Thursday, November 12, 2009


What a series? We predicted to clinch the top spot but after the series we dropped to 3rd place. Thank God to shower in 7th ODI otherwise Harbhajan’s remark would have been reversed who had predicted to win the series by 5-2.

So who is at the fault? India (sorry, I mean to Indian player) never responded well in this series except in Hyderabad. They were frightened by Australian B team. All credit should go to Ricky Ponting who properly motivated his boys with the right spirit. We were lacking in grit. A naïve Bollinger was a threat for all Indians in the whole series. Injured Australia outplayed in every facet of the game. They were committed to win. And we were relaxing in restaurant. I do not know why they did not drop Jadeja in the later matches when he was not doing well with bat.

We lost in Hyderabad. It seemed like we were continuing our tradition to lose after getting so close. And there are some who put all the blame to Sachin. If you are in playing 11 out of 1.13 bn people then this is your job to do well. It does not matter that you are doing with bat or with ball or with “fielding”. Had Praveen Kumar dived in the last over, the story would have been different.

wins and loses are part of the game. But we should play with the right spirit and for India not for ourself. It gives happyness when we win and it will come only when are committed to win.

I think cricketers are not doing their job well. Now a days they are motivated to show their talent onscreen rather than on the field.

In an interview, Harbhajan singh spoke “I had not been any 3 star restaurants before getting a position into the Indian team. But now I go to foreign land”. So my boy, if Indian cricket has given a way to live up to your expectation then why do not you give your 100%. If Indian cricket has raised your standard then it is your duty to raise Indian cricket's standard. I am sure that if everyone will perform with the best of his ability then sooner we will be at the top spot again.

All the best..

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Anil Anuragi

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