Friday, November 27, 2009


A: Why does everyone hate to lose?
Q: Go and ask to those everyone’s.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: Don’t bother to get the meaning. Just live it. Because it is externally very simple and internally very complex.

Q: In your blogs, feelings are more accurately expressed than language.
A: You make a good point, but I am learning yaar.

Q: It seems from your blogs that you are a serious man?
A: Open dictionary and see the difference between curiousness and seriousness.

Q: Some people keep on dissing and some keep on appreciating you? How do you react in these situations?
A: Thanks to them. At least they are not equivocal like you. They have their strong minds.

Q: What is Newton’s fourth law?
A: As semester advances, the thickness of dirt is inversely proportional to the no. of books in my room.

Q: Your tagline provokes thinking.
A: Thanx, will try to make more provocative.

Q: Which is the best relation that exists in the world?
A: Well I think it is friendship. Because a husband wife relation may end up in divorce, a girlfriend boyfriend relation may end up in break up but friendship has no ending.

Q: Have you stopped blogging?
A: Are yaar exams chal rahe hai. Aur mujhe bhi pass hona hai.

Q: The sentence you use most?
A: Well somebody just figured it out yesterday. And it is “Dekh rahe ho”.

Q: Why do you write: To impress someone??
A: Not exactly but to know myself better.

Q: What would you like to have with you at the eleventh stage of your life?
A: I would like to be surrounded by lot of books all around me.

Q: Could you explain why would you never forget about BIT’s administration?
A: Not here, will tell you when I will complete my B.E. and will get my degree.

Q: You are a bewakoof?
A: Not my fault.

Q: Is there someone who is inspiring you to write?
A: Yes there is someone. But he or she has advised me not to put his or her name here.

Q: How you are doing these days?
A: Don’t ask. My laptop got water attack. So it has been 50 hours. I know how I survived in these hours.

Q: Who is your best friend? One of my friend.
A: I hate prioritizing people. Those who are my friends are my best friends. …. Anil

Q: Is there a boundary of age, religion etc. in love?
A: Hello, why you people always think by mind. The God has given all of us a big heart. Why do not you use it sometimes? You will get your answer. ….. Kareena Kapoor in tere mere beach mein.

Q: You blogosphere head, who wants to know about you?
A: Then why you are so curious to know about me? Why do not you stop yourself from visiting my page?

Q: Life is not about questionnaire round. Come out of reel life and enjoy the real life.
A: Ok uncle Ji.

Q: One question to my readers. If a baby's leg pops out at 11:59 PM on January 1 but his head doesn't come out until 12:01 AM on January 2, which day was he born on? Wriggle your mind and answer it with explanation.
A: …….

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Q: For achieving success you have to be brutally honest.
A: I think you have to be brutally realistic.

Q: You have grown up man.
A: Hehehe, I am still trying to reach that 5 ft mark.

Q: I am not kidding.
A: Then thanx coz at least you think that I am not a Chhotu anymore. Hahaha.

Q: Who is your favorite hero?
A: Bhagat Singh and Hemant Karkare. I don’t know how many of you have heard about this name.

Q: No no. I mean in Bollywood?
A: Then ask, who is your favorite actor, because they are not heroes. They do what directors make them to do. They do the things which are already set for them. Between my favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan.

Q: Is it you who is writing these blogs?
A: Man, I am not a celebrity or a superstar so that I could appoint somebody to write on my behalf. Obviously it is me.

Q: Great yaar, I think you Q/A is best way for answer HR preparation.
A: I can’t receive any better comment than that. Thank you!!!!

Q: Well, I must say that you have to zeal to learn and learn more.. The vastness of topics that you have covered in your blogs have impressed me a lot.
A: Thank you very much for believing in my ink. That encourages me to write more and more.

Q: When you get ultimate satisfaction?
A: Seriously, when I study. But Alas!! That never happens at least in my college life.

Q: I do not like the way you write the things?
A: And I do not like the way you “read” those things.

Q: Do not put my name in your blog. Please
A: I am really sorry. I will take that in for future.

Q: I think you fully reveal yourself in your blogs.
A: I do not find any point in hiding myself.

Q: You know your blogs motivate someone.
A: is it so? If yes, I am privileged.

Q: You look poignant today. What is the matter?
A: Happiness and sadness are part of live. The thing is that you need to keep moving.

Q: you seem straight forward by your replies.
A: Well, I can not stop myself being me.

Q: One thing in BIT you would never forget?
A: BIT’s administration. Ain’t it?

Q: One last question to my readers. Shall I continue my Questionnaire round?
A: Awaited…..

Thursday, November 12, 2009


What a series? We predicted to clinch the top spot but after the series we dropped to 3rd place. Thank God to shower in 7th ODI otherwise Harbhajan’s remark would have been reversed who had predicted to win the series by 5-2.

So who is at the fault? India (sorry, I mean to Indian player) never responded well in this series except in Hyderabad. They were frightened by Australian B team. All credit should go to Ricky Ponting who properly motivated his boys with the right spirit. We were lacking in grit. A naïve Bollinger was a threat for all Indians in the whole series. Injured Australia outplayed in every facet of the game. They were committed to win. And we were relaxing in restaurant. I do not know why they did not drop Jadeja in the later matches when he was not doing well with bat.

We lost in Hyderabad. It seemed like we were continuing our tradition to lose after getting so close. And there are some who put all the blame to Sachin. If you are in playing 11 out of 1.13 bn people then this is your job to do well. It does not matter that you are doing with bat or with ball or with “fielding”. Had Praveen Kumar dived in the last over, the story would have been different.

wins and loses are part of the game. But we should play with the right spirit and for India not for ourself. It gives happyness when we win and it will come only when are committed to win.

I think cricketers are not doing their job well. Now a days they are motivated to show their talent onscreen rather than on the field.

In an interview, Harbhajan singh spoke “I had not been any 3 star restaurants before getting a position into the Indian team. But now I go to foreign land”. So my boy, if Indian cricket has given a way to live up to your expectation then why do not you give your 100%. If Indian cricket has raised your standard then it is your duty to raise Indian cricket's standard. I am sure that if everyone will perform with the best of his ability then sooner we will be at the top spot again.

All the best..

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Q: Why people always try to pull me down?
A: It’s good for you. You are on the roll man. I mean you are succeeding otherwise who cares because there are lot many people crawling like insects on the earth.

Q: What is the difference between Intelligence and knowledge?
A: If you have knowledge then only you can prove your intelligence.

Q: I have been with you for last three years but I have not understood you fully?
A: Man, this is your problem, you need to understand me better.

Q: How do you define life?
A: Well I think this is an opportunity given by God to us to find, to develop and to reveal our self (what we are) in reality.

Q: What is the happiest day of your life?
A: I do not take it this way. I think today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.

Q: Why people are forgetting old heroes?
A: They are not forgetting them but they are trying to emulate new ones strongly.

Q: For what you remain curios about?
A: I want to know each and everything that is happening around the world.

Q: What is love?
A: When you start finding your happiness in somebody’s laughter and sadness in somebody’s anxiety, then you are in love. Its all about giving, taking and caring. Its about respecting who you care and getting respect. Actually this page is too small to write about this topic.

P. S. : Lovers, do correct me if there is anything wrong in this.

Q: Tell me your first crush? Ahem ahem.
A: It’s a bit private. Meet me I will tell you.

Q: What is the most important thing in a relationship?
A: Trust and Honesty.

Q: What encouraged you to start blogging?
A: I just wanted to be the first one to start but Ayush grabbed the opportunity.

Q: Paulo Coelho or Dan Brown?
A: One and only one: Paulo Coelho.

Q: Why are you so much influenced by Paulo Coelho?
A: I am not influenced by him, Rather I am influenced by his writing.

Q: Do you remember any lines of Paulo Coelho Novels?
A: There are many but the best one is: Nothing in this world is absolutely wrong. Even a stop clock is twice right in a day.

Q: What would you do if today is the last day of your life?
A: I would live the same way as I was supposed to live.

Q: How was your Viva today?
A: Don’t you have anything else to talk about?

Q: Is it better to lie sometimes?
A: Never, better hide that part rather than lying.

Q: Who is responsible for the loss of men in blue in 4th ODI?
A: Here you are. Have you forgotten the last two wins?

Q: Your answers are rather nice than questions? From where do you copy all this?
A: Why you are wasting your valuable time in reading these copied answers.