Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yes we do care, yes we do remember!!

Before any cricket match, National anthem is played. We hardly stand up, rather we switch between the channels until 52 seconds are over. Yet we keep on fighting that our national anthem is the best. We always want to show that India is the best nation and Indians are the best people in the world.

We would be seen lamenting for the innocent people who have lost their lives in 26/11 and after that the chapter is closed. There would be huge write ups in every newspaper from eminent columnist then they get busy in some other business.

People will fight for Bhopal gas victims, pledge for Jan Lokpal bill, will frown on what happened 20 years ago (yes I am talking about Babri Masjid demolition), where Euthanasia should be legalized or not, will celebrate earth hour, put happy mother’s day and father’s day status. But seriously do we care about it or do we do it just to show how patriotic we are?

If we really care then where this humanity, resiliency, humility, apnapan, udarta goes the whole year. If we really care about it then Mr. Kasab wouldn’t be laughing at our abject administration, an innocent woman wouldn’t be dragged onto the streets every time, a Jawan wouldn’t be killed by his seniors, wheat wouldn’t be rotten in some politician’s home, a teenager wouldn’t be working in hotels, a mother wouldn’t be seen begging in trains, a farmer wouldn’t be committing suicide every time, a TC wouldn’t be asking for bribe.

If we give our sincere efforts then everything is possible. But the problem is that whatever we do is to get some cheap publicity. Even I am trying to seek some attention here. :D

In today’s generation, Nira Radia (I know some of you might have figured out the spelling mistake by now), A Raja, Kanimojhi, Amar Singh are the household names but do we know who Capt Sumit Kohli was, Who Hemant Karkare was, Who Kejriwal is, who Kiran Bedi is, who Marry Kom is?

We care only for good and change side if things don’t go our way. We become staunch supporter of Dhoni when he hits that six to get the glory and we are the first one to pelt his house when he gets out in duck and eventually India loses the match.

We don’t care how well does Sania play Tennis but we do suggest how long her skirt should be?

We don’t know what black money is, but we do support Baba Ramdev blindly.

Whole year we remain dormant but we do wake up to fight for Bhopal gas victims.

We don’t know who Bhagat Singh is, but we do garland him on Shahid Divas.

We don’t know what does H of Hockey stand for but we do frown whenever India loses a hockey match.

We lock our rooms in on AC mode but we do switch off Electronics appliance on earth hour.

We advocate westernization but we do fume whenever a girl tries to spread her wings.

We spit on the streets but we do complain about the cleanness of the city.

We don’t know who Michelle Obama is but we do notice whether she joins her hands properly while saying Namaste.

We don’t know for what purpose Barack Obama has come to India but we do want to know whether he likes Begun bharta or not?

Most of the times our actions seem to have a lot to do with bigotry. We try to bohemian but in that course we forget to recognize what is right and what is wrong.
Ohhh I have said enough in this post and now I must keep myself mum otherwise I might also be sued for the act of sedition. :D

One should not be so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.

Signing Off

Anil Anuragi

Good night Take care X :)