Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did I do right??

It was 27th December. We (me and my two friends) were going our homes by Jharkhand Express after the semester break. The train came at the right time. Initially in our compartment there were five people out of 8 seats. Then a lady joins in Ranchi station itself. So now there are 6 people. We had seats of middle, middle and side upper. After taking tea my friends went to sleep and I along with three other passengers including the lady were awake. I usually don’t sleep when we are 3 A’s in a journey. But this time I was travelling with R & D. The two other guys were busy chitchatting on issues which I guessed was some Airlines jobs related things.

So when after everyone was asleep except the lady and me. She started to talk to me. I was busy in reading The Fountainhead at that time when she interrupted me asking “Beta, kahan ja rahe ho” (Son, where are you going). I said “Aunty, Mai ghar jaa raha hoon. (Aunty, I am going home). The she asked “ kya karte ho?” (What do you do”). “I am studying in B.I.T. Mesra”, I said. She was not familiar with this college being a Ranchietes. We started off talking like that and she was interrupting me again and again. So I better thought off to stop reading my book and shall give a company to her. She started telling about their family like my son is in Singapur. He comes for a weak or so in a year and my daughter is studying in Delhi. She had a mobile with her. Thanks to Richard H. Frenkiel and Joel S. Engel who have made life so easy. Her mobile was of old model, I guessed. So its battery was going down rapidly. And she was worried because she sad to travel all the way to Delhi. And I was sure that till the time she would reach there dusk would start coming. And I was not sure whether she would be able to meet her daughter or not. She was going to bring her ill daughter home.

After reaching Bokaro two other members joined us. They were strange guys. She requested me to see whether there is any plug in the compartment for charging. I roamed here and there and didn’t see any plug. I told her the same.
She was wanting me to go outside for her charge but I was not willing to go because I had my laptop along with my luggage and my friends were sleeping. So I thought that that was not a good idea and I offered my cell to call her daughter. She did so. I really wanted to help her but I was helpless to do so.

Then after calling my home I too went to sleep as lights were put off and I could not read my novel. I woke up in the morning and saw that train was running late by 3 hours. Again I closed my eyes and slept for an hour.
My station comes at 10 A.M., but before stepping down from the train I had this feeling that should I have gone for her charge as I was sure that her battery could not last till Delhi and she was visiting that city for the first time.

So please tell me: did I do right in that situation?


nkpsychology said...

one word answer to ur question.....YAH
u did your best what you can't go on helping every person you meet in life man!i hope she reaches her destination well.kahte hain na kuchh bhagwan pe bhi chhod do mere dost...kam se kam aisa karne se logoon ka biswas to badhega....:P

My journey said...

@nkpsychology: Don't know yaar. But itz ok now. I too hope that she reached her destination well.