Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is the most hackeyened word I am hearing now a days. And really, now I am fed up with this word.

Everyone tries to be cool in one or another ways. I think there is a race, who wins first prize and who gets the last. Here I will not accentuate the positives but try to slam on people who are being ostentatious for the sake of being cool.

Some shows their coolness by drinking alcohol. They think that those who do not drink are not in the category of cool. Some try to swear in public. They do not care whom they are swearing at. Some think that being atheist is being cool. I do not have any problem with these guys because after all this is their point of view. It is ok that you do not believe in God but what is the point in flaunting in public. For someone coolness is to talk as many girls they want, and for someone it is to remain awake whole night. Some people think different but speak differently for the sake of being cool and some even forget their identity for the same. Some try to boast in a group (They even may not open their mouths in public) while some do any mischievous in an easy prof’s class. Some go over for no cause and some try to preach others. Some feel that those who attend all the classes can not be cool and for some those who get good marks in one night study are cool. Some even dare to speak ill to whom they like and some enjoy in nitpicking. For someone entering late into the class is coolness while for some, making fool of an aged teacher is the sign of coolness.

Why you guys are trying to be cool? Can not you be yourself??

I am done now. If you have anything to share, you are most welcome.

If inadvertently I hurt the feeling of someone then I am sorry.

Signing off
Anil Anuragi


nkpsychology said...

a nice take on stereotype cool people! well ,its good to be cool but the problem creeps in when they impose their coolness on others....."kya yaar ,why do u do this? are not cool, man!"......this is smth heard very frequently ...isn't? may be some of these random remarks prompted you to post a blog entry!...but yah ur post is cool...:P

My journey said...

@nkpsychology : i never said that itz not good to be cool but wot is d point in showing off that much. And bw where their coolness goes when they face any interviews or any vivas.. :D

niheavene said...

hey just open today.