Thursday, October 7, 2010

Emotional Atyaachaar....

A discussion among Piyush Prashant , Abhijeet Dey and me.

This was the time when we were in college. We had all the free time for gossiping, chit chatting, reprimanding and nitpicking. Sometimes these were fruitful discussions but most of the time these used to go sterile.

I correctly remember that we were in Piyush’s room after playing a tough cricket match. We all were quiet when Dey started talking about something emotionally. I used to be a sensitive chap in these matters then. Now I am trying to overcome it gradually.

Why don’t people express or share their feelings when they need someone to understand them.

These are some of the things people are reluctant to share it with others….

1. When a little kid gets less mark in school, he doesn’t tell his parents because he knows that rather than being empathized he would be spanked. I think it happens too.

2. When a friend asks about your wife then before getting an answer he might get a hard slap right on to his cheeks. (He might just want to know about her well being but you take it in different way)

3. When you lose your luggage in a journey you don’t tell this to your friend because you know that before getting any help you will first become the center of mockery (no pun intended). So you try to hide things.

4. When your love departs then instead of sharing your feelings with closed ones you start boozing and you feel alone. You try to put yourself aloof. Mate there are lots of things to worry about.

5. In college days, when we are insulted in a class (which happens most of the time) then instead of learning things that might save us next time we lock ourselves in a room and start playing with the computers (In a positive sense :D) . That sometimes makes one lunatic and we start blaming teachers.

6. When you put something emotional in Facebook, following comments would be, “Abe sahi hai na tu”, “Kya ho gaya hai tumko aajkal” or “chaat diya yaar” something like this. No. of comments here is proportional to the no. of F’s you use.

This is not our fault though. It all depends on the environment we are living in. people just don’t feel comfortable to share their hearts out. They always feel that they might be betrayed. This grows slowly on you and then sickness starts visiting you regularly and when it burst it makes huge sound.

I don’t know how you people out here find this post. I feel like posting it so I did. Now it is your choice…..

Signing off
Anil Anuragi

Have a nice day!

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