Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Rajnikanth!!!

Today is Rajnikant’s birthday. So I am dedicating this one to all Rajni’s fans out here.
Enjoy!!! I am sure you would like to read it more than once.

• Rajnikanth ka 1 rupya balcony se gir gaya. Rajnikanth neeche pahuncha to rupya nahi mila. Kyun? Kyunki Rajnikanth rupaye se pahle neeche pahunch gaya.

• Once Rajnikanth was practicing for a spelling test and rough sheet he used is now known as Oxford dictionary.

• Do you have any idea why in Japan there are frequent earthquakes? Because Rajnikanth lost his mobile in Japan in vibrate mode.

• Once a photo of Rajnikanth was given for xerox and guess what we got two xerox machines.

• Once a guy inserted a c.d. named rajnikanth and guess what, C.P.U. starts rotating around c.d. rom.

• Rajnikanth participated in 100 meters race, obliviously he came first but Einstein died after watching this. Light came second.

• Once Spider man, Superman, Batman, James bond, Ironman Shakitman and Krish all visited Rajnikanth. Do you know which day it was: Teacher’s day.

• Ek baar Rajnikanth and John Abraham ne race lagai. John on his Hybussa and Rajnikant on his bycycle. Do you know who won the race. It is John because slow and steady wins the race.

• Once Rajnikanth was sleeping in a pipe connected to river. He was breathing softly. The whole river water was sucked and discharged to the other end of pipe. Then the concept of pressure running pump invented.

• Rajnikanth went for morning walk and in afternoon police arrests him, why?? Because he reached USA without visa.

• Ek baar Rajnikanth aise hi neend me kuch numbers badbada rahe the. It is now called “Log table”.

• When Rajnikanth switches on his AC without closing the door,winter starts in India.

• Breaking news by NDTV… Hanuman was caught reading Rajnikanth Calisa.

• Galileo used lamp to study, Grahm bell used candle to study, Shakespeare studied in street light, but do you know about Rajnikanth, Only agarbatti.

• Official id of Rajnikanth:

• Khaufnak andheri raat me ek bhoot dusre bhoot ko samjha raha tha, ghabra mat ye sab tere dimaag ka waham hai koi Rajnikanth vajnikanth nahi hota.

• Unbelievable love of Rajnikant for his GF. GF: mera koi peccha karte rahta hai. Rajni: ok. Next day, GF: where is my shadow?

• Ronaldo: I can spin a football for 2 hours on my fingers, can u do it? Rajnikanth: How do you think this earth rotate?

• Rajnikanth never wet his bed in childhood, bed itself wept in fear.

• Newton: How to write 4 in between 5. China: joke, Japan: impossible, America: question is wrong, Pakistan: If you ask foolish question, I will kill you, UN: Not found in internet, Rajnikanth: F(IV)E.

Yours additions are welcome.


Q: If you ask to take one person’s name randomly then who would that be?
A: After my dad, the name would be Sachin Tendulkar.

Q: A celebrity you want to have dinner with?
A: J.K. Rowling.

Q: Who do you think would be the trump card for CWC 2011?
A: Apart from Sachin, Indian performance would highly depend on Sehwag and Zaheer Khan.

Q: How do you find Bengali people?
A: Don’t be racist yaar, they are Indian first. But yes they are honest people.

Q: How was the weekend?
A: Boring, had to go to office on Saturday too. :@

Q: How is your job going?
A: Better donk ask, seriously if there is work in IT world it is hell (literally)!!

Q: Which book are you reading currently?
A: An epic: India after Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha.

Q: What are you doing right now?
A: I am remembering my old college days, feeling nostalgic.

Q: Why do you want to live?
A: Serious question, hmmm….. to make others life easy as much as possible for me.

Q: Is there any absolute truth?
A: I think no. it is all relative.

Q: what is the biggest threat on mankind?
A: I think terrorism is gonna be a very big problem if it is not addressed very soon.

Q: How was the day?
A: Good, feeling nice, talked to many college friends!

Q: Is it possible to live without love?
A: No, now it is up to you to think about family love or your lover’s love.

Q: Do you feel dejected if you don’t get something?
A: No, you only get what is ordained for you. So if I don’t get it I assume that it is not the right time.

Q: What is the New Year’s plan?
A: Planning for a Puri trip. Havent stamped it yet though.

Q: what are the pre-requisite of a happy life?
A: If your actions are not influenced by others then you are a happy man. But it is also true that we feel sad because of others happiness.

Raise your standard but don’t try to raise your identity.

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Ready for the test match!! :(  (Ohh no this time Saturday too)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur

It’s a fiction written with full humor and is quiet palpable. I fully enjoyed till the end.

He has written so impeccably and with so much grace that you wunt stop reading it till the end.

I happened to choose this book because its first page was so enthralling and started with the line “Beloved younger brother”.

The book start with an Indian student named Gopal a small town boy from Madhya Pradesh going USA to study Chemical Engineering, a one year course so that he can make his oil company flourish. As he is a hardcore vegetarian, teetotaler a devout Brahmin and comes from high strata, he encounters many petty problems as he lands in America. His accent is jocular. He had his own conviction to see Americans from a different angle. He misunderstands many things American says like “Watch your ass” or “Take it easy dude”.

Once he was offered orange juice or milk, he preferred orange juice because of the religious status of American cows. This made me laugh till the core. It is written really mirthfully.

There he meets a stupefying character Randy who was his guide in USA. He showed Gopal a different America which he hasn’t seen before. Randy was his motivator, he used to accompany Gopal wherever he went. There are sometimes uproarious moments in Gopal and Randy’s conversations.

He never missed writing letter to his brother and family while his stay in USA to tell them how is doing, what are the problems he is facing, whether he is abiding by all the things told by mother. In a letter he talks about his studies in America where he mentions that Americans are having all facilities but standard is not as high as in India.

He is very skeptical about American girls. Randy’s main attention is to make Gopal fiddle with girls which he always refrained because he thought that his family would not like it. Till the end Gopal doesn’t abdicate and remains a virgin and feels himself as a wise but with sad face.

The book unfolds with change in Gopal’s beviour as he learns things about US.

The one thing that it lacked that writer didn’t depict his study part for which he has flown to USA.

Overall it is entertaining book. You would not feel bored as the story line is witty and capricious.

P.S.: it is a fun book but without any learning. :D

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Good night X

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My travelogue: Two faced Indians.

After CWG and Delhi bhraman, I was leaving for home. My train that was scheduled to departure from Delhi to Kanpur at 7:15 AM arrived at 6:40 PM delayed by 11:30 hours. And a normal train that takes around 6 hours from Delhi to Kanpur took more than 9 hours. Bhartiya rail apni apechhao par ek baar fir khari utarti hui! :P :D

As I left from Delhi, after two stations again it stopped for some signal clearance problem. As it started again I dialed my dad’s no to tell him that I have left for Kanpur. A guy who was standing on the platform barged in his hand from the window and snatched my phone away from my hands. It was so filmy that I could not believe it for a moment that my phone has gone. I could not do anything as the train had already started and there was all dark on the platform. But I was happy because I was safe. Sad thing was that before leaving I had recharged it with INR 333.00 + INR 43.00 which was deplorable.

Let me introspect something from this incident.

People like Indian culture, tradition, the way we live, scenic beauty, Indian food and many other things but what make them not to like us in spite of that that we are born in the same soil. I think this is the very thing that leaves a bad impression that we Indians are not liked by the white people.

Here first chapter is closed. Now in the second episode which happened when I was travelling from Kanpur to Kolkata. After much juggling I booked ticket by Rajdhani on 19th. This time luck was with me I think because there was a thing to take my entire attention throught the journey. Ohhhh Let me stop myself to waste time in falderal things and come to the original topic.

So when I woke up in the morning, I went to the washroom. I unclipped my watch to wash hands and forgot to pick up while returning. After 10 minutes or so I somehow remembered that watch is not in my hands (My body is very sensitive to phone, wallet and watch). I went to the same toilet and asked the lady which was just coming out and I got a negative reply. I waited for a guy who was in. After another 5 minutes he came out and I asked the same. He handed over the watch to me. I respected him saying Thank you from the bottom of my heart and left the place.

So these are the two incidents that came upon in “My Journey” (here the content do some Justice on my blog title). Same people but different behavior/ attitutude.

Unity in diversity or diversity in unity?? !!!

P.S. 1. Ohh i forgot to tell that I have got the same no again. please forward your nos in the same no that you have already with you as I have lost all the contacts.

P.S. 2. I have got some work in office so I might not be frequent in here for some time. :D

       *** Sometimes words are more powerful than stones***

Signing Off

Anil Anuragi

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I watched this movie for the sake of just watching it. I didn’t have anything to do so I went for it.

There is nothing in the movie to tell except Neha Sharma. She looked stunning. She beautifully portrayed her part. I don’t like Imraan Hashmi in angry role. He should better stick to his kind of roles. For me there should be some good songs in the movie, but there wasn’t any.

The movie starts with an Indian student (Imraan Hashmi: Suraj) going to Australia to study on a fake visa. He meets with a Punjabi family there. They tell him two ways of getting an Australian passport: Either by working as a taxi driver which was a long term thing or to get a white girl. He tries to work on the second option. The girl he likes is Indian whose brother has an orthodox kind of behavior. In the past he (the girl’s brother: Arjan Bajwa) had allowed his other sister to kill herself because she was pregnant with a white man. Suraj doesn’t want to go into complex Indian Australian matter. He just wants to settle in there with a white girl. Suraj becomes aggravated when Arjan wants to kill that girl (because her brother was the cause of his sister’s death) who had saved Arjan from his cruel brother in the past and Arjan was unaware of that and in that scene an Indian kills Arjan because he has now understood the things that who is good and who is bad.

I think they were supposed to show the racial attacks on Indian students in Australia but it was like the honor killing in India. If you are not going to watch it you are not going to miss anything important. If you have a choice better watch Robot.

PS: Sad part of the movie is that Suraj didn’t get any kiss from his girl.

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi

Good Night ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Emotional Atyaachaar....

A discussion among Piyush Prashant , Abhijeet Dey and me.

This was the time when we were in college. We had all the free time for gossiping, chit chatting, reprimanding and nitpicking. Sometimes these were fruitful discussions but most of the time these used to go sterile.

I correctly remember that we were in Piyush’s room after playing a tough cricket match. We all were quiet when Dey started talking about something emotionally. I used to be a sensitive chap in these matters then. Now I am trying to overcome it gradually.

Why don’t people express or share their feelings when they need someone to understand them.

These are some of the things people are reluctant to share it with others….

1. When a little kid gets less mark in school, he doesn’t tell his parents because he knows that rather than being empathized he would be spanked. I think it happens too.

2. When a friend asks about your wife then before getting an answer he might get a hard slap right on to his cheeks. (He might just want to know about her well being but you take it in different way)

3. When you lose your luggage in a journey you don’t tell this to your friend because you know that before getting any help you will first become the center of mockery (no pun intended). So you try to hide things.

4. When your love departs then instead of sharing your feelings with closed ones you start boozing and you feel alone. You try to put yourself aloof. Mate there are lots of things to worry about.

5. In college days, when we are insulted in a class (which happens most of the time) then instead of learning things that might save us next time we lock ourselves in a room and start playing with the computers (In a positive sense :D) . That sometimes makes one lunatic and we start blaming teachers.

6. When you put something emotional in Facebook, following comments would be, “Abe sahi hai na tu”, “Kya ho gaya hai tumko aajkal” or “chaat diya yaar” something like this. No. of comments here is proportional to the no. of F’s you use.

This is not our fault though. It all depends on the environment we are living in. people just don’t feel comfortable to share their hearts out. They always feel that they might be betrayed. This grows slowly on you and then sickness starts visiting you regularly and when it burst it makes huge sound.

I don’t know how you people out here find this post. I feel like posting it so I did. Now it is your choice…..

Signing off
Anil Anuragi

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a day!!

As soon as I woke up I turned on my laptop and typed in google “US OPEN 2010” and the very first result was Rafael Nadal 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2 – Novak Djokovic. This really made me thrilled. If I was so exalted then how would he have been when he had won the last point? Many many congratulations to him for his maiden US open title.

I was bit late for the office today. As I entered into the room I saw my manager is already there. He is a very punctual guy. But he didn’t say anything. I didn’t have any work as of now so after around an hour he asked me “to go home and enjoy” as you don’t have anything to do today. I slipped away from office at around 12:30. Second felicitous moment of the day.

I walked away from the office arena with a friend. Planned for a movie but they were showing only “Dabang” and “We are family” at that time. I had already watched “Dabang” and didn’t want to watch “We are family”. Third one joined us after a short while. While we were there we had some eye pleasing scenes. We didn’t have camera to capture some snaps but it is good sometimes not to carry it because then you fully engrossed yourself in clicking business and forget to enjoy the real moments.

Our appetite was increasing. We spotted KFC nearby. Had hefty snacks there. But what I saw there was really impressive or what I can say is just palpable. I was so moved away by seeing those men and women working in KFC were all handicapped or were suffering some kind of physical disorder. I mean this is something which makes a real difference from the people who always blabber. They should learn something from them.

This friend had to buy a watch for his younger brother. After all the business we were ready to go back. We took a taxi as one of my friend had to catch the office bus that leaves from office at 6:30 PM. We were late so took a taxi. I hardly hire a taxi until it is very important. As its reading was soaring my heart beat was increasing with that rate (I mean literally).

Finally a real sad moment as MI lost to South Australia. They had posted a very good total but their fielding let them down. But yh that brought up another day. :P :P

Signing Off

Anil Anuragi

Good night sweet dreamzzz

  "Dont try to make very big in life, try to make something good out of it"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favorite 20.

Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

I am listing down some of my favorite books I have read till now. These may not be in the order of my preference list. Before announcing the list, let me tell you that Paulo Coelho is my favorite writer and the fountainhead is my all time favorite book.

Here goes the list.

1. The fountainhead by Ayn Rand
2. The eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho
3. The Alchemist/ By the river Piedra I sat down and wept by Paulo Coelho
4. The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma
5. Tuesdays with Morrie/ The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom
6. A tale of two cities by Charles dickens
7. Two states/ Five point someone by Chetan Bhagat
8. Thousand splendid suns/ The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini
9. The white tiger by Arvind Adiga
10. Go kiss the world by Subroto Bagchi
11. Discover the diamond in you by Arindam chaudhuri
12. You can win by Shiv Khera
13. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
14. Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki
15. Men are from Mars women are from Venus by John gray
16. Wings of fire by APJ Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari
17. Freakonomics by Stephen J Dubner
18. A Prisoner of birth by Jeffrey Archer
19. The Godfather by Mario Puzo
20. Concept of Physics by H. C. Verma.

Currently I am reading the road less travelled by M. Scott Peck and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

Please feel free to add some of your best ones.

Thank you.

Monday, August 23, 2010

And finally I lost my virginity!!

The day was 21st August, at around 9:15 pm, I lost my virginity.
I am no more a virgin now. Yes I had first official drink of my life on the grand success of one of my close friend getting into NTPC. Many many congratulations to him. May he achieve what he deserves in his life.

He is leaving in a short time but our memories will always bind us together.

I was asleep when his result was declared. When I heard about that I was just wow. Within a minute we planned for an orgy followed by night out. We are new in Kolkata so didnt have much idea about restaurant and hang out places for nights. We phoned our colleagues for the information and finally landed in Bar B-Q in Part Street.

After settling in, I thought whether should I make my foray from this place or should I wait for some time more. After much juggling I thought this is the good time to move on. We finished dinner at around 9:45 PM.
After the party we planned for the night out but we were feeling a bit unsafe in unknown place and also had cash and valuable items with us.

We all four walked in deserted road for an hour at around 11:30 PM. We saw some unwanted/wanted elements in mean time. After that we visited our office where we work and then headed for the night show. When we reached at Bioscope (Movie hall) the main door was about to close. We felt a bit annoyed because we were in full swing. we headed for the home and were finally landed in our flat at around 12:45 AM.

We had an awesome night.

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ethical Values

What makes a son to argue with his father, what cooks a guy to bid adieu to his girlfriend forever, what encourages an engineer to become a dread terrorist, what prepares an amiable friend to turn into an awful foe, what made two successful millionaire brother to work in two different ways,what caused a tech savvy to cheat on IT giant and what induced a nuclear scientist to sell his own creativity??

I think there is only one answer. They all were lacking in ethics. I should not use the term ‘Lacking’, it was because that their ethical values didn’t match.

World is progressing in a fast pace so the demand of the new generation’s children are also changing in accordance with that. Sometimes there is a mismatch between child’s demand and father’s principle which does not allow him to accept what he is asking for. So here starts contend.

In start a guy starts arranging everything what his girl asks for but as the real love butterflies inside them, what makes duo to take their own separate part. Sometimes it is because of family problem but most of the item it is because their ethics are not same. She wants something from the guy but he wants something else from her (Dont get me wrong here. Hehehe). And from here the relation starts dilapidating.

From the above two discussions what I am trying to make is that when there is conflict in one another’s ethics, it always results serious issues.
But never compromise with your values because these values define you as an individual in this world.

But you know these values cannot be taught in schools, or cannot be inherited from forefathers. One imbibes these vales as he grows, respective of the environment where he lives, the kind of friends he makes during the process (His/her life’s journey), the kind of books he reads, the kind of movies he (Read he or she) watches. These all influences ones ethics.

So the point is that if you are not comfortable with someone’s company better leave in initial stages rather than waiting to turn it into brutal stage.

There are different types of people. So choose your company accordingly like spoiled, geek, serious, funny etc. There is no harm if you are spoiled but there is a problem if you choose your friends serious ones.

And finally one last line that sums up the entire post,
“If people do not like you it is because they are not like you”.

Take care
Have a nice day ahead! ;)

Signing off
Anil Anuragi

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Suggest a title and win a coffee hamper.

So it has been a month I was away from this beautiful space. I have numerous affairs (Don’t read as love affairs :P , because I don’t have one) to tell you people out here. You know when there are many things it is difficult to choose from where to start.

It started from 2nd of June when I got a call from company head office that I have to join in Kolkata from 17th of June. At one side I was happy that finally I would be joining a new world and on the flip side I was annoyed that now I have only 15 days to cherish in my sweet home. This is the problem of corporate world that they inform you at the very last stage.

The day came when I was leaving my home. I had a flight on 16th (Hmm, I can boast off because that was my first flight :D) because I have to report in Kolkata on 17th. I was excited and dysphoric at the same moment.

Seriously I did not want to join in Kolkata because of weather problem. I would have preferred Noida or Banglore over Kolkata. But you know things were not in my hands. Now when I am here I have a very serious problem of language. You can not tell things clearly. Only expression and hand moments do the work sometimes (Most of the times).

One interesting thing here is that they county 20 as 'Kudi', the term we use to call a girl in our area.
Besides i have learnt two other terms here, one is that they call 'Dada' to every male person irrespective of the age (So even I am being called Dada by a person of my Father's age) and count 'Taka' even if it is lacks of money (I heard yesterday when this trainer was explaining something and uttered '2 lacks Taka', Really i could not control my laugh at that time) .

But despite all this there is something more to tell. How was my first day in office, cheap foods, inclementness and yh Bengali babes here? But still I am missing something here; really the voids of them can not be filled by anyone.

I miss you all so much.

And do not ask my office stuffs otherwise I might be spanked if my boss sneaks into it. I have already bunked office to watch this movie 'Rajniti'. Still I am repeating the same what I was doing in college last four years.

Now the time is coming to feel cocky when I would have my own earned money (Don’t start sending your account nos :D). But really I do not have any plan. What would I do with that money? I was a free chap while I was philandering in my dad’s money. It becomes real hard when you have to take your own decisions. Kuch bhi ho I am loving this life.

Now time to resume office work. :(

Take care

Signing Off

Anil Anuragi

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thursday, May 6, 2010

The end.....

After completing my final exam, in the evening I got call from my dad (that I get everyday) and my first words were like this “Papa, exam khatam, ab koi exam nahi dena hai” and he was like laughing out loud. And what he said in return is that “beta, life is an exam. You can never run away from life’s exam”. Besides he was right because from the very first day we are descended into this complex world, life starts taking our exams. The kid learns how to walk properly, then he is sent to school and the journey continues until he finally bids adieu to the life.

While I am ready to face my final presentation tomorrow, many thoughts are haunting me. I had not thought of in my scariest dream that it would end up like this.

When we started this journey we had four beautiful years with us. In front of my eyes years came down to months, months came down to weeks, weeks came down to days, days came down to hours and after this final presentation there will be only moments left with us to celebrate this beautiful journey. People will be leaving in front of my eyes with whom I have spent most charismatic times of my life. We have got very little time so talk as much as you can, spend times with your dear ones, hangout without any destinations, have outings, do parties because this would be possibly the last time before we see the cherubic smiles, roj ki nokjhonk, har baat pe politics, oye wo dekh teri waali saying and dosto ke nakhare because after this final departure everyone would be busy with the rat race of the life.

Now while I am standing at the last phase of college life, my heart palpitates faster because I have a fear of loosing my closed ones and on the other side there is hope of achieving my real dreams. But we know that this is life, it takes you to the better place to realize your dreams, I have always believed in that.

Sometimes I think why does time run so fast. Sometimes I think to go back to my past to cherish those beautiful memories. But you know that I don’t have control over it.

Many things changed in these four years but one thing is still the same that is the kind of bonding we have with our friends. The kind of friends I have got is the biggest gift I have ever received. Each one is special for me. Before I leave this awesome place I would be left only with memories, photos, lot of ifs and buts and “I wish” statements.

At the last I would say “It has been a very nice journey”.

Before my eyes get watered I wish each and everyone all the very best for the upcoming journey.

Have a nice time ahead, have fun and enjoy the life to the fullest at each and every moment.

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi
Adios Amigo… :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Asit, Ankur, Me, Debjit, Alok

Battery, Ranidra, Me, Ankur (I was a nerd initially :P :P)


Khalsaa (Now shut down :( :( )

Cricket team of ECE sec A

Rajeev, Me and Sallu Bhai

Kolkata trip: Nitin, Navneet, Akash, Ayush, Me, Rajeev, Thotha

B'day b'day

Cycle yatraa

Decent Holi in 3rd year (Ayush, Akash, Rajeev, Me, Navneet, Amar bhai)

Puri trip (In front of Konark Sun temple)

Arun, Sanjeev, Ayush, Navneet, Akash, Me, Rajeev

At Puri beach

On Teacher's day :)

Discussion between two CEO's

Nitin, Akash, Sachin, Me, Aditya, Navneet (@Madhuban)

Me, Thotha, Rajeev

Infront of Shiva temple in campus at Deewali

B'day celebration

Me and Akash

Ayush, Sanjeev, Akash, Me, Aditya (@Panch ghat trip)

Batch photography

Arun and Me

Inside the institute main building

The whole ECE sec A in batch photography session


Monday, April 19, 2010

Farewell, 14th April 2010

Me, Nitin, Akash

Farewell is all about cherishing the past memories. When we are about to leave we get nostalgic feelings. While i am writing this post i am becoming nostalgic too. Sometimes we think that why doesnt life go on like this. Sometimes hostels life seems better than our sweet homes. Those sleepless nights, playing pranks with friends, celebrating b'day's of each and every friend even it is the exam's night, asking for lab journals just half an hour before the lab starts, those shaded faces after every viva, getting your resume printed out just after hearing that "you got through written", seeing the food in mess and then swearing, walking hand in hand with our loved ones, getting insulted from teachers but still smiling, asking every nights to juxtaposition friend "Abe kuch khane ko hai kya", swearing unnecessarily, commenting on every girls that passes by and if unfortunately she looks back then counting stars in day light, those unnecessary advices. You will spend thousand rupees in boozing but you use paste of the guy next room. Despite of all these pros and cones i am loving my college life. I am surely gonna miss it when i leave this place. We do not want to leave but we have to. This is life. It gives more than what it takes from you. This was another milestone added to our life. How we spent these 4 beautiful years with our wonderful friends.

I havent done many thing here which every guy think of doing in college. Like Still I am not a drunker, still I am not a chain smoker, still I am not a hard core non-vegetarian, still I haven’t got any f*, still I am not an eight pointer, still I haven’t walked on the love lane, still I haven’t talked at PMC. But still I can say that I have enjoyed my life to the fullest here. I have enjoyed each and every moment, sometimes alone and sometimes with my friends.

There are some pictures we snapped in farewell session...

:) :)

Great pic

Md. Azhar reading his poem dedicated to all ECE sec A students

Somit (Zoom)

Mr. ECE-- Anish and Miss ECE-- Sangita Singh

We: The audience

Drenched after dancing

Mr. and Miss ECE contestant

Juniors performing dance

Dilipan: Michael Jackson of ECE

Again the juniors


:) :) :)

Dancing in full swing


Anup, Akash, Nitin, Me, Murali, Alok, Avinash

Akash, Me, Nitin