Thursday, May 6, 2010

The end.....

After completing my final exam, in the evening I got call from my dad (that I get everyday) and my first words were like this “Papa, exam khatam, ab koi exam nahi dena hai” and he was like laughing out loud. And what he said in return is that “beta, life is an exam. You can never run away from life’s exam”. Besides he was right because from the very first day we are descended into this complex world, life starts taking our exams. The kid learns how to walk properly, then he is sent to school and the journey continues until he finally bids adieu to the life.

While I am ready to face my final presentation tomorrow, many thoughts are haunting me. I had not thought of in my scariest dream that it would end up like this.

When we started this journey we had four beautiful years with us. In front of my eyes years came down to months, months came down to weeks, weeks came down to days, days came down to hours and after this final presentation there will be only moments left with us to celebrate this beautiful journey. People will be leaving in front of my eyes with whom I have spent most charismatic times of my life. We have got very little time so talk as much as you can, spend times with your dear ones, hangout without any destinations, have outings, do parties because this would be possibly the last time before we see the cherubic smiles, roj ki nokjhonk, har baat pe politics, oye wo dekh teri waali saying and dosto ke nakhare because after this final departure everyone would be busy with the rat race of the life.

Now while I am standing at the last phase of college life, my heart palpitates faster because I have a fear of loosing my closed ones and on the other side there is hope of achieving my real dreams. But we know that this is life, it takes you to the better place to realize your dreams, I have always believed in that.

Sometimes I think why does time run so fast. Sometimes I think to go back to my past to cherish those beautiful memories. But you know that I don’t have control over it.

Many things changed in these four years but one thing is still the same that is the kind of bonding we have with our friends. The kind of friends I have got is the biggest gift I have ever received. Each one is special for me. Before I leave this awesome place I would be left only with memories, photos, lot of ifs and buts and “I wish” statements.

At the last I would say “It has been a very nice journey”.

Before my eyes get watered I wish each and everyone all the very best for the upcoming journey.

Have a nice time ahead, have fun and enjoy the life to the fullest at each and every moment.

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi
Adios Amigo… :)