Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kaun Banega Crorepati !

I couldn’t help myself dragging in here after witnessing what I saw tonight. That was really something “Adbhud” as Mr Amitabh Bachchan Sir said.

A simple computer operator from Motihari, Bihar who earns a meager 6K per month, doesn’t have his own house, can’t study for IAS due to financial problems but has golden heart and a cherubic smile created history after using the most dangerous life line in a life or death situation.

He really played awesomely tonight than yester night and was serene and composed while answering. He was little confused initially not because he didn’t know the answer but because he was lacking in confidence which he confessed after that. Whatever he did, however he played I loved every bit of it, his emotions after answering every question, calculating 1.6 lakhs rs as his 16 months salary, joining hands after giving every correct answer, counting the no of zeros after receiving every check . You would have seen what a real joy means to people like Sushil Kumar.  

But in all, what I loved the most is his attitude towards bringing on under privileged people and provide them the right path to showcase their talent which many people just don’t think of.

He wanted to become a writer but because of lack of money he could not buy the books he wanted to read. 
He somewhere rightly said: “Jab nischintata ho jati hai to Rachnatmakta aapne aap aa jati hai”.

For hosts its just a show but for people like Sushil Kumar it is another life. Yahan se aam aadmi bhi khaas ban ke jata hai.

In this season, I have not missed a single episode except when I was travelling to home during Durga puja. Not because I want to show my talent but because to see Amitabh Bachchan Sir in action every time. Even if he says the same thing 100th times, he brings up something special.

One final sentence “Was that episode recorded again after he won 5 crore because I felt it in many times in between”?

Inhi sabdo ke saath mai aaj ka apna blog yahi samapt karta hoon. Hamare saath judne ke liye anek anek dhanyawaad. Fir kal milte hain tab tak ke liye Shubh ratri shubh ratri aur shubh ratri. Do take good care of yourself!! :)