Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Suggest a title and win a coffee hamper.

So it has been a month I was away from this beautiful space. I have numerous affairs (Don’t read as love affairs :P , because I don’t have one) to tell you people out here. You know when there are many things it is difficult to choose from where to start.

It started from 2nd of June when I got a call from company head office that I have to join in Kolkata from 17th of June. At one side I was happy that finally I would be joining a new world and on the flip side I was annoyed that now I have only 15 days to cherish in my sweet home. This is the problem of corporate world that they inform you at the very last stage.

The day came when I was leaving my home. I had a flight on 16th (Hmm, I can boast off because that was my first flight :D) because I have to report in Kolkata on 17th. I was excited and dysphoric at the same moment.

Seriously I did not want to join in Kolkata because of weather problem. I would have preferred Noida or Banglore over Kolkata. But you know things were not in my hands. Now when I am here I have a very serious problem of language. You can not tell things clearly. Only expression and hand moments do the work sometimes (Most of the times).

One interesting thing here is that they county 20 as 'Kudi', the term we use to call a girl in our area.
Besides i have learnt two other terms here, one is that they call 'Dada' to every male person irrespective of the age (So even I am being called Dada by a person of my Father's age) and count 'Taka' even if it is lacks of money (I heard yesterday when this trainer was explaining something and uttered '2 lacks Taka', Really i could not control my laugh at that time) .

But despite all this there is something more to tell. How was my first day in office, cheap foods, inclementness and yh Bengali babes here? But still I am missing something here; really the voids of them can not be filled by anyone.

I miss you all so much.

And do not ask my office stuffs otherwise I might be spanked if my boss sneaks into it. I have already bunked office to watch this movie 'Rajniti'. Still I am repeating the same what I was doing in college last four years.

Now the time is coming to feel cocky when I would have my own earned money (Don’t start sending your account nos :D). But really I do not have any plan. What would I do with that money? I was a free chap while I was philandering in my dad’s money. It becomes real hard when you have to take your own decisions. Kuch bhi ho I am loving this life.

Now time to resume office work. :(

Take care

Signing Off

Anil Anuragi


sachin said...

mast...great title...i think no1 can suggest better title than this....i gonna take some tips from u...

nkpsychology said...

hey, a new post.....nice to see it anyway, and i must say it had to be very difficult sparing time out of your "corporate life"!! or is the other way round!!!!! :P :P ::P ....ha ha...what a topic....(a ten on ten for it ..)how are your office-mates you were talking about? :p :P ....keep posting regularly......

My journey said...

@Sachin: Haan bilkul sir ji, Lekin in exchange. :P :P
@Navneet: Thanks, Yh man you got it right. It is the other way round only. Hmmmmm

Renu said...

Anil..I think You will love Calcutta..bengali is very easy to understand and calcutta is a very homely place, it grows on you very fast...one gets everything at a reasonable price, lots of restaurants and places to go.

My journey said...

@Renu ji: But still i am fighting with the language problem. Hope i am able to understand it soon. Yh we get things in reasonable prices here. Havent been in restaurants as i am only one month old here. So not much idea about the place and restaurants. Will be a denizen of these places soon. :D

GulSHaN said...

dude u look like a pro blogger!!
Liked ur posts (esp. coolness, did i do right) and the best part is that all are facts, that very few of us post :)

My journey said...

@GulSHaN: Thanks dude!! Man i am not a pro, just trying to blurt out my mind here. Thanks that you liked my posts. :)

Renu said...

When i was there i loved the place.many joints served good veg food.and flurys the best pastry then in new market there used to be hawkers selling chaat..it was just divine, then roam in the evening around Victoria memorial, and there was this south indian joint near newkennilworth hotel..there used to be a queue for the table:)