Sunday, April 4, 2010


We run after money because a Honda city is more fun to drive than a bicycle, eating in Mcdonald is much more appealing than in a Dhaba, puffing a king size is more royal than wills caption, presenting a 5 lacs set to your girlfriend is more satisfactory than a sweet flower and wearing what you want than seeing others dressed up exactly what you want.

Money certainly can buy anything. But can it buy real happiness? We want money so that we can fight in any situation. We want money so that we can buy nicest apartment in the city of our dream.

Money IS important but we should not put it right on the “top” because then it starts driving us. And once the power goes in those hands we just become a follower of money, nothing else.

I usually hear from teenagers that “For me money is not that important”. It is important but you don’t know the value of it because what you want you just have to ask your Mom and Dad and you get it. At that time you do not know how to make money, how they work hard for us to satisfy most of our dreams.

We should not create a scale of money to measure success or happiness.

“Paisa khuda nahi hai but khuda ki kasam khuda se kam bhi nahi hai”. Yes I agree with that phrase. Money can save your life if you are suffering from cancer because there is certainly no one who is going to treat you for free.

So at last “Don’t hesitate investing money on buying diamond if this is what your girlfriend wants but don’t love to buy it to impress her.”:P :P

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi
Bye and Have a nice day! :)


puru said...

agree wid u anil ....nice blog :)
i read all d blogs 2day wat i cudnot read earlier :P

My journey said...

@Puru: So nice to see you here Puru. You seem to be a follower of my blogs. :P :P

Anonymous said...

well is it the outcome of that day's discussion? :P :P
well it again goes....kyun paisa paisa karti ....??? mein barish kar doon paise ki jo tu ho jaye meri......:P :P

My journey said...

@nkpsychology: Ohh no yaar, i was reading something then it struck suddenly so put my thought. "kyun paisa paisa karti ....??? mein barish kar doon paise ki jo tu ho jaye meri......:P :P" Kya baat hai. Kiske liye baarish kar doge bhai! :P :P :P

Renu said...

I agree hundred percent...our actions should nevr be driven by money but principles, and if we do anything with sincerity money follows, may not be in hordes but enough to sustain.

My journey said...

@Renu Ji: But sometimes money enough to sustain is not enough because we always want more than what we already have. We cant restrict ourselves or be satisfied because it is such a contagious disease. :D