Saturday, March 19, 2011


Q: How did you celebrate your 23rd birthday?
A: I had fantastically awesome day and celebrated twice this time and what a pleasant surprise by my project mates. And what a beautifully lines complied by one of my close friend

Tu dostoon ka dost hai...
Tu yaroon ka yaar hai..
Tu eek aam aadmin hai ish dunia ke liye..
Par tum aam ho kar bhi hamere liye kuchh khash hai..

Just loved it!!!

Q: Do you respect Mr. Rahul Gandhi?
A: Well I don’t respect age, money, seniority or power rather I respect value, character and knowledge. So now I guess you have your answer.

Q: Who are the hot favorites in this World Cup?
A: Still it is hard to figure out who are the favorite for the cup but still I think India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Pakistan have got the strong chance to win the cup this time.

Q: Do you advocate UDRS?
A: Nope, not at all. Technology should be used to make the game fair but not to overrule it. And surely it is making the game less interesting.

Q: Have you recovered from the trauma of the previous match?
A: Nope, still getting nightmare of Peterson’s six over midwicket!  :@

Q: Should Euthanasia be legalized in India?
A: I had my views on Facebook. I still strongly believe that it should not be legalized in India. I would try to write a new entry on it.

Q: What is the real happiness?
A: nkpsycgology will answer this one. Please help me answering this question man!

Q: You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.
A: Fantastic, mind boggling.

Q: You really are a nice guy.
A: Awwww thank youuuuu!!

Q: Hey why don’t you start writing a book?
A: Thanks for the compliment, but not now may be later I might pen down my thoughts. As of now writing aint my primary job. This blog is just a reflection of my thoughts when I don’t have anything to do.

Q: What are you thinking right now?
A: About the girl at cafeteria. Hahahaaha

Q: What do you miss the most about college days?
A: Gossiping and most important badminton with Navneet Akash and Jadoo. :)

Q: Are you happy with your job?
A: No one can be happy with same job, same girl friend, same place and even with same food. But it is going so far so good. I have got nice people in my project. :)

Q: Do you believe in living in present or in future?
A: I believe in living in present. If present is good future is absolutely going to be good.

Q: Any special plan for Holi?
A: No plan as of now. Have to see how it goes.

Q: You have evolved hugely as a writer.
A: This is the nicest compliment I have got in my blog. Thank you so much!!

Q: What would you rather want to pursue, continue with the job or further study?
A: This is the question I am being asked almost every day I guess. Though I can’t answer this confidential question here. Hahaha :D

Q: Do you think India is becoming a better place to live in?
A: For biggies it is but for mango people I think it is going to be really painful in coming years.

Please pray for the people of Japan. Hope the situation becomes normal soon.

It is never about being busy, it is always about priorities!! Random read but very true.

Signing Off

Anil Anuragi

Good Night!! :)


nkpsychology said...

certainly a good post....loved it thoroughly loved the post...and the little snippet you mentioned is very close to my heart!!! just liked it like anything....thanks!
friend you asked me a big question...the thing about real happiness is very difficult to answer...may be , we all are still searching for it constantly....and you should write a book....believe me i would be first one to order a copy for sure...its very exciting to read a book from a person whom ypu know so well!!! will love the moment....:P badminton life was very nice yaar and we loved it passionately ....remember how we rushed to the court in h6 to accupy the place ..ha ha...what moments were those!!!

may god bring peace and happiness back in japan..

Sushma Harish -Nee Kallianpur said...

I enjoyed reading this too. I strongly wanted to ask why exactly do you feel u accidently became and engineer?. You write so well.

My journey said...

@nkpsychology : Thanks mate!
@Sushma Harish -Nee Kallianpur: Thanks a lot for your generosity .