Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kolkata: A memoir, through my eyes only

Now it has been more than 18 months (9 plus 9) I am here in this city famously known as city of joy. I never wanted to be in this city not because I had some sour taste or it is miles away from my home. It is just because I did not know about this city. I had heard a lot about Bengalis as well as about the city while my stay in Ranchi during my graduation period. In my offer letter too I dint mention this city. I had chosen Delhi and Bangalore. Delhi because of it’s near my home town and Bangalore because I have many friends working in there.  But it puts you there where it is destined to.
Having lived in here for these many months I have to say without a shadow of doubt that I have enjoyed every bit. I have lived here not just by passion but by compassion as well.

I have enjoyed everything from adulation to confront, from 2 rs tea to 260 rs movie ticket, visiting malls to checking out maals, from kemon ache to ami bhalo (though I missed “ami tomake bhalo baasi”: P), from waiting patiently for the autos in a long queue, from paddle less rickshaws to metros, a transformation from Anil to Onil, from sweating climate to rainy days.

Every thing is debated here from Dada to cricket to football to politics to moist problem to Durga Puja to Eid to Messi’s arrival with the same intensity.

The funny thing here is that they eat “everything”, from beer to coffee to water to cigarette.
They don’t drink, they don’t puff. 

The time has changed but city hasn’t moved with time. In howrah scene is still the same like Old Delhi. Tram is still being used which is of no use in these times and only creates traffic problems. Buildings are as old as from the British times. As it rains here in any season but there is no proper drainage system. City is closed by 10 at night which is not a good sign for nocturnal like us. Being a metro city there are no big industries, this may be because of some political issue.

People here are still suave, intellectuals, delicate but dwellers coming from other regions are trying to pollute the city.

I hope I did not vilify anything out here. What we feel is what we blog, at least I do that!
The views expressed here are purely mine. So if inadvertently I hurt someone’s sentiments, I am extremely extremely sorry.

“Life is best for those who enjoy it, Difficult for those who analyze it and worst for those who criticize it.”

Have a good day and Happy Christmas !!
Take care :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kaun Banega Crorepati !

I couldn’t help myself dragging in here after witnessing what I saw tonight. That was really something “Adbhud” as Mr Amitabh Bachchan Sir said.

A simple computer operator from Motihari, Bihar who earns a meager 6K per month, doesn’t have his own house, can’t study for IAS due to financial problems but has golden heart and a cherubic smile created history after using the most dangerous life line in a life or death situation.

He really played awesomely tonight than yester night and was serene and composed while answering. He was little confused initially not because he didn’t know the answer but because he was lacking in confidence which he confessed after that. Whatever he did, however he played I loved every bit of it, his emotions after answering every question, calculating 1.6 lakhs rs as his 16 months salary, joining hands after giving every correct answer, counting the no of zeros after receiving every check . You would have seen what a real joy means to people like Sushil Kumar.  

But in all, what I loved the most is his attitude towards bringing on under privileged people and provide them the right path to showcase their talent which many people just don’t think of.

He wanted to become a writer but because of lack of money he could not buy the books he wanted to read. 
He somewhere rightly said: “Jab nischintata ho jati hai to Rachnatmakta aapne aap aa jati hai”.

For hosts its just a show but for people like Sushil Kumar it is another life. Yahan se aam aadmi bhi khaas ban ke jata hai.

In this season, I have not missed a single episode except when I was travelling to home during Durga puja. Not because I want to show my talent but because to see Amitabh Bachchan Sir in action every time. Even if he says the same thing 100th times, he brings up something special.

One final sentence “Was that episode recorded again after he won 5 crore because I felt it in many times in between”?

Inhi sabdo ke saath mai aaj ka apna blog yahi samapt karta hoon. Hamare saath judne ke liye anek anek dhanyawaad. Fir kal milte hain tab tak ke liye Shubh ratri shubh ratri aur shubh ratri. Do take good care of yourself!! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why inventions aint happening in India?

It has been a long time since I have written something in this space. So let me try to connect with you all once again.

After lazy Saturday afternoon, I switched on TV and tuned to Doordarshan. People these days hardly watch this channel as there are more lucrative packages as in MTV, Bollywood, Hindustan Times, IBN, Times now etc etc . These channels show more refined news. Yes Doordarshan is funny sometimes but it shows the raw news, which is why I like to watch it sometimes.

As I switched to this channel, some interesting discussion was going on. It was about why inventions aint happening in India. IIT Kharagpur students along with the faculty members and dean of the college were present in that discussion. It was rather a debate than just a discussion.

Students were speaking about various obstacles they face to finally become an Engineer. (Those who are will be knowing that :P). There were many different views but what attracted me the most when a student of first year stood up and started something like “Fear of failure” doesn’t let us to try our hands in inventing new things.

Well he was actually very right and got exalted too. It takes around 25 to 30 year to discover something to get noticed. You have to put your sincere effort to achieve something good. In India it is hard reality that no one wants to take risks especially when it is related with life. Everyone wants to play it safe, may be a little less would be fine for them. They may not be satisfied with it but they can’t put themselves in danger in ignoring job offers and do some research because they have to look after their family as well. And for this they need money to take care of himself/herself as well their parents. It is not like western countries where son/daughter is separated from their parents and can do things of their on choices, but here we don’t have many choices.

Even if someone in a job is not satisfied, he would try to seek some other shelter without leaving the current position because he is never sure of that he will make it. If we are directive, then things ‘can’ happen but it is not certain they ‘will’. But then you have to live on the possibility sometimes to get the best out of live. The moment we make our self clear enough to lead our life the way we want, everything else just follows our path.
We are just wary of loosing our jobs in achieving the highest dreams.

We feel satisfied in clapping for others. The moment we are determined to get the claps back from the people, is the key to success.
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

Haha bahut ho gaya aaj ke liye. :D

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Good Night ! XX ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will the pandemonium be continued??

So Anna Hazare’s fast has entered to the eighth day and the government seems unfazed by the voices of the Indian people. I don’t know what the final decision would be but the government is surely trying to bargain with Anna team.
Let me say it honestly that I dint advocate PM to be in the purview of Lokpal Bill. You can’t interrogate PM every time as he/she has some more important issues than to be on the court every day and more ever you need to show some faith on the world’s most powerful PM. But that doesn’t mean that I am not supporting Anna team Bill or supporting the Government drafted Bill. I am simply trying to say make the final call and draft the ‘strong’ Lokpal bill as early as possible so this hue and cry end soon because as of now the moment is going peacefully but who knows situation might turn grievous in coming days whose repercussions will not be good for sure.
The government seems to soften its stand but now team Anna seam adamant on their Bill. Till now government have agreed to put PM in the purview of Lokpal but still they have not given their final assent to 3 more critical points from Jan Lokpal Bill.
Anna’s health is deteriorating day by day and they are taking his health condition as a trump card. Let this old man call off his fast and let the movement end peacefully because if something happens to Anna then nothing fruitful is going to come out of it. As has been seen from government side whose people go to airport to receive Baba Ramdev and whose very people don’t hesitate for Lathi charge.
Also I dint like the idea of some people from IIT Khagarpur refusing to receive degree from PM. You surely can’t disgrace the man whom you have given the supreme authority. Today it is Manmohan Singh, tomorrow it would be some one else. So you have to respect your own judgment.
I am praying for Anna’s health as well hoping to get the Bill drafted as early as possible before something happens to this brave man!
So will the chaos be continued or is there something going to happen to ameliorate the matter as there is a meeting between the government and team Anna.
Let’s hope for the best!
Signing Off
Anil Anuragi
Good Night !! ;)  (Alok pankaj has suggested putting this winking emoticon.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Time pass post….

Well I haven’t written anything in this space for long so I am just trying remain connected with you all.

Cricketers I respect the most

1.   Sachin Tendulkar
2.   Sourav Ganguly
3.   Anil Kumble
4.   Shaun Pollock
5.   Brett Lee
6.   Adam Gilchrist
7.   Shahid Afridi
8.   Kumar Sangkara
9.   Ross Taylor
10. Wasim Akram
11. Rahul Dravid

My perfect XII for ODI

1.   Sachin Tendulkar
2.   M S Dhoni (Captain and wicket keeper)
3.   Tilakratne Dilshan
4.   Morne Morkel
5.   Graeme Swann
6.   Rickey Ponting
7.   Zaheer Khan
8.   Virendar Sehwag
9.   Lasith Malinga
10. Jacques Kallis
11. Kevin Peterson
12. Muralitharan

I am listing down some of my favorite things which I would love to do at anytime and on any conditions..

1.   Love watching Sehwag’s batting
2.   Harsha Bhogle and Ravi Shastri Commentary
3.   Love to watch Sania Mirza and Rafael Nadal on the court.
4.   Hrithik Roshan’s dance
5.   M S Dhoni presentation ceremonies
6.   Tea (Anytime)
7.   Sharabi
8.   Munaf’s fielding
9.   Dhoni’s world cup winning six
10. To eat Gajar ka Halwa
11. To Listen to Kailash Kher

There might be something more but I can’t remember much right now.

Now please don’t start debating like politicians if you didn’t like my list or if I missed your favorites. :P

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yes we do care, yes we do remember!!

Before any cricket match, National anthem is played. We hardly stand up, rather we switch between the channels until 52 seconds are over. Yet we keep on fighting that our national anthem is the best. We always want to show that India is the best nation and Indians are the best people in the world.

We would be seen lamenting for the innocent people who have lost their lives in 26/11 and after that the chapter is closed. There would be huge write ups in every newspaper from eminent columnist then they get busy in some other business.

People will fight for Bhopal gas victims, pledge for Jan Lokpal bill, will frown on what happened 20 years ago (yes I am talking about Babri Masjid demolition), where Euthanasia should be legalized or not, will celebrate earth hour, put happy mother’s day and father’s day status. But seriously do we care about it or do we do it just to show how patriotic we are?

If we really care then where this humanity, resiliency, humility, apnapan, udarta goes the whole year. If we really care about it then Mr. Kasab wouldn’t be laughing at our abject administration, an innocent woman wouldn’t be dragged onto the streets every time, a Jawan wouldn’t be killed by his seniors, wheat wouldn’t be rotten in some politician’s home, a teenager wouldn’t be working in hotels, a mother wouldn’t be seen begging in trains, a farmer wouldn’t be committing suicide every time, a TC wouldn’t be asking for bribe.

If we give our sincere efforts then everything is possible. But the problem is that whatever we do is to get some cheap publicity. Even I am trying to seek some attention here. :D

In today’s generation, Nira Radia (I know some of you might have figured out the spelling mistake by now), A Raja, Kanimojhi, Amar Singh are the household names but do we know who Capt Sumit Kohli was, Who Hemant Karkare was, Who Kejriwal is, who Kiran Bedi is, who Marry Kom is?

We care only for good and change side if things don’t go our way. We become staunch supporter of Dhoni when he hits that six to get the glory and we are the first one to pelt his house when he gets out in duck and eventually India loses the match.

We don’t care how well does Sania play Tennis but we do suggest how long her skirt should be?

We don’t know what black money is, but we do support Baba Ramdev blindly.

Whole year we remain dormant but we do wake up to fight for Bhopal gas victims.

We don’t know who Bhagat Singh is, but we do garland him on Shahid Divas.

We don’t know what does H of Hockey stand for but we do frown whenever India loses a hockey match.

We lock our rooms in on AC mode but we do switch off Electronics appliance on earth hour.

We advocate westernization but we do fume whenever a girl tries to spread her wings.

We spit on the streets but we do complain about the cleanness of the city.

We don’t know who Michelle Obama is but we do notice whether she joins her hands properly while saying Namaste.

We don’t know for what purpose Barack Obama has come to India but we do want to know whether he likes Begun bharta or not?

Most of the times our actions seem to have a lot to do with bigotry. We try to bohemian but in that course we forget to recognize what is right and what is wrong.
Ohhh I have said enough in this post and now I must keep myself mum otherwise I might also be sued for the act of sedition. :D

One should not be so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.

Signing Off

Anil Anuragi

Good night Take care X :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Q: Do you command respect or do you demand respect?
A: Hahaha what makes you to ask this, I am not a big man, man. Btw I don’t care about respect. Ohh yes if you want to know you can come to my desk where I work. Subah se shaam tak sirf gaaliyan hi suntan rahta hoon. :P

Q: Is IPL a good thing?
A: I would say yes, not just because it helps in boosting the economy little bit but it gives a chance to local boys to play with the likes of Sachin, Warne, Bret Lee, Sangkara, Kallis, Vettori, Murali and many more which certainly helps them to become a better person in life too . But I think more of cricket is not good as it is played these days.

Q: Why are we so reluctant in complementing others?
A: Hmmmm yea, idk. May be we don’t like the person or sometimes our ego doesn’t let us to wish others. But if we make the habit of complementing others on their success, we are in the process of making our self a lot better person because it really takes courage to compliment others.

Q: Have you learnt Bengali lil bit?
A: I don’t know whether I am learning ABAP or not but surely I have learnt lots of Bengali words.

Q: Heyy, when is faded love story part-3 coming up?
A: In my first book!! Hahahahaha :P :D

Q: What is the biggest thing that has happened in your life?
A: I guess, yet to come ! :)

Q: If your wish to live one of your past moments is granted, which age would you want to go back?
A: I want to become a 2 year kid once again.

Q: What would be worst moment of your life?
A: When one fine day, I wake up and news flashes in that Sachin Tendulkar is found guilty in match fixing. I have a huge respect for him.

Q: In the age of BB, you are using Nokia, change it man.
A: Well, sab log contribute karo, agle mahine ek Black Berry le leta hoon.

Q: What is the difference between an educated and an intellectual man?
A: Educated care for their world while intellectual care for others. Idk what more to write? May be you can add up something. Education can be bought but you certainly cant buy intellect. It grows on you gradually over a period of time.

Q: What you have to say about Anna Hazare?
A: The whole India is saying about him, I am no different. But I think corruption is not the only issue to be dealt with. There are more serious issues like poverty, education, population control and environmental awareness. So we need more of Anna Hazare to make India a better place to live in.

Q: What do you think; Sachin should hang off his boots and give youngsters a chance to come forward?
A: Are you mad? He is still a 22 years old guy when he dives at boundary and plays that straight drive.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn but I never loose.

Signing off

Anil Anuragi
Good night !
Take care :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

World cup: The moment !!

The moment Dhoni lofts Kulasekara over long on, wankhede crowd erupts in joy. That was the moment we all 1.2 billion people were waiting for since last 28 years. There was hugging, crying, smiling all over podium. Emotions were running high, the man (Yuvraj) who believes in partying was crying literally. Feeling was just awesome, we all were colored in blue. The emotions that were coming from Yuvi, Bhajji, Sachin, Kohli show how much this cup means to them. I just loved the moment when Pathan and Kohli were carrying Sachin in their shoulders. That was really palpable. How those 15 members would be feeling, it can’t be described in words? But there was one man who was standing tall even tallest. That man wasn’t Zaheer, not Gambhir, Not Yuvraj and this time not even batting maestro Sachin, the man was M S Dhoni. One could have seen him after he hit that six, he was still calm, serene and composed Dhoni. There was no emotion in his face but only he knows how he would be feeling. He rose from the situation and wrote the history for all the Indians on 2nd April. The man who had thin patch throught the tournament, promoting himself up in the order, coming after his two most important batsmen have returned to the pavilion, chasing a score of 275 in the final of the world cup facing Malinga and Murali is something really plausible. Since the start he was looking very positive. He was hitting the ball quite nicely, coming on to the front foot running on the wickets. Woooow that was just estimable. I just loved his audacity. As Imran Khan says, he really is a smart street guy. And in the presentation party also he proved that he has got character in saying that he didn’t want to prove to the crowd rather he wanted to prove himself and he proved it. I humbly take back all the blame, criticism and curse.

When it comes to Sachin, statistics or records are nothing. Before this World Cup no team had won the WC final in the home ground. No team has successfully chased more than 250 in the WC final. But I think this time it was destined for India. On the lighter side, India had to win because Rajnikanth was there in the stadium.

After the match we went out on to the street, there were people screaming, singing the national song. We were hugging on each passerby, giving high fives, shaking hands and shaking hips but there was just one word that was on every one’s mouth and that was India. Yes Cricket once again united the nation. There was no kid, no old we all were rejoicing and cherishing like the charismatic moment of this kind is never gonna come again.

Everyone seems to dedicate this honor to the little master only. A man who gets out on a score of 2 and still be respected on that, a man who couldn’t produce a match winning inning but still be carried on the shoulders of Pathan and kohli, How fortunate this man would be to be born in a country like this who inspires so many people not in cricket but also in the real life and how fortunate I am to witness him lifting the world cup trophy.

Virat Kohli after carrying Tendulkar on his shoulder:

“Tendulkar has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, it was the time we carried him. Chak de India”

Zaheer: “I can’t explain this feeling. It is for this special man (Tendulkar).

Yuvraj: “It was for Tendulkar, we did it”.

Now if one asks me what is the best moment of my life, then it is not the day when I got job or not even when I become graduate but it would certainly be when Dhoni lifting the world cup trophy. What a palpable scene it was. This is the moment every Indian would remember for his entire life.

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Take care and party harder!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bow to Dhoni’s captaincy and India’s fielding!

It could not have been any better than this. Just loved the show. Nehra and Munaf steal the show.

How on the earth Dhoni could have thought of dropping Aswhin to pick Nehra when Nehra had horrible last over just few days back that eventually led India to lost the match. But Dhoni has other plans. He really is a smart captain if not the smart batsman. He really used his bowlers very well today. When he called Zaheer in the second spell and he struck at the right time when Akmal was going well and again when Umar Akmal was hitting fiercely, Harbhajan struck. He kept himself cool till the end. It takes a lot from within to keep calm and compose in such a pressure situation and in front of such an electrifying crowd where crowd cant accept a single mistake.

India’s fielding was the best today, I didn’t realize when Nehra actually tried that catch. He did an awesome job with the ball and really silenced his critics.

Again Sachin played the master’s knock with share of some luck. Sehwag pulverized their strong man in the start but they could not capitalize the opportunity. Everyone knows what Sehwag is capable of and he did exactly the same today. At the end Raina really played a superb inning. Yuvi is doing great job with the ball and making an option for an extra batsman for the future.

Now the pressure is relieved a bit what was mounting on for the Indo – Pak match. They are through to the final and just one step away to create the history once again.

Congratulation once again to team India and all the very best for the final.

Before signing off let me congratulate one man and that man is Gary Kristen. He is doing fantastic job. What if he could not be the part of WC final as a player he is surely turning every stone to make the India proud.

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi

Good night and sleep well with cherubic smile on your lovely face! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SWOT analysis on Indo - Pak match!

Every time I switch on the TV, a news flashes in "India will take on Pakistan on 2nd Semifinal on 30th March". There is lot of buzzes and predictions already going on and who is going to be the tallest of tall will be seen on 30th of march because India - Pakistan matches are just not the cricket match where 11 players of Indian team play against 11 players of Pakistan team. On that day 1.2 billion people play against 170 million people. There is lot of respect, emotion and pride is at stake every time when both team faces each other. Some are even saying that this is going to be the final for both the teams. Both the team never want to loose at any cost. And in these matches records, statistics, experience or flamboyancy dont matter. On event of this magnitude starring two arch rivals, pressur is bound to mount but the one who keeps their cool till the end will emerge as the super power. :)

Here i am trying to analyze chances of both the team, who would come out superior over other


Strength : India's strength like always is their batting line up. They have the capability of ripping apart any bowling attack. So if Pakistan doesnt get Sehwag and Sachin's wicket and early, it can be very dangerous to them. Zaheer is bowling at his best and Yuvi is also striking at the right time.

Weakness : There is no one who can fortify the bowling attack along with Zaheer. Harbhajan has to take chances and has to bowl some good wicket taking deliveries not just to save runs. Also it is high time Dhoni contribute something from bat. He needs to get some runs to gain the confidence.

Opportunity : There is good opportunity for India to make good use of Mohali wicket also its home ground of Yuvi so we are expecting him to detonate in his home ground.

Threats : Umar gul is gonna be real thread. India need to play him cautiously. He is bowling his best balls. And you never know, Pakistanis always play against Indians. Who is going to forget Afridi's sixes all over Green Park stadium.


Strength : Bowling has to be their strength. Also moral is quiet high in their dressing room. Everyone is performing and his captain is leading his side from the front and that is their big big advantage. He is the leading wicket taker so far in the tournament.

Weakness: How good they bowl but thier fielding always let them down. Fielding has to be improved because you just cant let Sehwag or Sachin's catch drop. Also Kamran needs to do some miracle to get out the trauma.

Opporunity: They are again getting the chance to break the jinx by beating India in world cup. They couldnt have asked more. This is the big opportunity for them to shut the critics mouths. A big plus point for them is that they have beaten India both the times at Mohali.

Threats: Virendra Sehwag is gonna haunt them if they dont get him cheaply. Everyone knows his ability that even if he stays for 10 overs, match might go away from paks hands.

So let us see who is going to emerge as a true champion. Fingers crossed. :)

What ever will the result be but one thing is pretty sure that only sports can bind the two nations if not the politicians.

I would like to write what i heard something today
बड़ी खूबसूरत है हर बात, लेकिन दिल भी खूबसूरत होता तो क्या बात होती ! :)

I am loving my job as it has been declared holiday tomorrow. :) Cant miss any single ball.

All the very best to team India.
We all are with you! :) Chak deeeeeeee

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ponting, learn something from Him!

Those who have watched Pakistan vs Australia yesterday and India vs West Indies today know what I am talking to and those who didnt watch can figure out what i am talking by reffering the first letter of word 'Him' as there is only one God in cricket and that is Sachin tendulkar.

In yesterday's game, Ponting was given not out by upmire Erasmus initially though Ponting knew that there was a thick edge but still he didnt budge. Akmal held really a good catch on hafeez cutter. Pakistan asked for review and the decision was turned down and Ponting had to go. This shows how shameless he is in sipte of carrying such a marvelous talent, I must say.

"There were no doubts the nick, i knew I hit it, but as always I wait for the umpire to give me out. That's the way i have always played the game" Ponting said after the match. This is rediculous though. A man of his stature and playing 16 years of international cricket and leading one of the best sides inthe world, doing such kind of stupidity, i simply cant digest that. And this is not the first time, he has done the same quite a few times before too.

Now in today's game, Sachin nipped in the quicker by rampaul. All shouted but umpire Davis turned down the appeal. Now even He could have stayed and waited for the final call but that was His grace that he made it to the pavilion himself without even looking at the upmire. After playing 21 years of international cricket, he still looks as calm and serene as he is debuting.

"Milestones can be measured through statistics but greatness can be measured only through moments" DD commentary after Sachin walked.

So all those who keep on buzzing who is the greeater cricketer, I would certainly say that it is Him only.At the end of the day it is not about playing cricket alone but how you play it and how you behave on and off the field and how you carry yourself throught the game.

Umpires to have become too callous now after instituiting UDRS in World Cup because they know that if the decision is not right, players always have the chance to review it.

One sentence after the incident, Sachin you are just great. No one can even touch your resiliency!! You made the whole India proud by doing what you did today.

Read and share! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Holi!!

This is the festival which every Indian wishes to celebrate with their family. We sprinkle colors on each other and have sweets and when after forgetting their old rivalry everyone comes closer and gets united. Everyone has their own way of playing it. Olds put Abir on forehead while juveniles rush here and there and dance uncontrollably.

When everyone at home is savoring lavish gujhiya, rosgulla and getting smeared in the color I am stuck here in writing this excruciating post. Wish I would have also made to Home to join this vibrant celebration of colors but it didn’t work out. It has been six years I am celebrating this mirthful festival of color away from home. I hate this professional life now.

When I was a child I didn’t have money to buy colors of my own and now when I have money, I don’t have time to play. Life gradually changes but I still believe that it does change for a good. I wanted to go to that childhood again when there was no fear of getting blackened away by lasting colors, when it used to take hours to abrade the colors, when we used to rush to douse any passersby, when we used to holler raffishly without fearing others.

Whatever it is, I am getting nostalgic while writing this post.

I wish you all a very very happy and colorful Holi. Please play safe and serene.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel


Q: How did you celebrate your 23rd birthday?
A: I had fantastically awesome day and celebrated twice this time and what a pleasant surprise by my project mates. And what a beautifully lines complied by one of my close friend

Tu dostoon ka dost hai...
Tu yaroon ka yaar hai..
Tu eek aam aadmin hai ish dunia ke liye..
Par tum aam ho kar bhi hamere liye kuchh khash hai..

Just loved it!!!

Q: Do you respect Mr. Rahul Gandhi?
A: Well I don’t respect age, money, seniority or power rather I respect value, character and knowledge. So now I guess you have your answer.

Q: Who are the hot favorites in this World Cup?
A: Still it is hard to figure out who are the favorite for the cup but still I think India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Pakistan have got the strong chance to win the cup this time.

Q: Do you advocate UDRS?
A: Nope, not at all. Technology should be used to make the game fair but not to overrule it. And surely it is making the game less interesting.

Q: Have you recovered from the trauma of the previous match?
A: Nope, still getting nightmare of Peterson’s six over midwicket!  :@

Q: Should Euthanasia be legalized in India?
A: I had my views on Facebook. I still strongly believe that it should not be legalized in India. I would try to write a new entry on it.

Q: What is the real happiness?
A: nkpsycgology will answer this one. Please help me answering this question man!

Q: You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.
A: Fantastic, mind boggling.

Q: You really are a nice guy.
A: Awwww thank youuuuu!!

Q: Hey why don’t you start writing a book?
A: Thanks for the compliment, but not now may be later I might pen down my thoughts. As of now writing aint my primary job. This blog is just a reflection of my thoughts when I don’t have anything to do.

Q: What are you thinking right now?
A: About the girl at cafeteria. Hahahaaha

Q: What do you miss the most about college days?
A: Gossiping and most important badminton with Navneet Akash and Jadoo. :)

Q: Are you happy with your job?
A: No one can be happy with same job, same girl friend, same place and even with same food. But it is going so far so good. I have got nice people in my project. :)

Q: Do you believe in living in present or in future?
A: I believe in living in present. If present is good future is absolutely going to be good.

Q: Any special plan for Holi?
A: No plan as of now. Have to see how it goes.

Q: You have evolved hugely as a writer.
A: This is the nicest compliment I have got in my blog. Thank you so much!!

Q: What would you rather want to pursue, continue with the job or further study?
A: This is the question I am being asked almost every day I guess. Though I can’t answer this confidential question here. Hahaha :D

Q: Do you think India is becoming a better place to live in?
A: For biggies it is but for mango people I think it is going to be really painful in coming years.

Please pray for the people of Japan. Hope the situation becomes normal soon.

It is never about being busy, it is always about priorities!! Random read but very true.

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Anil Anuragi

Good Night!! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

XXI convocation!

So finally the day came which I was eagerly waiting for. 24th February 2011 was the date when I officially became a graduate. So people don’t treat me as a kid as I am a grown up now. :P

There were many things that drew me again to BIT Mesra. This is the place where I would say I have spent most memorable years of my life. Wish I could get these years back again. I loved everything about this place starting from mess food to playing office office. I loved sleeping on late nights, pranking, waking up till 12 to make sure I didn’t miss birthday’s celebrations, going to temple right before exam starts, queueing up in the morning to use bathrooms, falling just short of 75% attendance and pleading to professors, imitating every girl’s walking style that passes by, being toady to good students at the time of exams to get their notes, wrapping up whole book in one night, endless talks on politics and cricket, to save every penny that needs to be saved to make the phone talk longer but still the obedient kid to the parents eyes..

The moment came when people were getting gold medals and I being a bystander was clapping for them. I wished that if I too would have worked hard I could have got the gold medal but seriously I didn’t want to trade my four years of adventurous life with a gold medal, the unadulterated fun we have had, the indelible memories we have made.

Here are the inspiring words from the most respected man Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who every wannabe scientist aspires to be.

The pillars of Indian development profile 2020 are as follows. Distinctive Profile of India by 2020

1. A Nation where the rural and urban divide has reduced to a thin line.
2. A Nation where there is an equitable distribution and adequate access to energy and quality water.
3. A Nation where agriculture, industry and service sector work together in symphony.
4. A Nation where education with value system is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination.
5. A Nation, which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists, and investors.
6. A Nation where the best of health care is available to all.
7. A Nation where the governance is responsive, transparent and corruption free.
8. A Nation where poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy removed and crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated.
9. A Nation that is prosperous, healthy, secure, devoid of terrorism, peaceful and happy and continues with a sustainable growth path.
10. A Nation that is one of the best places to live in and is proud of its leadership.

Before much writing, here are some snaps that I clicked on the graduation day.

Happy seeing!!

                                                                      The man!!

                                          Sole beta jitna sona hai, IIM pahunchne ke baad
                                         saari  need ud jayegi                                                                                       

                                                                    The building!

                                    Most fortunate son to get degree infront of his parents
Prepare as hard as you can rather than hope for a lean opponent,
because learning is more important winning.         ---- Anil Anuragi 
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Anil Anuragi
Good Night Sweet Dreamzzz ;)
Happy Week!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Faded love story part-2

Again I am here after a short hiatus, so endure the pain if you get bored but I am sure that you all are waiting for the second part of this (faded) love story and to cognize where Pritam and Sheila find out themselves as the time passes by.

Pritam drinks all night. He gets home in wee hours on Sunday and sleeps all the day. He tries to sequester himself from Sheila but her hotness (Oops sorry, cuteness) doesn’t let go away from his mind. In the twilight hours while he was walking aimlessly with his friends, his cell vibrates and finds a New Year wishes message from her. His friends empathize him that at least she remembered him. He remains absent minded for the whole night and can’t sleep properly.

He gets a sabbatical to recover himself. He keeps on getting calls from her side but he didn’t respond. Whenever he tried to answer the calls the entire scene runs through his mind and also the Facebook pictures which she had posted of her trip makes him every time to snub her call. He thought that he too has some respect and she can’t overdo him.

When he again resumes office on Wednesday and opens his mailbox, he sees a chain of messages from Sheila to make him understand in every possible way that she tried not to leave him on New Year but she had to because of the circumstances that had been arisen in there. He thought of to forgive her this time in spite of knowing that girls are most capricious and rapacious( Please dont take it negatively, if any point of time you feel that i am going little acrimonious on girls then think that this a faded love story not the blossoming one :D :P) creature in this earth(It aint his fault, he just could not resist the temptation to meet her again.) as he can’t make her feel guilty and also the fact that she was refurbishing and becoming perkier on each passing day. So he didnt want anyone else to make a move on her.

And slowly again a love starts springing up from their friendship what Pritam had not thought of. Now he makes every tiny step to meet her. His appetite to meet her was growing day by day. He used to work without respite and even if he is famished while working he didn’t go out, and waits for her till 7 PM. Whenever he gets a call to meet up he starts feeling butterflies in his stomach. Whenever they meet they recall the time they had spent together since they were sophomores in college. Now he was becoming more considerate to get her.

At one fine day while he was descending to meet her, his manager calls up. A rain of despair runs through his mind. He tried to fend off the call because he was going to meet the beautiful creature made by God on this earth but at the same time he thought that life is more important that love at this time. So he answers the call and heads towards manager’s cabin as instructed by him. He could not believe on his ear what hears. He is being sent to Paris for 2 months for the project requirement.

He is the happiest man and thanks God to see his dream come true. He is not a diminutive figure in her eyes now.

He started planning the things accordingly and started buying stuffs for his trip while she did some window shopping like every girls (They have the habit of touching everything, dont take in other way round :P). She accompanied him on every situation he needed. Now they were spending more time with each other.

The D day comes when he is going to get the experience of his first flight and that too in his dream land. He wished to fly with his girl but he was incapacitated. He had a dream of to propose his girl at Eiffel Tower like the dream of the author who is writing this. :P

As she raises her arms to hug him before he leaves for two months, he awakes up from his dream and finds himself in the bar doused in McDowells celebration.


Stay tuned to find some more lochas in their love story.

Happy week for all the working professionals!

Ageing in number is inevitable but ageing in character is optional.

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Anil Anuragi

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Faded love story!

I am making my foray into this world. So please bare with me if it takes different dimension.

The characters that are going to be used here are purely based on my imagination and does not relate to any living or dead. Resemblance to any of them would be purely coincidental.

They started their career as an SAP consultant with a small firm from Karnataka. Pritam and Sheila had graduated from the same college before joining the IT world. They had maintained a beneficial rapport and good understanding while working together away from their home. They used to walk together after working hours and used to chat about happening things around the world. Pritam had become quite popular in the company of Shiela. She was an adorable girl. People used to walk up to her to exchange Hi’s. She was an intelligible and perceivable girl, not Sheila of modern era. She knows the world and how to behave with the people but Pritam used to hate when he sees her talking to any other guy but she was not bothered about it. For her that was a normal thing that happens with every girl. They had both thin and thick times in their journey. After working 18 months together, both hit the jackpot and joined IBM, they both excelled in the interview but fate was not with them as Sheila had to join in Bangalore while Pritam was deployed to Kolkata but they were still connected via same time or phone calls. He used to tell his colleagues about her. Though he had talked everything from love to …… before moving to IBM, but he still had a soft corner for her.

Suddenly one fine day Pritam gets a call from Sheila and becomes overjoyed when he heard that she is also coming to Kolkata for a month because of project requirement. He tells his colleagues that he would not be available for lunch with the fellow mates till she is here as he will take lunch with her.

They nod in unison and allow him to go with her.

But after that what happened, one cant imagine. The day when she arrives, he gets a call and goes to receive her. Next day he asks for lunch and gets a reply that she has to go with their colleagues. He didn’t mind because he knew her. But after that what he sees, he simply could not believe. Pritam goes cafeteria for the lunch with the friends, he sees Sheila there with some guy whom Pritam didn’t know. He waves for a Hi but she didn’t respond then he calls her name, their eyes meet. They exchange few words and she zooms off with that guy. Now his friends start making fun of him. He could not eat properly that day and looked depressed.

He gets some consolation when he comes to know that the guy was her lead. The days pass by but he could not take lunch with her even a single day. Their timings were different but whenever both get some free time, they used to walk away from office for some little conversation mostly in night time. So he was still attached with her though he knows the things that were happening around.

That comes the New Year when he gets an opportunity to celebrate the New Year with her as he had missed the last New Year because she flew to Singapore with her family. Two days away from the first January, he gets a call from her to tell him that she is going to Goa with their project mates to celebrate the New Year. He becomes pale to listen this.

Sheila enjoys New Year’s bash with the utmost beautiful place in India while Pritam cant get more than a glass of wine.


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Anil Anuragi

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

HaPpY nEw YeAr 2011!

Wishing a very happy, safe and prosperous new year to all you lovely people. Make each day count in this coming year. Grab what you want and snatch what you don’t have. Don’t make any resolution because they are meant to be broken.

I am a bit sad because one more year has gone from my life. As every year passing by, more responsibility lies on us. We cant do those childish things what we could one year before. So enjoy as much as you can within the boundary of your space.

All the best to all the singles and wish a healthy and harmonic relation to all the duos.

And don’t forget to pray for them who have made your life so comfortable and worth living because believe me everyone aint so lucky as you are!. Cheers! ;)

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Take care!