Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SWOT analysis on Indo - Pak match!

Every time I switch on the TV, a news flashes in "India will take on Pakistan on 2nd Semifinal on 30th March". There is lot of buzzes and predictions already going on and who is going to be the tallest of tall will be seen on 30th of march because India - Pakistan matches are just not the cricket match where 11 players of Indian team play against 11 players of Pakistan team. On that day 1.2 billion people play against 170 million people. There is lot of respect, emotion and pride is at stake every time when both team faces each other. Some are even saying that this is going to be the final for both the teams. Both the team never want to loose at any cost. And in these matches records, statistics, experience or flamboyancy dont matter. On event of this magnitude starring two arch rivals, pressur is bound to mount but the one who keeps their cool till the end will emerge as the super power. :)

Here i am trying to analyze chances of both the team, who would come out superior over other


Strength : India's strength like always is their batting line up. They have the capability of ripping apart any bowling attack. So if Pakistan doesnt get Sehwag and Sachin's wicket and early, it can be very dangerous to them. Zaheer is bowling at his best and Yuvi is also striking at the right time.

Weakness : There is no one who can fortify the bowling attack along with Zaheer. Harbhajan has to take chances and has to bowl some good wicket taking deliveries not just to save runs. Also it is high time Dhoni contribute something from bat. He needs to get some runs to gain the confidence.

Opportunity : There is good opportunity for India to make good use of Mohali wicket also its home ground of Yuvi so we are expecting him to detonate in his home ground.

Threats : Umar gul is gonna be real thread. India need to play him cautiously. He is bowling his best balls. And you never know, Pakistanis always play against Indians. Who is going to forget Afridi's sixes all over Green Park stadium.


Strength : Bowling has to be their strength. Also moral is quiet high in their dressing room. Everyone is performing and his captain is leading his side from the front and that is their big big advantage. He is the leading wicket taker so far in the tournament.

Weakness: How good they bowl but thier fielding always let them down. Fielding has to be improved because you just cant let Sehwag or Sachin's catch drop. Also Kamran needs to do some miracle to get out the trauma.

Opporunity: They are again getting the chance to break the jinx by beating India in world cup. They couldnt have asked more. This is the big opportunity for them to shut the critics mouths. A big plus point for them is that they have beaten India both the times at Mohali.

Threats: Virendra Sehwag is gonna haunt them if they dont get him cheaply. Everyone knows his ability that even if he stays for 10 overs, match might go away from paks hands.

So let us see who is going to emerge as a true champion. Fingers crossed. :)

What ever will the result be but one thing is pretty sure that only sports can bind the two nations if not the politicians.

I would like to write what i heard something today
बड़ी खूबसूरत है हर बात, लेकिन दिल भी खूबसूरत होता तो क्या बात होती ! :)

I am loving my job as it has been declared holiday tomorrow. :) Cant miss any single ball.

All the very best to team India.
We all are with you! :) Chak deeeeeeee


Renu said...

I dont bother about cricket but when its against Pak, i wish India all the best and want them to win at any cost:)

My journey said...

@Renu Ji: Yes so all the one billion people here. :)

Sushma Harish -Nee Kallianpur said...

This is such an awfully interesting idea. Good one Anil. My husbadn who is a forced reader of my blog, liked your writings a lot. Ofcourse me too. SWOT indeed!