Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Qatar better than India?

Sorry my blogofriend, I did not show up here for long time. Actually my exams are going on so ain’t arsed to write because I didn’t want to perturb myself and also did not want to get any trouble in penultimate days of my college days because you all know that it is not at all easy to spend summers here.

Before going into some serious business I just want to tell what happened in today’s exam.
“I was staring at the crowd in the exam hall for 5 or 10 minutes or so after question papers have been distributed and then the invigilator comes and says “Tum 45 mintues baad likhna” I nodded and he went. After some time I started writing and he comes up again and says “Good, jo aata hai likho”. I was just smiling and he was keeping an eagle eye on me thought the whole exam.”
Now coming to for what I am supposed to be here.
So here is what is happening around the country. A man who spends his full life here and then leaving in twilight stage to live in another country. I respect his art but I am not in support to Mr. Maqbool Fida Husain because he lives in a country which is purely spiritual and is seen as the earth of God and Goddesses then how can he think of to tarnish the image of our Holy Goddesses. If he hurts the sentiments of Indian people then this is simply not acceptable. Even if he would have painted his Prophet I would not have supported.

If he so much into fantasy and want his artistic freedom then why did not he paint photos of Aishwarys Ray, Monica Belluci or in that case Megan Fox because they too are beautiful ladies on this planet. I do not know what a good art is and who a good painter is but I surely understand that what he has done has humiliated all of us. What is the beauty of a painting or in anything like that if only handful of us like it and 99 percent sulk?

I will now look forward what freedom he gets in Qatar.

I cut the length of my post today because there is VHDL waiting for me.
By the way Happy Women's Day. I know i should have started from here but it is always good to have smiling ending! Hahaha :D

Signing Off
Good luck for examz, Have a nice time ahead! :)
Anil Anuragi ;)


Renu said...

Exactly my thoughts..I dont understand why all the celebrities are ignoring it because majority has no importance in India..had tit been like that if he had painted prophet? then also they would have said the same?..Hurting the sentiments is not acceptable in the garb of freedom of expression..could he he paint his mother also nude?

My journey said...

@Renu: Welcome here! But what you said in the last sentence i didnt like it. :D

nkpsychology said...

yah its a matter of shame for us that he leaves this great country(is it really so great????)....but we and of course the media are no less responsible for this many times have we supported his freedom of speech and expression?....he being a painter,should be allowed to express his opinion freely .and as far as the matter of hurting someone's feelings are concerned ....i don't think his work goes far too way ward to invite such vandalism and violence. its bullshit on the part of bajrang-dal and many such self acclaimed pro-country groups creating an environment where freedom of expression and creativity fears and tends to die eventually.

i know many would differ me on this....btw i am open to discussion any time..:P :P