Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life Of Pi

This is a movie based on the novel written by Yann Martel. The book is in my list since a long time but havent got a chance to read.

The movie starts with a small village in South India where Pi’s father has a zoo in Ponducherry. Due to some reasons his father decides to shifts to Canada with some animals from the zoo. They start their journey with Japanese ship but a storm hits the ship and it sinks. While everyone is sunk with the ship, Pi is the only one who is saved and finds himself with a Tiger, Hyena and Zebra in a life boat. He fights for his life and does everything to keep the tiger alive as well because he knows if tiger doesn’t get anything to eat that will be his last day. But gradually they (tiger and Pi) start understanding each other. Finally they reach the coast of the sea. While Tiger disappears in the Jungle, Pi was taken to the hospital by the people who want to know how the ship sank.

It’s so invigorating, it makes you glued to screen. It’s more or less like Cast Away in the middle. In Cast Away Tom Hanks is stranded alone at the sea sore but in Life of Pi, Suraj Sharma (Pi) is with the tiger.

Script is good though it is little slow in the middle. If you are an adventurous then this is the film for you.

Some dialogues from the movie

No one knows about religion until someone introduces it to us.
Religion is darkness.
Hunger teaches what we never knew about ourselves.
And above all – Don’t lose hope.

I will go with 3.5 out 5 for this amazing adventurous movie.

Happy Weekend!


Jeevan said...

I love to watch this film in theater… since I enjoy adventurous movies and I have read the life of pi partially. Btw. u had a good review :)

Renu said...

i dont agree that religion is darkness..It brings light to me..

My journey said...

@Jeevan: Yeah its a good watch, dint read the book. Hopefully will get someday to read. Thanks for dropping by!
@Ranu Ji: Even I dont think so. But this is when Pi's father was advising Pi when Pi started following 3 religions(Hinduism, Christianity and Islam) at one time.
I think religion brings discipline in us.

B Pradeep Nair said...

You rightly highlighted some key dialogues from the movie. Even I noticed them. What I liked the most was the movie could appeal to children as well as to the philosophically minded.

bidisha biswas said...

well writtn sir... each of ur views wer correct ..being a wmn..evn i think twice befor getting out of my house hw saf i am...d wrd eve teasing..has nw got 1000 definations nd exampls..moreovr i feel dat we wmn mst be strong engh to fight such situation..i regrt dat my parnts and evn me..chose litrature as my futre nd hobby rather myself in marshal arts and many more activities...socity is never gonna improve cos.dirty.politics rules..everywhr