Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ponting, learn something from Him!

Those who have watched Pakistan vs Australia yesterday and India vs West Indies today know what I am talking to and those who didnt watch can figure out what i am talking by reffering the first letter of word 'Him' as there is only one God in cricket and that is Sachin tendulkar.

In yesterday's game, Ponting was given not out by upmire Erasmus initially though Ponting knew that there was a thick edge but still he didnt budge. Akmal held really a good catch on hafeez cutter. Pakistan asked for review and the decision was turned down and Ponting had to go. This shows how shameless he is in sipte of carrying such a marvelous talent, I must say.

"There were no doubts the nick, i knew I hit it, but as always I wait for the umpire to give me out. That's the way i have always played the game" Ponting said after the match. This is rediculous though. A man of his stature and playing 16 years of international cricket and leading one of the best sides inthe world, doing such kind of stupidity, i simply cant digest that. And this is not the first time, he has done the same quite a few times before too.

Now in today's game, Sachin nipped in the quicker by rampaul. All shouted but umpire Davis turned down the appeal. Now even He could have stayed and waited for the final call but that was His grace that he made it to the pavilion himself without even looking at the upmire. After playing 21 years of international cricket, he still looks as calm and serene as he is debuting.

"Milestones can be measured through statistics but greatness can be measured only through moments" DD commentary after Sachin walked.

So all those who keep on buzzing who is the greeater cricketer, I would certainly say that it is Him only.At the end of the day it is not about playing cricket alone but how you play it and how you behave on and off the field and how you carry yourself throught the game.

Umpires to have become too callous now after instituiting UDRS in World Cup because they know that if the decision is not right, players always have the chance to review it.

One sentence after the incident, Sachin you are just great. No one can even touch your resiliency!! You made the whole India proud by doing what you did today.

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Renu said...

Though I am not a cricket lover, I found this info interesting.