Sunday, January 9, 2011

Faded love story!

I am making my foray into this world. So please bare with me if it takes different dimension.

The characters that are going to be used here are purely based on my imagination and does not relate to any living or dead. Resemblance to any of them would be purely coincidental.

They started their career as an SAP consultant with a small firm from Karnataka. Pritam and Sheila had graduated from the same college before joining the IT world. They had maintained a beneficial rapport and good understanding while working together away from their home. They used to walk together after working hours and used to chat about happening things around the world. Pritam had become quite popular in the company of Shiela. She was an adorable girl. People used to walk up to her to exchange Hi’s. She was an intelligible and perceivable girl, not Sheila of modern era. She knows the world and how to behave with the people but Pritam used to hate when he sees her talking to any other guy but she was not bothered about it. For her that was a normal thing that happens with every girl. They had both thin and thick times in their journey. After working 18 months together, both hit the jackpot and joined IBM, they both excelled in the interview but fate was not with them as Sheila had to join in Bangalore while Pritam was deployed to Kolkata but they were still connected via same time or phone calls. He used to tell his colleagues about her. Though he had talked everything from love to …… before moving to IBM, but he still had a soft corner for her.

Suddenly one fine day Pritam gets a call from Sheila and becomes overjoyed when he heard that she is also coming to Kolkata for a month because of project requirement. He tells his colleagues that he would not be available for lunch with the fellow mates till she is here as he will take lunch with her.

They nod in unison and allow him to go with her.

But after that what happened, one cant imagine. The day when she arrives, he gets a call and goes to receive her. Next day he asks for lunch and gets a reply that she has to go with their colleagues. He didn’t mind because he knew her. But after that what he sees, he simply could not believe. Pritam goes cafeteria for the lunch with the friends, he sees Sheila there with some guy whom Pritam didn’t know. He waves for a Hi but she didn’t respond then he calls her name, their eyes meet. They exchange few words and she zooms off with that guy. Now his friends start making fun of him. He could not eat properly that day and looked depressed.

He gets some consolation when he comes to know that the guy was her lead. The days pass by but he could not take lunch with her even a single day. Their timings were different but whenever both get some free time, they used to walk away from office for some little conversation mostly in night time. So he was still attached with her though he knows the things that were happening around.

That comes the New Year when he gets an opportunity to celebrate the New Year with her as he had missed the last New Year because she flew to Singapore with her family. Two days away from the first January, he gets a call from her to tell him that she is going to Goa with their project mates to celebrate the New Year. He becomes pale to listen this.

Sheila enjoys New Year’s bash with the utmost beautiful place in India while Pritam cant get more than a glass of wine.


Signing Off

Anil Anuragi

Good Night ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HaPpY nEw YeAr 2011!

Wishing a very happy, safe and prosperous new year to all you lovely people. Make each day count in this coming year. Grab what you want and snatch what you don’t have. Don’t make any resolution because they are meant to be broken.

I am a bit sad because one more year has gone from my life. As every year passing by, more responsibility lies on us. We cant do those childish things what we could one year before. So enjoy as much as you can within the boundary of your space.

All the best to all the singles and wish a healthy and harmonic relation to all the duos.

And don’t forget to pray for them who have made your life so comfortable and worth living because believe me everyone aint so lucky as you are!. Cheers! ;)

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Take care!