Saturday, June 20, 2009

My observation of we Indians.....

The blog which I am going to post is about what I observe within the people of my country. I am not criticizing the Indian people (no offense, mind it).
I have not travelled so far but what I have is this. (A general view not specific to anyone)

We Indians are weak

1. In clapping: This is very simple to act as I think, nothing but just have to put hands together for someone’s benefit. It boosts up the confidence of the person whom we are listening and also makes him to feel better that someone is attending(because everyone yawns in a meeting, no one listens to the speaker)and now is able to deliver the teaching(any matter) aid in more congruous way .

2. In asking question: Sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult for we people because we do not have the habit of raising questions. The problem may be that sometimes we waffle, sometimes language problems, sometimes we think of that the question may be very sappy which would make everybody laugh, sometimes we even think that it is very easy that we are able to lick it by our own which is not as simple as thinking.

3. In giving positive feedbacks: It is not easy to give feedback (positive) to the other person. The reason behind this may be that we are so emotionally attached that we do not want to hurt the sentiments of other even if we know that it is for his/her benefits only. Sometimes we feel deficient(in knowledge) that will the person listen to us??. And Sometimes we have the attitude that WHY shall we give the feedback at all?? and due to which we mould our true friend to an awry path.

4. In babbling with unacquainted person (initiating convo with girls are exceptions): We are not habitual of amalgamating with unknown personality (which may be of no use in some cases) but for our upbeat we sometimes have to open our mouth. It intensifies our learning. But we are not so much comfy in chaffering with the unfamiliar person may be because of we have the “preconceive notion” (this is a very calumnious disease that we, each and everyone have) about other that the individual is far better or sometimes unsound than us.

We are strong

1. In criticizing: we are very prompt in criticizing others rather than imaging at ourselves. We hardly applause someone’s better doing but we criticize at every moment. Even if Sachin (greatest of all times in cricket) does not play well in an inning we do not just let him go but drag him also in the benighted mud. The reason may be that it feels juster because we try to console ourselves by criticizing others.

2. In giving advices: we are very good in this job. Some people are so much keen to offer advices (even if it is of no use) that we have to proffer it whether it is effective or unfit for that situation. I have a funny story regarding this. May be I will write it in some other post.

3. On commenting others: this is a really bad habit that we have in ourselves. We bluntly speak to any matter whether it is of someone’s religion, relationship, may be of family related issues even of someone’s eating or drinking. We do not make our mind to think before speaking and we just speak. After all who we are to comment on someone’s religion if we do not know the basics of that religion, and why to comment on someone’s outfits. And when we pass from that same phase then we come to realize that what bloomer we did in the past.

There are some other points but that may lengthen the count. So that binds up the discussion.


k'sonal_theknowlegend said...

a very nice contemplation of we indians brought out by your cognizant pen(a digital analogue i could not find).And i believe if you think this is something wrong then you too are a reason for it.
"if you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem"
but,only contemplation and spilling out the observation won't help.lets start the renaissance.i am proud at saying i do most of the things u said we lack at.and i also concur with the bad habits we have.i will try to avert them.thank you anil !!

My journey said...
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My journey said...

ya rightly said sonal "if we are not a part of the solution then we are a part of the problem"..
ya we should work as a whole to overcome these problems.. :)