Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bow to Dhoni’s captaincy and India’s fielding!

It could not have been any better than this. Just loved the show. Nehra and Munaf steal the show.

How on the earth Dhoni could have thought of dropping Aswhin to pick Nehra when Nehra had horrible last over just few days back that eventually led India to lost the match. But Dhoni has other plans. He really is a smart captain if not the smart batsman. He really used his bowlers very well today. When he called Zaheer in the second spell and he struck at the right time when Akmal was going well and again when Umar Akmal was hitting fiercely, Harbhajan struck. He kept himself cool till the end. It takes a lot from within to keep calm and compose in such a pressure situation and in front of such an electrifying crowd where crowd cant accept a single mistake.

India’s fielding was the best today, I didn’t realize when Nehra actually tried that catch. He did an awesome job with the ball and really silenced his critics.

Again Sachin played the master’s knock with share of some luck. Sehwag pulverized their strong man in the start but they could not capitalize the opportunity. Everyone knows what Sehwag is capable of and he did exactly the same today. At the end Raina really played a superb inning. Yuvi is doing great job with the ball and making an option for an extra batsman for the future.

Now the pressure is relieved a bit what was mounting on for the Indo – Pak match. They are through to the final and just one step away to create the history once again.

Congratulation once again to team India and all the very best for the final.

Before signing off let me congratulate one man and that man is Gary Kristen. He is doing fantastic job. What if he could not be the part of WC final as a player he is surely turning every stone to make the India proud.

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi

Good night and sleep well with cherubic smile on your lovely face! :)


Renu said...

It could not have been any better than true:):):):)

nkpsychology said...

a good post.....dhoni has been very good in captaincy . people call it his luck, let them, i say! he takes very frank decisions and they turn out to be correct every time....