Saturday, December 19, 2009

Woow, Its Indian diplomacy...

Here a man comes, spreads cold blooded terror, shoots 200 people and still we are vouching for him like a celebrity, wasting 8.5 lacks rupees for him everyday. If this is what being called a soft nation then I hate it (Being called a soft nation). I do not find any reason for exonerating him. Is this the fault of our system or we are so afraid of Pakistaan? I think he will be hanged after being a sexagenarian or so.

Is this not a blot on Indian judges who are so blunt that they can not take a unanimous decision and solve the problem as soon as possible? Or these courts are only for sending a victim inside the prison walls. I am not getting an answer.

Now he has become a role model for Indian media. They bring any news from his abode like a relationship between Shahid and Kareena who are again getting engaged. People wake up, he is a cruel guy. He is enjoying in best of Indian restaurant. I do not think he will get this super class facility in Pakistaan. I do not really understand this drama. Why so much delay in his death penalty? What evidences they are searching for?

Now today’s news in TOI: “I came to Mumbai to act in a movie, says Kasab”. Who the hell are these editors who don’t care about Indian sentiments?
He has become so popular that if you google out you will find 1,060,000 related items. I do not think there is any better popularity than that.

Do not get carried away by this popularity. Kidding…. :D

Signing off
Anil Anuragi

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