Thursday, August 27, 2009


Q: Tell me something about yourself?
A: If you know me I need not to tell you, if you don't I do not want to tell you.

Q: But still I want to know about you?
A: Ok then meet me and find me out.

Q: I am not interested in you?
A: Thanks, I am also straight.

Q: I meant I do not like you?
A: Can not help. I am what I am.

Q: Hollywood or bollywood?
A: Hollywood movies are good but Hindi songs are unparalleled.

Q: Where you want to settle: in India or abroad?
A: Always in India but I would love to see the world if I get the opportunity.

Q: Are you secular or communal?
A: These are two hard words for me. I am a simple guy who believes in me.

Q: You admire inner beauty or outer one?
A: Inner beauty as all knows that outer one fades away as time progresses.

Q: Do you want to be with your girlfriend or with your mates?
A: Hmm, either way I am happy.

Q: Rafa or Fedex?
A: Federer on court, Rafa on as well as off the court (I like his spanish accent).

Q: A better human being or a celebrity?
A: A better human being.

Q: Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan?
A: For me it is always Shahrukh khan.

P.S. The film industry loves SRK but the entire nation respects Mr. AB.

Q: Happiness or satisfaction?
A: Happiness, because it provokes you to do the things with more zeal and enthusiasm and if you are satisfied then you are not interested in your work with that hungriness as you were before.

Q: Morning or twilight?
A: Always morning, but I have not seen rising sun since ages.

Q: What is more painful: If someone hates you or if someone ignores you?
A: Though both are painful but it is more painful when someone hates me.

Q: Cricket or badminton?
A: Playing badminton and watching cricket.

Q: What is the nicest compliment you ever got in your blogs?
A: I do not get many comments in my blogs. People do not think that I write well.

Q: Then why you write?
A: I write for myself not for others.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sach Ka Samna

Hahahaha Interesting………

As I switch on my laptop and play this video a stirring question pops up on the screen.

Would you ever cheat on your wife if she never knows about it?
What would he say: YES or NO? A tough call. But after making his mind he answers the question.
And after that he does not know what to do whether he shall smile or grin or remain quiet. Then waits for Rajeev (the host of the show) to say “Aaiye dekhte hai polygraph test kya kahta hai”. And during that time you can see the faces of his family persons who have come a long way to know about their INNOCENT child. If it comes right then again the same situation: a smile (because he is winning the cash) or to keep his head down (because he is losing respect in front of his wife and family). He even does not know that a little mistake can destroy his childhood friendship (case of Vinod Kambli) , can ruin the husband wife relationship, can dilapidate the kinship between son and father. We can do anything for money. We do not care about what can happen tomorrow for this today’s effect. And for this we simply and completely have to rely upon Polygraph machine, which may not be true at all times.

I was recently watching this chat show and this idea of writing ran into my mind. I could not resist myself to share my feelings. I would have posted this a long ago but you know my laziness always halter me to do the right things. My post is bit gloomy, albeit the weather is very idyllic. However this (weather) is the main reason of my today’s post. I did not take a good sleep today but I do not want to sleep as I do not want to miss the opportunity to relish this awesome weather.

Let me tell you that for this a great drama has been enacted by the politicians at the parliament on 30th July to ban the chat show.
They are saying this as “moral policing”, “misuse” of public interest and bla bla bla…BJP member S S Ahluwalia even said that the programme is unethical and completely against Indian culture.
But why blame Television channels? At the starting of every show they mention: Parts of this program may be for mature audiences. Parental guardians are advised. So if you do not like it, better do not watch it. Who forces you to do that?

Today in India corruption is at its height. If you do not agree with that then there are many shows which run on TV and are more life-threatening than this SACH KA SAMNA, literally ruining our youth. “So for few things in life democracy is not the best policy”.

We make movies like Dev D. I do not know where Indian directors are vacillating. They make movies not for the welfare of society but for their own benefit. And now India decriminalizes gay sex and they give the reason as individual freedom. So according to me that day is not far off when incest will become legal. Oh my god in which genre India is advancing. It is like a bill which is always capricious. I do not know whether Dr. kalam’s vision to make India a developed country till 2020 is accomplished or not but it is for sure that till then India would not be the same as it is now.

For supporting my above mention facts you can look up to the poll of Times Of India:

Is reality show is a mirror to what happens to society? : Yes- 34%, No- 65%, Can not say- 1%. (Dated 10/08/09)

And another one:

Is Bollywood moving away from comfort flicks to darker genre? : Yes- 83%, No- 13%, Can not say- 4%.

So by catching these two polls what you can conceive, I think you are worthy enough to decrypt it.

So first we need to iron out the flaws then only we can start a well tomorrow.

P.S. I am too offspring to write about this issue so please do not mind if someone hurts from this.

I shall take a leave now.
Signing off
Anil Anuragi…..

Monday, August 3, 2009


A national asset is frisked by cheap continental airlines and we officials are watching it happening. Shame..

Let us not dig a well over the vilification of the great scientist Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. I am feeling infelicitous because I just like that person because of his simplicity and his rattling work for the nation. I appreciate attitude and humility of the great man. He is not just a former Indian president but a national asset whom we would never want to forget, whom we would never afford to loose, whom we would never want to see disrespected.

But I think that the right thing is done by the US- officials because at least they are aware of 9/11 attack which they would never want to experience it again. Anything can happen at any moment. If we do not learn a lesson from US then that day is not far off when we get another 26/11 like homicidal carnage.

Making a rule for all makes life easier not bad. Everyone should realize this. Be it for traffic rules, college attendance (ha ha ha), medical facilities, frisking or for big R.

Yes, there should be respect for the bigwigs of the country. Because country’s pride and prejudice depend on these great people. But if we make a list of these honored individuals then this list is never going to end because everyone would fight to be a part of this. And as you know there are 28 states (excluding union territories), so 28 chief ministers, 28 governors and 21 chief justices (thanks to Infatuated Admrier). This list does not end here. Because of ministers, ex CM’s and all who you can consider.

Interesting note is that if the man himself never complained about frisking then why to make fuss of all this. And if they have apologize for the same then why we are enacting such drama. The major problem with we people is that sometimes we show chauvinism rather than patriotism. If we respect him so much then why do not we give a personal air craft to our ex president or why do not we ban all the US continental airlines when Air India is there. We people (I am not an exception) just show that how much we respect our nation, how much respect we have for our people but we do not do anything. We just write the things, discuss it and feel satisfied with this.

No one can read off a human being. A terrorist is also a man. I guess all of you have watched the movie SARFAROSH (people who know me knows how many times I have watched this cinema) and no one can forget the role of Gulfam Hashan in that movie. A great ghajalists whom India gives a great respect and in flip side…. we all know it. In the close of the movie there was a great dialogue which I loved the most. When Sonali Bendre asks Amir Khan “ Vishwash nahi hota gulfaam sahab jaise bade kalakaar aisa kar sakte hai”, then amir khan replies “ kalakaar bhi to inshaan hi hote hai, aur inshaan sahi bhi hote hai, galat bhi”. Lagta hai jada ho gaya!!!!

So at last, my question to you: was that right??