Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jab tak hai jaan

 I went to watch this movie with much expectation as it was Yash ji’s last movie and had 3 masters but to simply put it wasn’t a masterpiece but to my surprise theater was houseful even at 11 PM, he (SRK) surely has power to attract audience even if it’s not a par movie.

The movie is a triangle love story among SRK, Kat and Anushka which comes to light in the second half. Story is kind of same as of Yash ji previous films but somehow I dint get the logic of this tussle between God and Love.
SRK was at his level best so was Anushka somewhat but I don’t know when will Katrina learn to act. Even if it is a most intimate scene she looks emotionally hardened.
The story line is not that great and length of the movie makes it even tougher to stay calm for 3 hours. The movie attaints its best in last half an hour after SRK meets another accident and loses his memory. I liked the movie in parts but not as a whole.
Songs were good so was the location in Kashmir. Kashmir is really a scenic place, hope I will go there someday.

I will go with 2.5(+0.5 for that dance of Katrina before Isk Shava song) out of 5.

But one confusion when Imran (Rishi Kapoor) says
“Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai?” Is it really so. I thought pyaar ka koi waqt nahi hota bas ye to ho jata hai :)

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Harman said...

hmm..dint see dunno ..
but seems like interesting ..