Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Asit, Ankur, Me, Debjit, Alok

Battery, Ranidra, Me, Ankur (I was a nerd initially :P :P)


Khalsaa (Now shut down :( :( )

Cricket team of ECE sec A

Rajeev, Me and Sallu Bhai

Kolkata trip: Nitin, Navneet, Akash, Ayush, Me, Rajeev, Thotha

B'day b'day

Cycle yatraa

Decent Holi in 3rd year (Ayush, Akash, Rajeev, Me, Navneet, Amar bhai)

Puri trip (In front of Konark Sun temple)

Arun, Sanjeev, Ayush, Navneet, Akash, Me, Rajeev

At Puri beach

On Teacher's day :)

Discussion between two CEO's

Nitin, Akash, Sachin, Me, Aditya, Navneet (@Madhuban)

Me, Thotha, Rajeev

Infront of Shiva temple in campus at Deewali

B'day celebration

Me and Akash

Ayush, Sanjeev, Akash, Me, Aditya (@Panch ghat trip)

Batch photography

Arun and Me

Inside the institute main building

The whole ECE sec A in batch photography session


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Renu said...

Nice pictures, reminded me of my son's college time:)