Monday, October 29, 2012


Now this is another gem by Prakash Jha or rather I shall start referring him Prakash Jha ji.

It starts Nandighat where Maoists have taken the control over the area. Adil (Arjun Rampal, police officer) appoints himself in that area to fight and eradicate this perennial problem. He finds it very hard as Maoist somehow find every move made by police as their information bureau is too strong. His friend Kabir (Abhay Deol) asks Adil to somehow send him in that area and so that he can provide information about Maoist.

Adil successfully sends Kabir into that area and subsequently Kabir wins Maoist heart by his work and secretly keeps providing information of Maoists moves. But after getting deep into this he finds it hard to digest whether Police is right or wrong in wiping out these Maoist who are fighting for poor. So he decides to leave the friendship and goes whole heartedly with Maoist and poor people of that area all because a builder living in London wants to destroy poor people homes and wants to build a mill there.

The movie is eclectic mix of Maoism, corruption, poverty, bureaucracy and politics.
It shows how politics is influenced by bureaucracy and that in tern affect the free functioning of any system. This is not a problem whose solution can be found on the round table, it is so deep rooted now that it can only now be minimized.

That was the story where I have missed the ending, watch it and find it out yourself.
In terms of acting, my respect for Abhay Deol is increasing with every film. No point saying anything about Manoj Bajpai, he is great as always but Anjali Patil (A comrade in Maoist gang) stole my heart. Had it been Irfan Khan in place of Arjun Rampal, it would have reached another level by his sheer class.

Jury will have tough time this when they will sit to choose best actor, best actress and best movie of the year.

Lal salaam!

Good Night

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Food wastage

If Wikipedia is to be believed, there is 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year which is about one third of the global food production. In low income countries, most loss occurs during production, while in developed countries much food is wasted at consumption stage. These are startling figures if you believe two times meal in a day should be the prime responsibility of any government.

I am not just barging in here but saw something which made me to put my thoughts here.
The picture below shows the amount of food wasted in my canteen every day. This was the data on 18th Oct.

Even before taking the food on the plate you should tell them how much you want, not just to have in plate and leave it to be thrown in the bin.

Here is another pic which might refrain you wasting the food next time .

                                                 Courtesy Image: BBC
There are many who can not afford 2 meals a day and we are wasting it extravagantly without even realizing that it can feed some hungry people. We should order sensibly while having lunch/dinner at restaurant or ladies should rather ask to each member of the family how much appetite they have before entering into the kitchen.

There is lot of waste food in big b’day parties and on big wigs marriage. They should realize that excess food is as bad as the scarcity of it. 

Your simple act of aesthesia can make a lot of difference, you must understand it.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

R D Burman: The man, The music

I have been hearing a lot about this book since quite a long but dint get time to get hold of this masterpiece by Anirudha Bhattacharya and Balaji Vittal.

When I first heard that it’s about music I refrained myself buying it because I am not a big fan of music. But when my friends read it and applauded the great work put in by writers to compile this book, I thought of to give myself a chance to read a book on music too. (Though this doesnt come under my genre). Ahh what a read it was, I was so engrossed in that that I dint hold other book before I completed this.

This book is not just about the music done by the great man but how life was in the days gone by. It gives us a lesson that life is not only about success but to fight in tough times and come out with flying colors.

It gives series of events and incidents on RD's life, how he spent his childhood, how he was molded into music, his behavior, and later years of his life.

One thing I must admire about the book is that the amount of extensive research done by the writers. They have tried to cover every aspect of human life with the particular events associated with this music maestro.

I had a great time reading this book and learning about life.
This is the first book which I got from the man himself and how could I miss to take his autograph.

Thanks Anirudha Da!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

English Vinglish

Though I had watched this movie long back but felt the need to express my thoughts here.

First of all welcome back Sridevi ji, it marks the come back of Sridevi after long hiatus of 15 years. Hope she doesn’t stop here and keep making films and keep making us smile.

This movie focuses on one problem which is faced by people all over the world, problem to speak English. This sometimes becomes too much that people starts thinking that there is no alternative to combat this other than learning the language.

Shashi (role played by Sridevi) also finds herself in that peculiar situation when she had to visit to USA for her sister’s daughter’s marriage. First she tries to convince her husband and kids to go along with her but because of work and school they couldn’t accompany her. Once she lands there she finds lots of problems especially when she walks out alone. To get rid of all this and to avoid boredom she joins English speaking classes where people from different countries facing the same problem were there.

What I find encouraging in this movie is Sridevi’s grit to learn English keeping everything aside.

The movie is not all about how she suffers of language problem but how she is treated by her kids. They make fun of her every time. Mother makes every sacrifice to make her kids happy but for kids, they take her sacrifices for granted.

Along with Sridevi performance, cameo of Amitabh Bachchan made it perfect for me.
Before parting ways with Sridevi, he says something which will remain forever enshrined in my mind
‘You will never get the second chances to experience something new, so enjoy it’

It’s a must watch for everyone.

One question: When a man cooks well it is profession but when a woman cooks well why it is just an art? Why aint she given enough credit for making palatable dishes?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OMG Oh My God

This has been a great year for Indian film industry. Some registered themselves in 100 crores club and some left the incisive mark in crores of Indians heart. When movies like Agnipath, Ek Tha Tiger, Barfi touched 100 crore landmark, movie like Paan singh tomar, Kahani, Gangs of Wasseypur and Oh My God won million hearts.

We saw some talented new comer and some incredible performance from established actors/actresses. While Yami Gautam enthralled everyone by her performance in Vicky Donor, Ranbir Kapoor proved yet again in Barfi that he is the current best in the business.

Coming to this movie, I went to watch Oh My God for Akshay’a acting and Sonakshi’s dance but ended up watching something else and that in someway changed my thinking if not everything.

The movie is an audacious attempt to demystify the concept of God. When you attack on practice of Idol worship, your temerity is tested to the core and Paresh Rawal never gave up till the end.
The movie shows us how blindly we believe in everything when we are in tough situation and ready to do anything. That is where others take advantage of you because you fear of losing the game. Be tough and never ever hesitate to speak your mind. The movie shows us that you will only know what is right or wrong only when you open your mouth. If you remain dormant all the time, you are doing nothing but harming yourself.

Paresh Rawal dint mind filing a case against God because he thinks that because of God only his shop turned into debris and He only was the reason for the earthquake. I think we don’t have a law on how to go further to reinstate the society in the previous position after any natural calamity.

The movie has humor, strong message and Paresh Rawal never disappoints us. Performance from everyone is of top notch but one that won my heart was Gopi Maiya.

It’s a must watch for everyone not just for good laugh but to know how we feel insecure if we don’t believe in God.

"Majhab insaano ke liye banaya gaya tha..Insaan majhab ke liye nahi"