Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The title here does not demand any explanation. This is what he had yet to achieve. If you ask me that I have seen God then my answer is yes (and he is 5’5 MAHARASTRIAN cricket player) because if cricket is religion (Which is the truth at least in India) then Sachin is the God. I can not add any superlative to him because then I will not be doing justice with words. This is the history made by him and I think it will take at least 20 years to think of breaking this record because to achieve this someone has to born yet.
We are predicting 100*100 in international cricket but I think there is more than that waiting for him.
No one can defy him, no one can compete with him, no can touch him and no one can match his standards. Those who have seen the match know that I am not overgoing. You know what I am talking about. He was playing shots where ever he wanted. It was like I am watching highlights of any previous match. There was not any single ball which was going to be missed by him.
I do not know where India wins or loses but this day I will never forget. And between if India loses this match then there are many who will still say that “Whenever Sachin has played a great knock India have never won”.
Only one name is there in every tongue and that is Mr. sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. If you are a cricket fan and you have missed this knock then seriously you have missed a million dollar thing.
Great thanks goes to Dhoni who took the right decision of promoting Yusuf Pathan. They piled 63 runs in just 5 overs in batting power play. But I was frustrated at the last when He was at 199* and last over was to go. So thanks to Asim Amla who saved the boundary to give Him a chance to become the history. There was terrific effort by Dhoni too.
His today’s score:
Runs balls 4s 6s strike rate
200* 147 25 3 136.05

And India’s total score is 401/3. Now I am going to watch what Indian bowlers are going to do to win the match

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi


Ashish said...

10son mat le chotu.. aaj to pakka jeetega india. His knock wont go in vain.. aur till now, 9 wicks hv been fallen

My journey said...

@Ashish: Great going India. India has won the match. Yippiii! They restricted RSA to 248.