Thursday, November 1, 2012

And love will comeback to you!

Have a nice day!


Ellen said...

Hi! I like that poster there. You are meaning 'karma', of course. This says the same thing too.... 'Whatsoever you shall sow.... so shall you reap'.

That is so true. Life is indeed a boomerang, for whatever you throw out.. will come back to you, sooner or later.

By the way, it was a pleasant surprise seeing you in my blog. Thank you for the visit and comment.

Wishing you a lovely day.

Renu said...

Its always true..whatever we do comes back to you and whatevr we get is also always our karma, if not in this birth then may be last one.

your word verification is very frustrating:(

My journey said...

@Ellen: Yeah, you get to reap what you sow.
As Mahatma Gandhi said 'treat others as you want to be treated' .

@Renu Ji: I still havent understood this last one and the coming one for Karma.
"your word verification is very frustrating:(" - What were you referring to by this? Dint get it.. :)

Renu said...

sorry Anil..Sometimes we see good people suffering then wonder why..that I may be bacuase of their last birth.

when I cooment, I get the word verification, and invariable I have to fill it 2-3 times to get it correct..

My journey said...

@Renu Ji: For me pain and happiness are the two sides of a coin which one has to experience in once life. May be that makes them more stronger. And I strongly believe that what He does, does for the best!

Bikramjit said...

a good thought , if only the world behaved like that


My journey said...

@Bikramjit: Yeah, thats the biggest problem! These are just thought, no one follows them. Sad but true :)