Friday, April 2, 2010


Q: What is your take on Sania Mirza marrying to a Pakistani guy?
A: When I heard the news I was shocked because she had her engagement just few days back. I don’t know whether this is love or something else because how could she see another guy when she was dating with Shohrab Mirza. And don’t say Pakistani guy because it doesn’t look nice. :D

Q: Did anyone make you fool on 1st April?
A: Hahahaa yer…

Q: What you have to say about Sachin not playing T20 world cup?
A: This is His personal choice/decision but I think He should play for India first then for Mumbai Indians.

Q: What is the second best moment of your life?
A: Yet to come. I am impatiently waiting for this.

Q: How do you feel when there is less than 50 days left of your college life?
A: I am really going to miss my college life. I have made many friends and each one is like a “gem”. This is gonna be real hard to leave them but on the tail side, I am happy to have my own life.

Q: I like your smile.
A: I am blushing. :P :P

Q: Which team you are supporting in IPL-3?
A: Everyone in the hostel knows about it. Btw I support Mumbai Indians.

Q: Why people don’t have strong thought on which they could stand by on their point without having fear of others?
A: Because there always exist in-betweens like you.

Q: What are you doing right now?
A: Fingers on keyboard and ears with Javed Ali’s voice.

Q: Who is the best Prime Minister India has ever produced?
A: I am not much into politics so no idea but I think late Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the one according to me.

Q: Best hour in a day?
A: Every hour is the best hour if I am in bed.

Q: With whom you had love story?
A: Bata doon??? :P :P

Q: How do you describe a relationship?
A: Most people misinterpret it. They think of guy and gal when comes to relationship but it is more than that.

Q: Which book you want to read next?
A: I really want to read the Bible.

Q: You have diverse collection of questions this time.
A: Ohh I didn’t notice that. ;)

I am humming this song right now. So I am putting it here.

Tu hi haqeekat khwab tu,
dariya tu hi pyaas tu,
tu hi dil ki bekarari,
tu sukoon tu sukoon.
Jaaun mai ab jab jis jagah,
paaun mai tujhko us jagah,
saath hoke na ho tu hai,
roobru roobru,
tu hamsafar, tu hamkadam, tu hamnaba mera
tu hamsafar, tu hamkadam, tu hamnaba mera…..

Happy Good Friday
Have a nice day!! :) :)

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