Thursday, April 14, 2011


Q: Do you command respect or do you demand respect?
A: Hahaha what makes you to ask this, I am not a big man, man. Btw I don’t care about respect. Ohh yes if you want to know you can come to my desk where I work. Subah se shaam tak sirf gaaliyan hi suntan rahta hoon. :P

Q: Is IPL a good thing?
A: I would say yes, not just because it helps in boosting the economy little bit but it gives a chance to local boys to play with the likes of Sachin, Warne, Bret Lee, Sangkara, Kallis, Vettori, Murali and many more which certainly helps them to become a better person in life too . But I think more of cricket is not good as it is played these days.

Q: Why are we so reluctant in complementing others?
A: Hmmmm yea, idk. May be we don’t like the person or sometimes our ego doesn’t let us to wish others. But if we make the habit of complementing others on their success, we are in the process of making our self a lot better person because it really takes courage to compliment others.

Q: Have you learnt Bengali lil bit?
A: I don’t know whether I am learning ABAP or not but surely I have learnt lots of Bengali words.

Q: Heyy, when is faded love story part-3 coming up?
A: In my first book!! Hahahahaha :P :D

Q: What is the biggest thing that has happened in your life?
A: I guess, yet to come ! :)

Q: If your wish to live one of your past moments is granted, which age would you want to go back?
A: I want to become a 2 year kid once again.

Q: What would be worst moment of your life?
A: When one fine day, I wake up and news flashes in that Sachin Tendulkar is found guilty in match fixing. I have a huge respect for him.

Q: In the age of BB, you are using Nokia, change it man.
A: Well, sab log contribute karo, agle mahine ek Black Berry le leta hoon.

Q: What is the difference between an educated and an intellectual man?
A: Educated care for their world while intellectual care for others. Idk what more to write? May be you can add up something. Education can be bought but you certainly cant buy intellect. It grows on you gradually over a period of time.

Q: What you have to say about Anna Hazare?
A: The whole India is saying about him, I am no different. But I think corruption is not the only issue to be dealt with. There are more serious issues like poverty, education, population control and environmental awareness. So we need more of Anna Hazare to make India a better place to live in.

Q: What do you think; Sachin should hang off his boots and give youngsters a chance to come forward?
A: Are you mad? He is still a 22 years old guy when he dives at boundary and plays that straight drive.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn but I never loose.

Signing off

Anil Anuragi
Good night !
Take care :)


Tulika said...

arey phodu answers sachin k liye to sapne me bhi match fixing mat sochna...samjheee

sophoannotating said...

nice man :)

My journey said...

@Tulika: Hahaha thanks !! Are hum soche nahi hain aisa, mera matlab tha agar aisa kabhi ho gaya to.

@sophoannotating : thank you so much Aditya !! :)

Infatuated Admrier said...

gud to read one more set of awesome Q&A from ur side..

It's gr8 that u r planning to pen down a book... courtesy inspiration #OweYouMyFate

never imagine a situation like that #worstMoment

But the root of all other problems is #corruption.

Bikramjit said...

Good replies and yeah liked the last one NO sachin shoud not retire he is still better then a majority of the indian batsmen.. let someone come up to par with him then he can think of retiring ...

and the reply regarding Anna Hazaare Well I would not comment on that But I have my doubts over the politcians in our country ... Look at the media reports after the fast... but at least he has started something which should continue


anupama said...

Dear Anil,
Good Morning!
Die hard Sachin fan!I liked the last answer about Sachin's age!Fan hai toh aisa!:)
Keep writing!Good Day!

Renu said...

Corruption is not the only issue, but its the biggest issue, as with its removal many other issues can be tackled easily.

Sachin should retire and give chance to others:)

My journey said...

@Infatuated Admrier : Courtesy inspiration: Navjeet. lolzz

@Bikramjit : Plz dont look at media, now a days media is just crisp and salty not pure and clean. so yeah.

@anupama : A very good morning, yes indeed a die hard Sachin fan! Thank you!! and keep visiting this space. :)

@Renu Ji : But before that you need awareness, good education. Why Sachin should give chance to others, why others cant snacth it away from Him if they have the ability? :)

deeps said...

interesting session...
the one questions and answers is one and the same ha?

My journey said...

@deeps: Thanks!
the one questions and answers is one and the same ha?
Which one??