Saturday, February 27, 2010

What do i hate and what do i love?

What I hate most:

1. When someone writes or announces someone’s name wrongly.

2. When someone orders me.

3. When undeserved gets accolade.

4. When people lie without any cause.

5. To wake up early.

6. When people want to get their job done by being sycophant.

7. When people do not respect elders.

8. When I stumble while talking.

9. After waking up when I do not get tea or coffee.

10. When people comment without knowing anything and after that they utter nonsense to support their saying.

What I love the most:

1. Call people by names.

2. Respect those who deserve to be respected.

3. To see sunrise.

4. To watch while Sachin is playing.

5. To sleep all the day

6. To see you.

7. When people are respected for their efforts not their results.

8. When I wake up early in the morning and someone greets me saying good morning.

9. I would love the most when I will get comment from you.

10. When EEE wins over Mech A (Just kidding, couldn’t think of 10th one so put this. Don’t mind yaara).

1 comment:

nkpsychology said...

i like it man!
and u know that i will comment on this...:P
how can u hate waking up early on one hand and love watching the sunrise on the other hand......but anyways i can get it....
in the love category ....6th point is awesome.....even i love this....
"call people by name"....what an idea sir jee....
appreciating one's effort w/o luking for results is that what shud happen .....gud point ...
and last but not the least ....10th point is no wait for it...its legendary!