Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ethical Values

What makes a son to argue with his father, what cooks a guy to bid adieu to his girlfriend forever, what encourages an engineer to become a dread terrorist, what prepares an amiable friend to turn into an awful foe, what made two successful millionaire brother to work in two different ways,what caused a tech savvy to cheat on IT giant and what induced a nuclear scientist to sell his own creativity??

I think there is only one answer. They all were lacking in ethics. I should not use the term ‘Lacking’, it was because that their ethical values didn’t match.

World is progressing in a fast pace so the demand of the new generation’s children are also changing in accordance with that. Sometimes there is a mismatch between child’s demand and father’s principle which does not allow him to accept what he is asking for. So here starts contend.

In start a guy starts arranging everything what his girl asks for but as the real love butterflies inside them, what makes duo to take their own separate part. Sometimes it is because of family problem but most of the item it is because their ethics are not same. She wants something from the guy but he wants something else from her (Dont get me wrong here. Hehehe). And from here the relation starts dilapidating.

From the above two discussions what I am trying to make is that when there is conflict in one another’s ethics, it always results serious issues.
But never compromise with your values because these values define you as an individual in this world.

But you know these values cannot be taught in schools, or cannot be inherited from forefathers. One imbibes these vales as he grows, respective of the environment where he lives, the kind of friends he makes during the process (His/her life’s journey), the kind of books he reads, the kind of movies he (Read he or she) watches. These all influences ones ethics.

So the point is that if you are not comfortable with someone’s company better leave in initial stages rather than waiting to turn it into brutal stage.

There are different types of people. So choose your company accordingly like spoiled, geek, serious, funny etc. There is no harm if you are spoiled but there is a problem if you choose your friends serious ones.

And finally one last line that sums up the entire post,
“If people do not like you it is because they are not like you”.

Take care
Have a nice day ahead! ;)

Signing off
Anil Anuragi


ROBOLUTION: deXtering robotiX said...

so true !!
GOD ur experienced!

Renu said...

Excellent views!!!

But never compromise with your values because these values define you as an individual in this world...exactly after my heart:)

Sometimes people dont like us because they are jealous of us, they want to be like us, but since they cant be they resent us.

My journey said...

@Zoom: Lol, there is only one God, n he is SGM!!
Thanks btw. :)
@Renu ji: Thank you!