to Messi’s arrival with the same intensity.

The funny thing here is that they eat “everything”, from beer to coffee to water to cigarette.
They don’t drink, they don’t puff. 

The time has changed but city hasn’t moved with time. In howrah scene is still the same like Old Delhi. Tram is still being used which is of no use in these times and only creates traffic problems. Buildings are as old as from the British times. As it rains here in any season but there is no proper drainage system. City is closed by 10 at night which is not a good sign for nocturnal like us. Being a metro city there are no big industries, this may be because of some political issue.

People here are still suave, intellectuals, delicate but dwellers coming from other regions are trying to pollute the city.

I hope I did not vilify anything out here. What we feel is what we blog, at least I do that!
The views expressed here are purely mine. So if inadvertently I hurt someone’s sentiments, I am extremely extremely sorry.

“Life is best for those who enjoy it, Difficult for those who analyze it and worst for those who criticize it.”

Have a good day and Happy Christmas !!
Take care :)