Monday, March 7, 2011

XXI convocation!

So finally the day came which I was eagerly waiting for. 24th February 2011 was the date when I officially became a graduate. So people don’t treat me as a kid as I am a grown up now. :P

There were many things that drew me again to BIT Mesra. This is the place where I would say I have spent most memorable years of my life. Wish I could get these years back again. I loved everything about this place starting from mess food to playing office office. I loved sleeping on late nights, pranking, waking up till 12 to make sure I didn’t miss birthday’s celebrations, going to temple right before exam starts, queueing up in the morning to use bathrooms, falling just short of 75% attendance and pleading to professors, imitating every girl’s walking style that passes by, being toady to good students at the time of exams to get their notes, wrapping up whole book in one night, endless talks on politics and cricket, to save every penny that needs to be saved to make the phone talk longer but still the obedient kid to the parents eyes..

The moment came when people were getting gold medals and I being a bystander was clapping for them. I wished that if I too would have worked hard I could have got the gold medal but seriously I didn’t want to trade my four years of adventurous life with a gold medal, the unadulterated fun we have had, the indelible memories we have made.

Here are the inspiring words from the most respected man Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who every wannabe scientist aspires to be.

The pillars of Indian development profile 2020 are as follows. Distinctive Profile of India by 2020

1. A Nation where the rural and urban divide has reduced to a thin line.
2. A Nation where there is an equitable distribution and adequate access to energy and quality water.
3. A Nation where agriculture, industry and service sector work together in symphony.
4. A Nation where education with value system is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination.
5. A Nation, which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists, and investors.
6. A Nation where the best of health care is available to all.
7. A Nation where the governance is responsive, transparent and corruption free.
8. A Nation where poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy removed and crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated.
9. A Nation that is prosperous, healthy, secure, devoid of terrorism, peaceful and happy and continues with a sustainable growth path.
10. A Nation that is one of the best places to live in and is proud of its leadership.

Before much writing, here are some snaps that I clicked on the graduation day.

Happy seeing!!

                                                                      The man!!

                                          Sole beta jitna sona hai, IIM pahunchne ke baad
                                         saari  need ud jayegi                                                                                       

                                                                    The building!

                                    Most fortunate son to get degree infront of his parents
Prepare as hard as you can rather than hope for a lean opponent,
because learning is more important winning.         ---- Anil Anuragi 
Signing Off
Anil Anuragi
Good Night Sweet Dreamzzz ;)
Happy Week!!


nkpsychology said...

one of ur post which is very close to my heart!real stuff and a mature style of writing too.....the fotos comlement the post ....and yah how can we forget the imitations of girls ...ha ha ha what a period was that.....although it has passed by, ita has gone in history , it is stil there in our memories . we all actually grew up to be "grown ups" in this place...remember how childish each one of us were in first sem!!! although few people(read it as adi) are stil as they were..ha ha ha////

the esence of clg life can be judged from the very fact that i stil relate very thing in my life , right from new frnds, events, situations to momnets of bit mesra.....bit mesra you rock ....abd will be never be forgotten......ameen ameen!

zoom said...

Hey you didnt mention about your daily 5am alarm... saala khud kabhi nahi utha baaki sabko uthata tha..

Great POST !!!!

yourfriend said...

Good One !!!
Keep it up. I am waiting for next one...

yourfriend said...

Good one!!!
Keep it up. I am waitng for ur nextone.

My journey said...

@nkpsychology : Adi hahahah still hahahaaha hahaahahaha, yes BIT Mesra r really rocks.

@zoom: Hahahaha alarm , abe wo badminton khelne ke liye alarm lagate the, lekin zadoo to ultimate alarm tha hi.

@Yourfriend: Thanks a lot,I welcome you here in my cyberworld. My friend i am sorry to say this but i dont know your name. Next one would be coming soon by the way. stay tuned!! :)