Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Single vs. Double..


1. You can do whatever you want to do. You can drink, you can eat non veg., and you can wear whatever you want.

2. You can come late at night because there is no one who is going to ask where you were at night. :P

3. You can enjoy your own life because there is no one to object you.

4. You can stare at anyone you want. But after mixing up this opportunity goes by your hands. :P

5.You can eat anything anywhere according to your wish.

6. You do not necessarily have to buy a car.

7. You do not have to care about kids and your partner’s high demands (What I have heard from people). :D

8.Your phone is not going to ring all the time: where are you? What are you doing? Like these questions??

9. You do not have an extra burden of home and parents because they are with you all the times.

10. There is no one to boss you. You are the boss of your actions.


1. You have an emotional support with you because you have to have a partner in thin times because your mom and dad are not with you all the times.

2. You can throw your frustration on your partner. :P

3. You are well informed with the timings. You wake up in time and get good food at proper time.

4. You know the true meaning of love and caring.

5. You will not suffer the problem of loneliness.

6. If you are depressed, there is someone to console you.

7. You get to know the real value of money.

P.S. These are all the theoretical aspects which I put here. They might go wrong. :D

Signing off
Anil Anuragi
Bbye and Have a nice day!!! :) :)


Nurtured in Heaven said...

Looks like single (10 points) has just won over double (7 points) !!

My journey said...

@Nurtured in Heaven: Hahahaha.. so wot you decided?? :P

Mrigank said...

Well thats good and infact well written in every aspect of life. But I think the latter one has only the positive aspect of life, that only a few handful of have been blessed with. Life partner is always good have, but u cant have one if you have already lost one if u dint get the desired one.

My journey said...

@Mrigank: Hey i am not mixed up yet so how wud i possibly know the negative aspect of it? :D
Yh that makes a valid point "but u cant have one if you have already lost one if u dint get the desired one". but i think there is nothing like "desired thing" in this world if i am right. Hope u find ur desired one. :P

niheavene said...

I think i'll try double for now !! :D

My journey said...

@niheavene : Cool yaar! Bw who she is? Ok you just tell me i know her or not?? :P