Thursday, April 14, 2011


Q: Do you command respect or do you demand respect?
A: Hahaha what makes you to ask this, I am not a big man, man. Btw I don’t care about respect. Ohh yes if you want to know you can come to my desk where I work. Subah se shaam tak sirf gaaliyan hi suntan rahta hoon. :P

Q: Is IPL a good thing?
A: I would say yes, not just because it helps in boosting the economy little bit but it gives a chance to local boys to play with the likes of Sachin, Warne, Bret Lee, Sangkara, Kallis, Vettori, Murali and many more which certainly helps them to become a better person in life too . But I think more of cricket is not good as it is played these days.

Q: Why are we so reluctant in complementing others?
A: Hmmmm yea, idk. May be we don’t like the person or sometimes our ego doesn’t let us to wish others. But if we make the habit of complementing others on their success, we are in the process of making our self a lot better person because it really takes courage to compliment others.

Q: Have you learnt Bengali lil bit?
A: I don’t know whether I am learning ABAP or not but surely I have learnt lots of Bengali words.

Q: Heyy, when is faded love story part-3 coming up?
A: In my first book!! Hahahahaha :P :D

Q: What is the biggest thing that has happened in your life?
A: I guess, yet to come ! :)

Q: If your wish to live one of your past moments is granted, which age would you want to go back?
A: I want to become a 2 year kid once again.

Q: What would be worst moment of your life?
A: When one fine day, I wake up and news flashes in that Sachin Tendulkar is found guilty in match fixing. I have a huge respect for him.

Q: In the age of BB, you are using Nokia, change it man.
A: Well, sab log contribute karo, agle mahine ek Black Berry le leta hoon.

Q: What is the difference between an educated and an intellectual man?
A: Educated care for their world while intellectual care for others. Idk what more to write? May be you can add up something. Education can be bought but you certainly cant buy intellect. It grows on you gradually over a period of time.

Q: What you have to say about Anna Hazare?
A: The whole India is saying about him, I am no different. But I think corruption is not the only issue to be dealt with. There are more serious issues like poverty, education, population control and environmental awareness. So we need more of Anna Hazare to make India a better place to live in.

Q: What do you think; Sachin should hang off his boots and give youngsters a chance to come forward?
A: Are you mad? He is still a 22 years old guy when he dives at boundary and plays that straight drive.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn but I never loose.

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Anil Anuragi
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

World cup: The moment !!

The moment Dhoni lofts Kulasekara over long on, wankhede crowd erupts in joy. That was the moment we all 1.2 billion people were waiting for since last 28 years. There was hugging, crying, smiling all over podium. Emotions were running high, the man (Yuvraj) who believes in partying was crying literally. Feeling was just awesome, we all were colored in blue. The emotions that were coming from Yuvi, Bhajji, Sachin, Kohli show how much this cup means to them. I just loved the moment when Pathan and Kohli were carrying Sachin in their shoulders. That was really palpable. How those 15 members would be feeling, it can’t be described in words? But there was one man who was standing tall even tallest. That man wasn’t Zaheer, not Gambhir, Not Yuvraj and this time not even batting maestro Sachin, the man was M S Dhoni. One could have seen him after he hit that six, he was still calm, serene and composed Dhoni. There was no emotion in his face but only he knows how he would be feeling. He rose from the situation and wrote the history for all the Indians on 2nd April. The man who had thin patch throught the tournament, promoting himself up in the order, coming after his two most important batsmen have returned to the pavilion, chasing a score of 275 in the final of the world cup facing Malinga and Murali is something really plausible. Since the start he was looking very positive. He was hitting the ball quite nicely, coming on to the front foot running on the wickets. Woooow that was just estimable. I just loved his audacity. As Imran Khan says, he really is a smart street guy. And in the presentation party also he proved that he has got character in saying that he didn’t want to prove to the crowd rather he wanted to prove himself and he proved it. I humbly take back all the blame, criticism and curse.

When it comes to Sachin, statistics or records are nothing. Before this World Cup no team had won the WC final in the home ground. No team has successfully chased more than 250 in the WC final. But I think this time it was destined for India. On the lighter side, India had to win because Rajnikanth was there in the stadium.

After the match we went out on to the street, there were people screaming, singing the national song. We were hugging on each passerby, giving high fives, shaking hands and shaking hips but there was just one word that was on every one’s mouth and that was India. Yes Cricket once again united the nation. There was no kid, no old we all were rejoicing and cherishing like the charismatic moment of this kind is never gonna come again.

Everyone seems to dedicate this honor to the little master only. A man who gets out on a score of 2 and still be respected on that, a man who couldn’t produce a match winning inning but still be carried on the shoulders of Pathan and kohli, How fortunate this man would be to be born in a country like this who inspires so many people not in cricket but also in the real life and how fortunate I am to witness him lifting the world cup trophy.

Virat Kohli after carrying Tendulkar on his shoulder:

“Tendulkar has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, it was the time we carried him. Chak de India”

Zaheer: “I can’t explain this feeling. It is for this special man (Tendulkar).

Yuvraj: “It was for Tendulkar, we did it”.

Now if one asks me what is the best moment of my life, then it is not the day when I got job or not even when I become graduate but it would certainly be when Dhoni lifting the world cup trophy. What a palpable scene it was. This is the moment every Indian would remember for his entire life.

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Take care and party harder!!