Sunday, October 10, 2010


I watched this movie for the sake of just watching it. I didn’t have anything to do so I went for it.

There is nothing in the movie to tell except Neha Sharma. She looked stunning. She beautifully portrayed her part. I don’t like Imraan Hashmi in angry role. He should better stick to his kind of roles. For me there should be some good songs in the movie, but there wasn’t any.

The movie starts with an Indian student (Imraan Hashmi: Suraj) going to Australia to study on a fake visa. He meets with a Punjabi family there. They tell him two ways of getting an Australian passport: Either by working as a taxi driver which was a long term thing or to get a white girl. He tries to work on the second option. The girl he likes is Indian whose brother has an orthodox kind of behavior. In the past he (the girl’s brother: Arjan Bajwa) had allowed his other sister to kill herself because she was pregnant with a white man. Suraj doesn’t want to go into complex Indian Australian matter. He just wants to settle in there with a white girl. Suraj becomes aggravated when Arjan wants to kill that girl (because her brother was the cause of his sister’s death) who had saved Arjan from his cruel brother in the past and Arjan was unaware of that and in that scene an Indian kills Arjan because he has now understood the things that who is good and who is bad.

I think they were supposed to show the racial attacks on Indian students in Australia but it was like the honor killing in India. If you are not going to watch it you are not going to miss anything important. If you have a choice better watch Robot.

PS: Sad part of the movie is that Suraj didn’t get any kiss from his girl.

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Renu said...

good review, now i am not interested in watching..may be if there was a good heroine or good music, it was worth it(though you liked Neha:)